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    [–] Groping allegations snare Justin Trudeau in a trap he created himself iatekane 15 points ago in canada

    “The groping allegation against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is an exquisite case of poetic justice. By not personally addressing the allegation, he is hoping the public will ignore the blatant inconsistency between how he judges others and how he hopes he will be judged himself.

    Society has finally come to grips with all too frequent harassment of women by men in power and influence. Perhaps inevitably, that overdue attention has led to an overreaction, which jettisons the presumption of innocence, due process, fundamental fairness and common sense. An unsubstantiated and sometimes anonymous accusation from a presumed victim is now tantamount to the conviction of a predator.”

    [–] Can you report people who don't scoop their dog poop? iatekane 7 points ago in vancouver

    They’ll say that their intention is to “pick it up on the way out” maybe they will and maybe they won’t, but it doesn’t matter.

    They’re littering regardless as their shit bag is there contaminating the outdoors for everyone else using the trails.

    If you taking your dog into a hike be considerate and pack their poop up as soon as it hits the ground.

    [–] Kimber Desert Warrior 1911 iatekane 2 points ago in GunPorn

    Great looking gun but Kimber can be very hit or miss, as you’ve seen...

    Rust under the grip panel of a brand new gun comes to my mind.

    [–] Gun clubs & Ranges in the Lower Mainland (BC) - Best Choice? iatekane 2 points ago in canadaguns

    In all honesty I’d say join VGC for shotgunning, it’s by far the best range for the shotgun sports in the lower mainland, and being so close to where you live it’s so convenient. Sporting clays course is great.

    Then shoot your rifles and pistols at one of the other clubs.

    It might seem expensive to have memberships at two clubs, but believe me the days when you drive 20mins to Richmond you’ll save enough time/gas vs driving all the way out to Abby or mission for a round of trap.

    [–] Stag Arms Stag-10 CDN announced NR iatekane 2 points ago in canadaguns

    The BCL are selling for around $1799 and this is listed for $2085, so about a $300 difference I would say thats competition