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    [–] Foam rolling? idarknight 3 points ago in running

    I started rolling because of my IT issues. It takes time but it gets better.

    [–] Foam rolling? idarknight 1 points ago in running

    Every other day as part of my flexibility routine. Started it about 5 years ago and it’s done wonders for recovery.

    [–] Worth the risk. iPhone X. idarknight 3 points ago in iPhoneography

    Certainly worth the risk there.

    [–] Am I getting a good deal? (Retention & Upgrade Discounts) idarknight 2 points ago in Rogers

    Call and ask for retention and describe the TELUS deal to them. They may be able to do something better.

    [–] Alberta poised to lead Canada’s retail cannabis sector amid impending federal legalization idarknight 2 points ago in alberta

    When weed crashes, wouldn’t the munchie cycle be on the upswing? Or would the peaks be essentially synchronized?

    [–] My iPhone X battery drain fast after update 11.4 idarknight 1 points ago in iPhoneX

    It could be background clean up. Give it a day.

    [–] No winning ticket for Friday night's $60 million Lotto Max jackpot idarknight 1 points ago in canada

    WCLC Lottery Manager by Western Canada Lottery Corporation

    [–] Trump pulls out of North Korea summit idarknight 1 points ago in worldnews

    I’d love to see that happen... and given what’s happening, it’s not that much of a reach!