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    [–] [Serious] How to Adult: Paano pumili ng fresh vegetables, fruits, fish ,and meat Tips and Tricks? iamsecondtonone 2 points ago in Philippines

    Add ko lang for the fish, check out yung tyan/ belly ng isda, kapag butas na, malamang luma na. Fresh fish has an intact belly.

    [–] Afternoon random discussion - Mar 21, 2018 iamsecondtonone 1 points ago in Philippines

    Thanks for sharing this info! I'm following UP School of Stat FB page so i think this would surely be posted there once official na ang offering.

    [–] Afternoon random discussion - Mar 21, 2018 iamsecondtonone 1 points ago in Philippines

    Oh? How did you know na curriculum nalang iaapprove? Do you have any details when would they possibly start offering it, this year kaya bukas na yan? I think when it comes to requirements baka preferred yung may mga math/ stat, engineering or computer related background. I'm actually excited for this.

    [–] Afternoon random discussion - Mar 21, 2018 iamsecondtonone 1 points ago in Philippines

    Hey I'm also waiting for a PH school/ uni to offer MSDS! Meron sana sa AIM kaso ang mahal! haha.

    [–] Yung Feeling na "Kuya tama na Hinihika na ko </3" iamsecondtonone 34 points ago in Philippines

    God, i hate these types of jeepney drivers! Fucking menace.

    [–] A friend left her dog at home and came back to this. Oreo apparently found a bag of charcoal and played with it. iamsecondtonone 150 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in funny

    This isn't staged. lol Friend is so gentle to her dog to do this herself. She definitely loves this good boy.

    EDIT: For the doubtful, check Oreo's crime scene here and here

    [–] OSCARS 2018 - Philippine Version iamsecondtonone 29 points ago in Philippines

    And the winners of the 90th Academy Awards are:

    BEST PICTURE: “The Shape of Water”. A co-production of The People’s Republic of China & its Southern Province, The Philippines.

    BEST ACTOR: An historic first: Ensemble acting by the VACC. “The Greatest Showmen”. From genocide by dengue to suspended lawyers walking the thin line between the absurd and the absurder, the show must go on, Fedora & all.

    BEST ACTRESS: Persida Acosta, “The Disaster Artist”. Tragicomic true story of a Supreme Court Justice reject who turned every government investigation into a political circus with matching scarves to boot. Is she a forensic expert? A lawyer? A baker? A candlestick maker?

    BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: (tie) Mocha Uson, “The Post”. Post lang ng post. Poll lang ng poll. No thinking needed. Sass Sasot, “Ladybird”. A coming-of-rage story about a blogger, 2 years into office and no international interviews yet. Then she gets one.

    BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Bong Go, “The Phantom Thread”. Was there a note or not? Did he influence a business deal or not? Why did all the president’s men come to watch the hearing? Why was Robin Padilla there too? Why did Bong Go take a selfie with his BFF’s arch nemesis? Why are they getting something that puts the Navy at a disadvantage? Why is there a connection but the Senators want to disconnect it? Why did his supporters rallying outside not know what a frigate was?

    BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Harry Roque, “Get Out”. From telling off the UN Special Rapporteur to go swim in the Pasig River; throwing shade at a jailed opposition senator awaiting trial; and sending cryptic messages like: “He’s just joking. You shouldn’t take his words literally but you should take him seriously.” Get out. Before it’s too late.

    BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Rodrigo Roa Duterte, “Darkest Hour”. Adapted from Ferdinand Marcos’s 2 playbooks: “Today’s Revolution: A Democracy” and “Notes on the New Society”. A politicized military, an overstaying PNP chief, a disregard for human rights and disdain for a critical press with cliff notes from the children.

    BEST VISUAL EFFECTS: Bong Bong Marcos, “All the Money in the World”. The biggest budgeted visual effect that had 14 million saying Martial Law was a “Golden Era” in Philippine history. Also features amazing transformation of Imee Marcos into a toddler when she led the Kabataan Baranggay in the 1970's and Bong-Bong Marcos as a really cool millennial driving around with social influencers.

    BEST ORIGINAL SONG: “This is Me”. Music & Lyrics by The Philippines, “Another round of bullets hits my skin Well, fire away 'cause today, I won't let the shame sink in We are bursting through the barricades and Reaching for the sun (we are warriors) Yeah, that's what we've become (yeah, that's what we've become)” 12,000 dead.

    Credits to: Mike Alcarazen

    [–] Evening random discussion - Feb 26, 2018 iamsecondtonone 1 points ago in Philippines

    hindi yan rare, you can literally buy that on any major computer and gadget stores na nagbebenta ng Dell laptops. Yung akin nabili ko last year around 50K.

    [–] Evening random discussion - Feb 26, 2018 iamsecondtonone 1 points ago in Philippines

    Haha can't remember if it was you. But it has longer contents with few sugar-coating BS. hahaha. Thanks for this though!

    [–] Evening random discussion - Feb 26, 2018 iamsecondtonone 3 points ago in Philippines

    Its a trap! Dont go back! hahaha. You can use Messenger even with your main FB acct deactivated btw.

    [–] Evening random discussion - Feb 26, 2018 iamsecondtonone 5 points ago in Philippines

    Merong isang redditor na nagbigay dito sa RD before ng resignation letter template. Di ko mahanap! haha. Need halp! Kelangan ko nang lumaya! hahaha

    [–] Afternoon random discussion - Feb 26, 2018 iamsecondtonone 1 points ago in Philippines

    In addition to u/captain-deadpoolxx suggestion, na i think mas madali at kaunti ang lalakarin/ tatawiran, take a jeepney or bus going to JRU/ Crossing, then baba ka sa Pioneer Corner Shaw. Lakad ng kaunti sa Pioneer St papunta sa sakayan ng Tricycle to Robinsons Pionner (William St beside Bayanihan Center of Unilab). Sakay tricyclle then baba sa tapat mismo ng CG.