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    [–] Cambridge logician Michael Potter and John Searle debate Wittgenstein's legacy and consider whether the linguistic turn was a mistake by philosophers i_am_penis -1 points ago in philosophy

    This seems so silly, and cuts to the heart of why I agree with the idea that philosophy has become sort of “irrelevant”. If a screw driver ceases to exist without screws, what happens when screws are reintroduced? It becomes a screw driver again? It didn’t change. The object is the same as it ever was, but according to you it vanished from existence and then reappeared in an instant. I’m sorry but that seems a ridiculous and frivolous way to examine existence.

    [–] Top melee players as NBA players i_am_penis 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 hours ago) in smashbros

    Mango is Shaq, a goofball with unmatched natural talents who's peak is arguably the highest ever.

    PPMD is Magic, a legend beloved by everyone who retired early due to a medical condition.

    ShizWiz is Gilbert Arenas: elite, flashy and crazy who got into trouble and left the scene.

    Ken is definitely Bill Russel: Dominated the game in the early years to a ridiculous extent, but the scene is so much better now you can't rank him the GOAT.

    [–] The all time All-Kevin team would be fucking awesome i_am_penis 1 points ago in nba

    Early 2010's All-Kevin team would've been a dynasty if they could get a bench:

    KG, Durant, Love, Martin, and Kevin Seraphin are the starting 5.

    With some dudes named Kevin Murphy and Kevin Jones coming off the pine. And I'm sure they could pull a couple more kevin's out of the D-League to make a legal team, and any team with those starters is nearly unbeatable.

    [–] [Charania] Minnesota’s Andrew Wiggins is progressing toward a five-year, $148M maximum extension, hopeful to sign soon. i_am_penis -7 points ago in nba

    Is it seriously MAX him or lose him? Why is every decent player a max guy now? I like Wiggins and he's gonna be an all-star but come on. They'll need to commit $60 mil+ per year to just him and KAT in a couple years. They couldn't talk him down $5 mil/year and keep some flexibility to fill out the team?

    [–] Adidas sent Giannis a truck full of gear + Yeezys.. his Nike contract ends at the end of the month i_am_penis 69 points ago in nba

    My hellfire hot take: Yeezys look like orthopedic shoes for club footed geriatrics.

    I 100% believe if they weren’t designed by Yeezus himself they’d be ridiculed.

    [–] GTX has reached 1000+ Attendees i_am_penis 2 points ago in smashbros

    I know they planned to lose money but how can GTX get back even like, a fifth of the $600,000 they're spending on it with a thousand attendees?

    [–] Draymond Green is only the 3rd defensive player of the year in the last 25 years to win the title the same year. i_am_penis 5 points ago in nba

    Because teams defense win championships

    You could say this for any individual reward. The only difference with MVP is that it's almost always given to a player on an elite team.

    [–] The Big House 7: Final Melee Crews i_am_penis 81 points ago in smashbros

    I still don't understand. Europe, Florida, and Socal are the best regions in the world. Why would they be left competing for the last two spots?

    [–] [Discussion] Kevin Durant alleged Twitter drama i_am_penis 11 points ago in nba

    This would be funny if he wasn't shitting on his former teammates. Now he looks like an asshole.

    [–] [Discussion] Kevin Durant alleged Twitter drama i_am_penis 7 points ago in nba

    Bruh 90% of people on this sub understand KD's decision. This thread is about shitting on his former teammates through a sock-puppet account on twitter.

    [–] How long should a $999 iPhone last? | The Verge i_am_penis 2 points ago in gadgets

    There's a settings option under "Battery" that puts it into power save mode when the battery's low. That's what's causing it.

    [–] A11 Benchmarks... i_am_penis 1 points ago in Android

    Look I agree 100%, the only point I'm making is that it wasn't til the S820 that Qualcomm built a CPU that was equal or better than the one in the iPhone 5s. Sure they had a battery inefficient, overheating quad core S810 that won in Geekbench multithreaded, but who cares? Apple can add more cores anytime they want, but it'll take Qualcomm years to double single threaded performance.

    [–] Jeffrey Sandusky pleads guilty to 14 counts of child sexual abuse i_am_penis 2 points ago in news

    Nobody from PSU is in denial about the Sanduskys. There's a lot of them that think Joe Paterno got a raw deal though.

    [–] What players are immensely overrated by casual fans? i_am_penis 1 points ago in nba

    As a Big Baller myself, we don't think he's the 2nd coming of magic, we think he MIGHT be. And that's enough to make us wet our panties.

    [–] A11 Benchmarks... i_am_penis 4 points ago in Android

    Which is arguably the most important measure for a mobile device.