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    [–] 325 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal iBleeedorange 33 points ago in Colts

    What you don't realize is that fish is actually 6 ft long

    [–] Congrats Colt bros! iBleeedorange 15 points ago in Colts

    Ftp every day

    [–] China's smartphone market plunges; Apple falls out of the country's top-4 sellers iBleeedorange 2 points ago in Android

    Others already have. Even if the us was spying on you though your phone, the Chinese would do the same plus your personal info is more likely to fall into the hands of someone trying to steal it.

    Even if you get a Chinese phone the us could probably view everything you do since you're using your phone in the us (presumably). So now you potentially have both governments with the ability to spy on you.

    [–] Trump Supporter Brigading /r/Kanye Starter Pack iBleeedorange 44 points ago in Kanye

    The mods have as much information as everyone else when it comes to vote brigading. Only the admins can do anything about that.

    [–] My PC every time iBleeedorange 1 points ago in gaming

    That's because op is prob a spam account

    [–] Lebron James game winning three! - TNT iBleeedorange 23 points ago in sports

    people are whining about the "goal tend" block on the previous possession, which technically should never have happened because the reason the pacers got the ball back was because the refs missed the ball hitting the line off the pacers.

    [–] Lebron James game winning three! - TNT iBleeedorange 16 points ago in sports

    Even if it was, the Pacers should never had gotten that possession, the ball hit the line when it bounced off them.

    [–] How do I block posts from GallowBoob? iBleeedorange 1 points ago in answers

    I never calculated anything lol, my titles were bland and just described the topic of the post or were a funny joke. I never only submitted at certain times of the day, I posted stuff whenever I felt like it, a lot of my "best" posts were posted at 1am EST.

    Odds are it's not fake, and unlikely that it's used for advertising and I'd bet that the "average" redditor is more likely to use reddit for their own personal gains if they aren't caring about getting to the front page. The users who are "advertising" or pushing an agenda are the ones you're not even going to know about. There was a post about it on /r/announcements about it, the 1000~ accounts suspected of being part of the russia thing on reddit. most of them had 0 karma and the account that had the most had 100k~ and only a handful had above 10k.

    Maybe it's my bias as a mod but lol the "high" karma accounts just want to post cool stuff to get upvotes, and yes some of them repost like crazy. But the worse ones are the ones that are either really old accounts that magically become active after 6 years, or are brand new accounts coping comments from youtube or w.e.

    Unless you're only staying in the subreddits that have purely user generated content, you're going to be interacting with the "bad" users.