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    [–] Mazda 5 Photobomb, waiving and smiling in the background. iatekane 1 points ago in mazda

    Have they got the Mazda 3 2.5T AWD prototype they rigged up there?

    [–] That’s amazing new design! iatekane 5 points ago in mazda

    No doubt it’ll get the 2.5T but what they need to do is pair that with a 6 speed manual as an option. No other changes needed.

    [–] Mazda considering a 'hyper' Mazda3 with the 250-hp 2.5-liter turbo four iatekane 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in mazda3

    I live in Vancouver, gas is what $1.60 something/L right now, expensive but tbh a 2.5L turbo in a Mazda 3 would still be pretty fuel efficient.

    Unless you’re going from a super efficient commuter and have a long drive every day the difference won’t be to much in annual costs.

    The Mazda 6 with the 2.5T gets 7.5L/100km highway, the 2019 3 with the 2.5T NA gets 6.8. That’s not a big difference and both are pretty good.

    2.5T in the smaller 3 even with AWD should be perfectly reasonable.

    [–] Looking for ring recommendation iatekane 3 points ago in canadaguns

    Talley lightweight rings are great (integrated ring and base) for the tikka you’ll want lows or extra low height for that 40mm objective.

    CZ I’m not sure what height you’ll need to clear the bold handle, someone with more experience should be around to help.

    Otherwise the warne ring are also a good bet and they clamp onto the integrated rail.

    [–] Upgraded optic for my favourite boi today - Elcan SpectreDR 1-4x iatekane 1 points ago in canadaguns

    Nice choice.

    I have one on my AR too and used it for the first time in a match (DSS multigun) at CFGPA yesterday.

    Works as advertised at 1x and really nice shooting plates at 200 yards using 4x.

    It’s heavier then the eotech it’s replaced but tradeoff is worth it I think.

    [–] Survey for the Granville Bridge Greenway is Up iatekane 4 points ago in vancouver

    With the removal of the only downtown hospital emergency vehicle access will be very important. If they reduce the vehicular lanes this could create unnecessary delays at a time when it becomes even more important.

    Accessing the west end for example.

    [–] 11 years and 156k miles, finally upgraded. iatekane 4 points ago in mazda3

    It’s good for an automatic but not better then a manual.

    [–] 1 dead after shooting in Surrey iatekane 1 points ago in vancouver

    Testament to the failure of the RCMP to get the gang situation under control.

    [–] What is the most pointless thing that actually exists? iatekane 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Those are there to prop her up in various wild sexual positions.

    Probably explains why you don’t have any use for them 😉

    [–] U.S. deems Canada ‘major money laundering country’ as gangs exploit weak law enforcement iatekane 7 points ago in canada

    “The U.S. Department of State has designated Canada a “major money laundering country” where foreign drug-trafficking gangs are exploiting weak law enforcement and soft laws.

    The March 2019 report, which places Canada on a short list of countries vulnerable to significant drug money laundering transactions — such as Afghanistan, the British Virgin Islands, China, Colombia and Macau — underlines a number of threats reported over the past year in Global News investigations, such as the laundering of fentanyl-trafficking proceeds from China through British Columbia casinos, real estate and underground banks.”

    [–] Canada's ability to monitor returning foreign fighters is 'on the margins,' ex-CSIS chief says iatekane 8 points ago in canada

    “VANCOUVER – Canada is only “on the margins” of having the resources needed to monitor radicalized fighters who have returned to Canada, says the former head of Canada’s spy agency.

    Richard Fadden said in an interview that 60 to 75 so-called “foreign fighters” have returned to Canada and it’s not immediately clear in all cases what they were involved in overseas. That means they may need to be tracked upon their return and that requires a lot of resources.

    “For the small group that we’ve decided are a risk, 24-7 surveillance — even with electronic support — is very manpower intensive,” said the former director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. “And even if CSIS uses the help of the RCMP and other police forces, it’s very tough to do. I’d say we’re probably on the cusp of being able to do it effectively.””

    [–] Looking for shotgun suggestion [ON, woman, short arms] iatekane 2 points ago in canadaguns

    If you want something real nice but over your budget there is a beretta 1301 competition, it comes with a short length of pull stock and since it’s a semi less recoil vs a pump.

    In addition being an overall fantastic gun that would be great for turkeys.

    Or on the more pedestrian side adding a Magpul SGA stock to either a Remington 870 or a mossberg 500 series could work for you.

    The stock is a nice upgrade over the factory and offers length of pull adjustment (using spacers).

    Remington sells a “Magpul edition” 870 thy comes with stick stock from the factory, and would let you get a good feel for how this fits. Then you can decide on the specific model you want and buy the stand alone stock as an upgrade.

    [–] Looking for advice re: .308 bolt action iatekane 1 points ago in canadaguns

    .308 is a good choice but it might be worth while to step up a bit in order to get a flatter shooting round that’ll be easier to use at longer distances and open spaces. Which are if your in the NWT may be common.

    .300 WSM or 7mm WSM would be a good bet without being too punishing recoil wise.

    [–] Anyone able to identify this guy? Picture is from Ecuador iatekane 1 points ago in snakes

    Great, thanks for the reply.

    It was found in an area called La Mocora in Ecuador.