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    [–] Hearing someone say, they went flying, when boarding an airplane, wouldn't be too different than someone saying they went swimming, when boarding a submarine. Agree? hypnoderp 2 points ago in paramotor

    You are going for a drive even if you are riding shotgun, and you could probably say you went for a dive if you have actually been in a submarine. Our sport is still an amazing skillset and a privilege, without being elitist about it and gatekeeping terms people use in everyday speech to get their point across. No one is trying to take credit for a smooth landing they had coming back from Bermuda if they weren't the PIC.

    Also, if you reeeally want to be that guy who always tells everyone in the room they are a pilot, just think of it as your chance to elaborate every time you say you flew somewhere that is two towns over and people get that look on their face wondering why you did that and which airline you flew with.

    People will be way more into what you're doing if you're not smug about it.

    [–] Best cars/racks for a paramotor? hypnoderp 2 points ago in paramotor

    I just ordered a bike Carrier rack I'm going to rig to work for my 2018 golf R. Way cheaper than a tray carrier but we'll see how she goes.

    [–] Finished first helmet build! hypnoderp 1 points ago in paramotor

    Does anyone here have issues getting Peltors to seal? I've never seen one work properly. Turn of the head and all the sound is getting in, in my experience.

    [–] Does anyone carry an emergency locator, if so which one and why? hypnoderp 1 points ago in paramotor

    Been using the SPOT for whitewater canoeing and remote hiking (greenland, chile) for years. It works well. It is a yearly subscription though. Have used InReach in Greenland as well and it's very good, text functionality is awesome, and they offer a monhtly subscription. They use a more reliable nework (Iridium) for duplex communication, too, vs the Globalstar network for SPOT. SPOT has been increasing their prices for years which is annoying, so I called them to say "fuck you, I'm buying an InReach", and they gave me a big discount so I stayed. . . for the time being. My SPOT is the basic one with preprogrammable messages. Good for people to track your progress, call help, or call full-out SAR. I'm in Canada and have used it in the north. I know the US is very well covered also. Batteries on the SPOT last a long time because of how basic it is, and I understand for an extra fee you can use it as a live tracker for up to something like 5-7 days. Their web interface is kinda clunky, not sure how it is for InReach or if it even matters as much since the device itself is so accessible.

    Finished my training a while back and certification (have to get Ultralight pilot permit in Canada) just last week, so if all goes well, tonight will be my first flight with the SPOT on me. Really I only plan to use it to call for pickup, SAR, or report locations should I be out of cellphone range/battery for some reason. Mostly it doesn't get used, but on canoe trip it does every day and it transmits very reliably and really quickly. GPS acquisition and initial transmission in less than a minute from power up almost every time.

    [–] Failed first launch yesterday, embarassed hypnoderp 1 points ago in paramotor

    Yeah, when I reviewed the footage of my buttslide it was that the geometry swept me up and put my weight back so I ended up sitting. Consciously fighting that fixed it next time! If you want more lift, pull brakes on taxi and you'll get off more positively. Don't pull them past half and let them up slowly once you're WELL aloft and you may get out of there without a second tap! Let us know how it goes!

    [–] Does anyone connect their phone using android auto / car link? hypnoderp 1 points ago in Golf_R

    I use android auto daily. Getting Waze on my infotainment is key. There are some hacks using mirror Link to get the screen to actually mirror. Look them up on YouTube. Not sure of they are bugs that have been patched though.

    [–] Failed first launch yesterday, embarassed hypnoderp 3 points ago in paramotor

    It's ok, I buttslid my first attempt too. Took off second try. After several flights doing some touch and gos I also broke a prop (buttsliding on full throttle will do that). My wife had the same problem on her first attempt. Try to make your goal to keep running as long as possible. That is to say after liftoff, expect to touch the ground again and maybe again. If your motor is underpowered or your density altitude is high then expect this to be exaggerated. My second advice is film everything. If you have footage then every mistake and success will be a trove of learning opportunity. After my prop strike i changed about 5 things about my landings that cleaned them right up. I must've watched my own landings 30 times each to get all the ideas and to inform the research I did on how to fix my issues. Most obvious, if you're going down on your butt, kill it. Most cage designs will protect the prop if you impact with the motor off/on idle.

    [–] Well that’s not fun.. hypnoderp 8 points ago in paramotor

    I'm glad he's ok.

    Does this mean it's ok to comment on the hilariously Loony Tunes hole he left where he cratered?

    Seriously though, glad he's ok. I always wondered how it would actually go if I had a motor out right over the corn. How did the extrication go?

    [–] I think I’m fine [NSFW] hypnoderp 17 points ago in WTF

    The last one was D, too.

    It's D all the way down.

    [–] Hot girl hypnoderp 41 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    It's just her grinning skull after her face got blown off.

    [–] New to the hobby of flight hypnoderp 2 points ago in paramotor

    Not getting an instructor is gambling with your life. If you want to do that it's ok, but you should make that clear to anyone you recommend that to. Take it from anyone that flies, you don't know what you don't know, and what you don't know can kill you. You can watch every video and read every book out there, and your instructor is still going to tell you things you didn't think of. Training is not the place to cut corners.

    [–] [Serious] Travellers of Reddit, what are some of the creepiest/scariest experiences you've had abroad? hypnoderp 4 points ago in AskReddit

    Some of the updrafts in a storm can hit 6000 vertical ft per minute. Combined with violent downdrafts from falling precipitation (2000 ft/min) and you get chaotic mixing producing exactly what you experienced. Nature isn't fucking around.

    [–] [Serious] Travellers of Reddit, what are some of the creepiest/scariest experiences you've had abroad? hypnoderp 1 points ago in AskReddit

    That was a performance-decreasing wind shear. Basically a strong relative tailwind in a layer of air you passed through, killing your lift. They can fuck shit up especially if they occur low to the ground.

    [–] Thunderbirds lines up at the Canadian International Airshow! hypnoderp 3 points ago in toronto

    You would be arrested and that would probably be the end of it.