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    [–] The seasons crossroads hypnoderp 2 points ago in pics

    They're also known as Tamaracks.

    [–] The seasons crossroads hypnoderp 103 points ago in pics

    While this a shitty photoshop to be sure, there are trees that look like evergreens (and are coniferous) that do change colour and lose their needles.

    The larch, for example.

    So if someone tried hard enough, a shot similar to this could be possible. Except for the part with the needles in winter.

    [–] Captain Crapper (v1) hypnoderp 3 points ago in reallifedoodles

    Yeah they sort of are since tornadoes tend to be associated with warm humid air masses at low altitude and and cast a lot of shade, and dust devils are more of a dry air occurence in strong sunlight with a steep lapse rate in the lower atmosphere (meaning air gets colder abruptly as you gain altitude) but the world is a crazy and random place so it probably happens. Probably the tornado would bust it up with a violent up or down draft, but depending on how they collided you could either expect constructive or destructive interference.
    Without a continuous parcel of hot air powering it, the dust devil dies very quickly.

    TL;DR unlikely, but maybe the tornado would be temporarily strengthened by a negligible amount. Equally possible it would be slowed by a negligible amount. I'm just spitballing though.

    [–] Captain Crapper (v1) hypnoderp 13 points ago in reallifedoodles

    This isn't a tornado, it's a dust devil. It's a result of a violent thermal releasing into cold air on a hot day. Portapotty is literally thermalling like a bird. Tornadoes come down out very angry looking clouds in the sky. Dust devils come up from the ground.

    [–] Landing blind hypnoderp 14 points ago in nonononoyes

    Not sure if you're serious, but fjords are glacial valleys flooded by the sea. They are in many countries: Iceland, Greenland, New Zealand (though they call them fiords, and sometimes sounds but that's just for sake of tradition), Chile, Canada, USA, Antarctica, Sweden, Norway, etc. Definitely not exclusive to one country.

    [–] Too old for a Golf R? hypnoderp 1 points ago in Golf_R

    37 here. Thirty somethings are the beginning of the target market. Lots of good points in here. I would add, take her for a test drive in a new R. I drove a golf when I was 16 and I drive a golf 20 years later. Not because I haven't changed or grown up, but because the brand has.

    [–] Plane loses a wing hypnoderp 75 points ago in nonononoyes

    Wings are rated for way more positive G's than they are negative so you would expect this failure before the same climb uninverted. Also on an aero plane he may be getting lots of lift from the wings vs vectoring prop thrust because aero wings are often symmetrical airfoils. I agree with your last sentence though but am wondering how we know he wasn't flying at Vne, or just under and hit turbulence? Not an expert, just in ground school and also curious watching this.

    [–] Flying car problems. hypnoderp 1 points ago in WTF

    Oh my god it's an Altima. Perfectly named.

    [–] Found a safe spot to park at Costco this afternoon. hypnoderp 2 points ago in Golf_R

    Thought that was my car. We have the same colour and tails. Had to zoom in to see the plate before I realized you weren't driving the one in the right.

    [–] Taking out one of his victims hypnoderp 2 points ago in hitmanimals

    I had to screenshot it because I couldn't link it.

    [–] Taking out one of his victims hypnoderp 1 points ago in hitmanimals

    Have you seen the official pic? It's soooo much better.

    [–] A little windy today hypnoderp 5 points ago in WTF

    Thermal popping off. If there was more dust to be had it'd be a dust devil. Instead it had to settle for flying shitters.

    [–] A little windy today hypnoderp 1 points ago in WTF

    This comment is amazing

    [–] Doggo brings an unwilling friend hypnoderp 392 points ago in thisismylifenow

    He seems pretty happy with the situation at the end there.

    [–] Rice fields of Vietnam hypnoderp 1 points ago in pics

    So much better. Thanks for this.

    [–] Rice fields of Vietnam hypnoderp 28 points ago in pics

    No because this image is vertically distorted.

    [–] Rice fields of Vietnam hypnoderp 62 points ago in pics

    Picture is vertically stretched and looks like shit. Why not post the original? Sa Pa is beautiful as is.

    [–] How long to wait for a factory order? hypnoderp 1 points ago in Golf_R

    I get it. That colour is amazing. I ordered in October and took delivery late December. I'm in Toronto.

    [–] hitfish murders ipad hypnoderp 31 points ago in hitmanimals

    I'm smiling at the thought of you losing your second iphone in a lake and yelling "FUCK THIS WATER AND WHOEVER TRAINED IT".

    [–] Mendocino motor hypnoderp 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I'm sorry you got downvoted for recognizing something so obscure!