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    [–] OnePlus 6t Launch Date changed to October 29th. idoideas 1 points ago in oneplus

    I don't know what you watched, but both the OP6 Unveiling Event and OP5T Unveiling Event were live. You can see the people there.

    You know they sell tickets for these, right?

    [–] OnePlus 6t Launch Date changed to October 29th. idoideas -8 points ago in oneplus

    And no one was kinda aware of the other? Because I don't remember such thing ever happening before.

    [–] OnePlus 6t Launch Date changed to October 29th. idoideas 1 points ago in oneplus

    The 6's event wasn't pre-recorded, and this one is not planned to be either. Also, the Wireless Bullets that were a surprise in that event were more exciting for me than the entire Sep 2018 Apple Event.

    [–] OnePlus 6t Launch Date changed to October 29th. idoideas 8 points ago in oneplus

    Wow, didn't realize Apple set their event the same day as OnePlus until now. This is huge.

    This is kinda bitchy move by Apple, since OnePlus did announce theirs like 10 days prior, but I know they don't really care (since it's not iPhones or something).

    I hope the OP6T will be great, I'm counting on it as my next phone. I will watch the Apple event as well but iPhones never were an option for me and unless they're about to unveil a MacOS iPad, I'm not interested.

    [–] This day in 2013: "Nexus 5 appears in Google Play store for $349" idoideas 1 points ago in Android

    It was a perfect phone at its time. It had multiple hardware problems along the way that I had to fix, but it was my daily driver for 3 years. Thank you, solider. Won't forget you.

    [–] OnePlus 6T will ship with Android 9 Pie, but Pie for OnePlus 5/3 series delayed idoideas -19 points ago in Android

    Not everything, but I don't expect OnePlus to provide support of the newest Android version to their oldest device, as even their recent devices, 5T for example, who is about 1 year old, is getting delayed in favor of new products.

    They don't have that much devices. They have the source code for a while. If they really wanted it to happen and happen good they could. But they push sales of new products, and that's ok, but it's something we should notice.

    If 5/5T is getting delayed, I really don't believe the Pie for 3/3T will be out before OP7.

    [–] OnePlus 6T will ship with Android 9 Pie, but Pie for OnePlus 5/3 series delayed idoideas 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in Android

    Remember when OnePlus promised Nougat for the OP2, then didn't deliver?

    That's that. That's exactly that. "Delayed" will probably mean they'll never get to it, or release the mininal option they have for Pie version without support. Because, you know, there's OP7 in the pipeline.

    [–] What happens when you give a vinyl cutter to a robotics kid. S/o to u/idoideas for the design! Looking for more shirt ideas... idoideas 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in FRC

    I just saw it now :O

    I'm so honored, thank you for printing it! Wish I had one too :P

    EDIT: Willing to Photoshop more stuff if you got the ideas ;)

    [–] [TLD] The Pixel 3 Doesn’t Suck - 24 Hours Later idoideas 3 points ago in Android

    It's not a bad phone. Just the notch irritating and the price a little bit too much. But overall if I didn't mind the money I would've taken the Pixel 3 (Not the XL).

    [–] OnePlus 6T coming with new UI and updated gestures idoideas 5 points ago in Android

    These sound amazing. Don't be too crazy with the price, and I'm all yours.

    [–] Google Screen Call First Look: Incredible! idoideas -1 points ago in Android

    Probably the only cool feature I liked in the Pixel 3 other than the camera of course. It doesn't worth it to buy the phone, though. I really hope someone will be able to port it to other phones.

    [–] 38 Percent of People Still Pirate Music, Study Finds idoideas 0 points ago in Piracy

    I used to piratd music all the time, until Spotify turned available in my place. They give me all the collection I need (including music of my language) for small price, and I'm willing to pay. I don't need to hassle around downloading. Sadly there's no pirate alternative to that (as in, a service with all the music easily accessible to stream in max quality and broad library).

    In Movies & TV Shows I still pirate because there's no one service that gives everything in a fixed, cheap price. I mean, Netflix tries to do that but they don't have everything and they don't have it right away, and not everything for direct downloading. So pirating it is. Maybe Disney Play will give me enough content to consider.

    [–] Disappointed Pixel fans are overlooking OP6 idoideas 2 points ago in oneplus

    I'm disappointed from the Pixel 3. I'm going for the OP6T.

    We exist. ;)

    [–] Google failed to justify the Pixel 3 XL’s massive notch idoideas 9 points ago in Android

    And that's the main reason I'm not taking the Pixel 3 this time. I really wanna go the Pixel route, Google. I really do. But not in this price (literally), and not with this notch. That's just too huge.

    [–] Toy Tokyo soon!!!! idoideas 2 points ago in funkopop

    Wait, the hobbit times means they're saying it's before 9am and after 11am. That means nothing as this is basically the whole day.

    [–] Looking for a US based VPS with GUI of Ubuntu/Windows with 15Mbps+ at the cheapest price idoideas 1 points ago in VPS

    Not about private browsing, I have VPN. I just need a US based internet connection (don't care about privacy) with high-speeds (15Mbps and above, preferably 100Mbps). I have my speeds right (70-80Mbps), but with a VPN I get under 10Mbps and that's not enough for my use.