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    [–] In WALL-E, the Great Lakes are larger than they should be, presumably due to the rising sea level. iamaiamscat 11 points ago in MovieDetails

    They are debating what the effect would be of rising sea levels on general. Why does it matter that the source starts at a kids movie?

    [–] U.S. Jurisdictions With Mandatory Paid Sick Leave [800x540][OC] iamaiamscat -1 points ago in MapPorn

    You realize people with real jobs get time off and sick leave right?

    [–] NBC News publishes database of 200,000 deleted tweets by paid Russian agents iamaiamscat 5 points ago in worldnews

    You sound like a bot trying to disparage twitter because you know it's been compromised but are trying to make people think reddit is safe...

    I know you're not, but that's what you sound like.

    [–] White girl wasted iamaiamscat 3 points ago in HappyEmbarrassedGirls

    For a starting "good" bottle of actual champagne you will spend $60-70 in a grocery store for a bottle like veuve clicquot. So in a club probably $200?

    [–] Just some pre-industrial hammering iamaiamscat 1 points ago in mechanical_gifs

    Wouldn't do much. Ever step on a grain of rice? It's much harder to smash or distort than something like a cucumber.

    [–] Trump ended rule to block mentally ill from getting guns iamaiamscat -1 points ago in politics

    to be used to strip Americans of their rights?

    For buying a gun? Yeah.

    And you know what the simple solution is: person goes to buy a gun. they are told they cannot receive a gun because they are on the terror list.

    Add a (swift) process where the person can learn why they are on the list and appeal it.

    Tinfoil hat you will probably say "oh they will just add everyone to the list and no one can get dem guns!".

    So let's just let people die all the time and let people on terror lists buy guns.. great solution you have there.

    [–] The titanic compared to a modern cruise ship iamaiamscat 5 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    I cannot even fathom the amount of fucking fuel it takes to move these things.

    [–] U.S. averages a school shooting every 2.5 days in 2018 iamaiamscat 5 points ago in politics

    Yeah completely agree. Seriously f the article and f OP for trying to scare people like this. It is misleading as all fuck.

    We don't need to inflate the numbers, because a couple of REAL ones per year is already massive...

    [–] Remember the Jewelry Cycle this Valentine's Day iamaiamscat 3 points ago in gifsthatkeepongiving

    How is it stupid if it's more efficient? Maybe the Norwegians don't have labor that want to filet fish all day because they have better jobs?

    [–] Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Announcement iamaiamscat 1 points ago in boardgames

    Uh kickstarter? Why the fuck would something with a HP license need to be using kickstarter....

    [–] As being gay is becoming more accepted in society, what is something you’re still waiting for to be accepted? iamaiamscat 8 points ago in AskReddit

    “If other people are putting in 40 hour workweeks and you’re putting in 100 hour workweeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing … you will achieve in four months what it takes them a year to achieve.” - Elon Musk

    Take it as you will.. but there are many jobs where working long dedicated hours, even if it's just in short bursts, is absolutely WAY more productive.

    I am in that position as a developer of sorts.. I'm not working 80 hours every week, but some weeks I sure as hell do. And I can tell you that working an 80 hour week I get more done than I would in 4-5 40 hour weeks.

    Here's the problem- a lot of times there are just so many other distractions, random things to do.. let's say you work an 8 hour day and 4 of it is taken up by random crap.. answering emails, talking to some people, doing random stuff you need to keep up with. That leaves you a 4 hour chunk to get "real" work done. Well.. if you have to be seriously into your project, that's not a lot of time. It might take you 30 minutes to even get back into your project, then that's like 3.5 hours of real time.

    What if instead you work a 12 hour day for a few days? Well suddenly my 3.5 hours of real work has gone to like 7.5 hours.. meaning i've doubled my "productive" work time by only working 50% more.

    So just saying.. there are plenty of jobs out there where you absolutely cannot be ultra-productive UNLESS you put in major time commitments.

    Everyone needs balance over time.. I'm not suggesting this is viable over long periods of time- it's not.. but I can tell you the people who create all the wonderful stuff you enjoy every day of your life work their asses off in periods of time and don't stare at the clock and say every day: "oh well my 8 hours are up, I'm done!".

    [–] As being gay is becoming more accepted in society, what is something you’re still waiting for to be accepted? iamaiamscat 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah but you should try to understand where those people are coming from. You have no idea what it's like- until you are a parent. Not an uncle, not someone who sees their friends kids... you honestly have no idea what it's like.

    Whereas someone with kids- they know what it was like before & after. So from their perspective, while it's such a life altering change to have kids- for the most part it is so wonderful and adds a ton of structure and meaning. It's physiologically difficult for me to imagine life without kids now.

    So.. all I'm saying is that, the people who have been on both sides of the coin do have more information than you in some regard.. their perspective is probably: "You may say you don't want kids, but you really don't know what it's like to have kids... so how do you know?" And I think that's true.

    Hey if you 100% don't want kids that's fine, but it's honestly difficult for someone to imagine you can be so sure, because they know that you don't know what it's like... hope that makes some sense. Have fun with your extra money you bastard!

    [–] Do I call a plumber or electrician? iamaiamscat 1 points ago in techsupportgore

    Uh all you need to do is take your space heater and plug it into the leaky outlet- this will plug the hole.

    Why are the rest of you making this so complicated?

    [–] Guy runs up to an uber driver and says “please support the homeless” iamaiamscat 2 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    I happen to know for a fact that /u/kahwee is not a good person.

    I can prove it to you like. Meet me in the subreddit where no giraffes lay on the hour at which chickens are born. The codeword is worms. Come alone.

    [–] The oreo jiggles if you look at it and gently shake your phone (Original from r/mildlyinteresting) iamaiamscat 1 points ago in blackmagicfuckery

    Hey asshat, I had 23 applications opened all in a very specific way on my machine.. but what did I do? I jiggled the fucking browser and now all my shit is minimized and I have to spend the next hour getting them all back in the right order and size.


    [–] HMJB while I crash this presentation iamaiamscat 11 points ago in holdmyjuicebox

    How many times have you had to tell the boys this?