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    [–] Youtube Algorithms and Secular Talk category - wtf?? iamjommyj 3 points ago in seculartalk

    I watch those ads to completion with a smile knowing they'll have to fork over some cash to Kyle (and other YouTubers in the lefty space).

    [–] Veteran dies after VA hospital notifies them of cancer 10 months too late after diagnosis. iamjommyj 1 points ago in news

    The idea is that if we managed to get single payer in the US, congresspeople should be subject to the same system.

    [–] Governor signs universal background check bill into law iamjommyj 8 points ago in Albuquerque

    It is not your job to pick and choose which laws you get to enforce.

    You are not above the law.

    [–] Help with NM MVD. Trying to register car out-of-state. iamjommyj 1 points ago in Albuquerque

    No loan on the car. Bought it outright, cash, with the title signed over to me.

    [–] Help with NM MVD. Trying to register car out-of-state. iamjommyj 1 points ago in Albuquerque

    I'll give them a call. Hopefully they can help me out. Thanks for the advice!

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. iamjommyj 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    The times these types of things happened, the doc always handled the situation on their own and it definitely never seemed like it was their first rodeo. For patients that pressed the issue (mostly the intoxicated ones), I tended to act more like a silent physical barrier standing between patient and the doc as we exited the room.

    Back in the office, the docs tended to vent for a minute or two about the encounter, sometimes they'd thank me for listening and for the gentle reassurance, and they always shifted our focus right back to making sure the patients (including the offender) were treated and cared for.

    We all want to believe that this kind of behavior doesn't occur anymore in 2019 -- but it does. If I am honestly, I didn't really believe it happened either before I saw it myself.

    Thank you, /u/themockingju for the work that you do (despite the BS that you've had to deal with). I know it is not always easy but you have absolutely earned your profession and you deserve to be respected as human being (and not an object) while doing your job.

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. iamjommyj 3079 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    ER medical scribe here.

    I am a large male with a shaven bald head standing over 6 feet tall. This kind of harassment from patients towards young female physicians that I have scribed for is real. I have seen it firsthand. Multiple times. It didn't even seem that it mattered that I was standing right there in the room.

    [–] Personal statement too personal? iamjommyj 4 points ago in prephysicianassistant

    Hey. I'd love to give some guidance on your PS. :) Shoot me a PM with the link.

    [–] I'm pretty sure I got stealthed and I feel disgusted iamjommyj 196 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Unfortunately, this has been the spark for retaliative physical violence in the past.

    [–] Chat Backgrounds 2.0: Make Your Own iamjommyj 2 points ago in Telegram

    Cool feature but is it available on older iOS devices? I don't see the motion or blur option buttons on the wallpaper selection screen. I'm on an iPhone 6S running latest version of Telegram on iOS 12.1.3. I've tried it with Reduce Motion settings off too, restarted my phone, reinstalled Telegram.

    No dice.

    Anyone else have this issue?

    [–] The Library is more than Books iamjommyj 3 points ago in personalfinance

    As federal and state funding for public libraries in the US are declining, I imagine that a lot of these video games were either directly donated or purchased using donated funds.

    [–] How Important is College Reputation for Applications? iamjommyj 2 points ago in prephysicianassistant

    Basically, the only extra traction you might get from going to a more recognizable school is that it may increase the chance that an interviewer is familiar with the school or may have gone there themselves and may present an opportunity to connect and conversate. But as /u/DrRocuronium stated, a regionally accredited school is a regionally accredited school. As long as you met the course prerequisites and there is no reason to suspect that you earned your credits illegitimately somehow, you should be good.

    [–] WTF happened to Blake's? iamjommyj 1 points ago in Albuquerque

    Come on down for a visit, bud! The Spic is still good and The Hillcrest still has one of the best burgers I've ever had (The Billy Whopper).