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    [–] [TASK] Stream an Amazon video for me idoideas 1 points ago in slavelabour

    $bid will do it for 20$ total if you still need it. Will send you a video file of the highest quality available.

    [–] [TASK] Finish my Android app ASAP idoideas 1 points ago in slavelabour

    $bid PM me with additional details and I'll see what I can do.

    [–] [TASK] Copy HTML code and make a few tweaks idoideas 1 points ago in slavelabour

    $bid but I I'll only take a higher offer.

    [–] Best place/bar to watch the World Cup? idoideas 1 points ago in Denmark

    Any place recommended? I'm not familiar with the area and would like to have a recommendation.

    [–] We're 5 actors from cult film, THE ROOM, ask us anything! idoideas 1 points ago in IAmA

    Did you had script ideas for Tommy and was it in the final footage?

    [–] Are there ever re-releases for Pixar movies? I want to see them on the big screen. idoideas 1 points ago in Pixar

    When the 3D trend started, Pixar re-released Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D prior to Toy Story 3, and then re-released Monsters, inc in 3D.

    I think they had one for Finding Nemo but I'm not sure since we didn't got it in my country.

    [–] Until I found this photo, I didn’t realize how different tony looks compared to the first movie. idoideas 26 points ago in Pixar

    I was impressed of this scene the moment it came, I just finished watching the first film 2 hours before I watched the second one. It seems Tony got the "Inside Out" character treatment.

    Also, where did you get decent quality images of Tony's scene?

    [–] Official Discussion: Incredibles 2 [SPOILERS] idoideas 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in movies

    We were at a press screening and everyone talked to their "plus ones" until the movie started. When Bao started, they started to be a little quieter but a lot of them kept talking. When the turn of events happened, the whole theater went silent, and you could hear a few small "What...?" In the background.

    EDIT: You meant afterwards. Well, I saw a few crying, others saying "wow" and others just clap.

    [–] [TASK] Download this flash video into a format where I can speed up playback idoideas 1 points ago in slavelabour

    $bid feel free to PM me, I found a way to do it in five minutes and will give it to you for 5$.

    [–] Incredibles 2 2018 NEW HDCAM X264-CPG idoideas 12 points ago in Piracy

    Posting links is against the subreddit's rules. Look for the release name online and you should find it.

    [–] How 'Bao' director Domee Shi stayed true to her 'weird' idea and created a specifically Asian story idoideas 9 points ago in movies

    The short, as the Frozen franchise, does not belong to Pixar Animation Studios, but to Walt Disney Animation Studios.

    Disney planned the Frozen "short" as a TV holiday special for ABC, but Coco, being a movie about a non-american traditions and characters, made Disney worry that it might not succeed that much and needed a boost for tickets. They thought the Frozen short will drive everyone to the movies, but the opposite happened - everyone loved the film itself and hated the Frozen short.

    They took the short down from theaters two weeks after premiere and showed it on ABC on Christmas as planned.

    Also, in our country they didn't show the short at all on English screenings. Only on dubbed versions and selected theaters, so it will only target the young demographics and won't make older people mad.

    [–] Official Discussion: Incredibles 2 [SPOILERS] idoideas 4 points ago in movies

    They said they don't have any sequels planned after TS4 at least until 2022.

    [–] Theaters to Add Strobe Light Warning to ‘Incredibles 2’ After Viral Twitter Thread idoideas -5 points ago in movies

    I posted it here first before the viral Twitter thread after I saw an advanced screening, and got downvoted because people thought I was talking bullshit.

    Guess my concerns weren't for nothing ;)