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    [–] Showing off my new snoo! iatekane 12 points ago in mazda3

    So obnoxious of the dealer to affix an advertisement to your property.

    [–] ICBC is seeking a 6.3% increase to basic insurance rates iatekane 3 points ago in vancouver

    Remember that we were looking at a 40% rate increase due to the terrible condition ICBC was in under in the liberals.

    The current government has introduced some reforms to lower costs so we only get 6.3% hike.

    [–] What are some small things that you silently judge people on? iatekane 10 points ago in AskReddit

    Clean out the mesh filter, I assume that’s not being done and will hugely improve how the dishwasher operates.

    [–] RCMP called to probe tale of two Liberal MPs, a suburban overpass, trip to India and multimillion dollar land deal iatekane 10 points ago in canada

    “The Toronto-area city of Brampton has asked the RCMP to look at a multimillion-dollar land deal after confidential information on the transaction was passed to local Liberal MPs Navdeep Bains and Raj Grewal, sources confirmed Friday.

    City council referred the matter to the Mounties at a special meeting Tuesday, sources confirmed to the National Post.

    The information received by Bains – the economic development minister – and Grewal, who recently announced he would resign because of a gambling addiction and related debts, included the price the city had offered the Ontario government for the piece of land, about $3.3 million.

    After talks between the municipality and province broke down, a local company called Goreway Heaven Inc. bought the property for a similar amount and later sold it to the city for $4.4 million, according to two sources.

    Goreway Heaven appears to have Liberal ties, with at least one of its directors taking part in the prime minister’s ill-fated trip to India earlier this year. About half of the directors have made two or more donations each to the federal Liberal party.”

    [–] Mazda 3 AWD and manual tranny? From the looks of the LA auto show vehicle, this may be a yes! iatekane 4 points ago in mazda

    I haven’t found that confirmation anywhere, do you have a link?

    Car and driver reported that Mazda confirmed that the 2.5L engine will be the only one available (until the skyactiveX) and that they haven’t decided on trim levels but various combinations of AWD, manual trans and engine options are “possible”.

    [–] Mazda 3 AWD and manual tranny? From the looks of the LA auto show vehicle, this may be a yes! iatekane 7 points ago in mazda

    Mazda has said previously that they’re not planning to bring back the Mazda speed models, so unfortunately nope