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    [–] Guy is suing me claiming my oil changed damaged his engine. Plz help iamstephen 6 points ago in MechanicAdvice

    Small claims is $5,000 or less in most states. The guy is suing for $9,500. Or at least threatening to

    [–] Where to sell used e juice? iamstephen 4 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    Nobody is going to buy used ejuice from somebody they don't know. It could be poisoned or pissed in. Fuck that. Try selling it to a friend.

    [–] Effortless iamstephen 3 points ago in Blowjobs

    11/10 would let her blow me if her tongues was literally dripping with raw yeast, not even give a fuck 🥴

    [–] OC - 4 foot 9 iamstephen 1 points ago in AssholeBehindThong

    What did they say?

    [–] OC - 4 foot 9 iamstephen 0 points ago in AssholeBehindThong

    It is OC dude. It's my fucking wife lol

    [–] Why are alcoholics told not to be alone? iamstephen 6 points ago in stopdrinking

    Depression usually sets in when we are alone with our thoughts. When an alcoholic gets depressed, they usually tend to drink. Being around others that are supportive is usually the right solution to keeping a drunk sober.

    [–] Hard iamstephen 2 points ago in hardbodies

    That mound

    [–] Teasy Raylin - Raylin Ann iamstephen 2 points ago in 60fpsporn

    Nice SPAM, cocksucker