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    [–] Whats her underaged kid to get a job to pay rent or get out. Wtf. ifyouhaveany 2 points ago in insaneparents

    Why not job/save money for college? If your kid has goals you're not doing them any favors by skimming off whatever little bit they're earning just to prove a point.

    [–] Whats her underaged kid to get a job to pay rent or get out. Wtf. ifyouhaveany 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in insaneparents

    Your parents are supposed to pay for everything for two decades, it's called having a kid. And if your kid is working to pay for school, because it's expensive af, then you're actively hurting them by charging them rent for a house you'd be paying to live in anyway.

    If you have a kid and they're just working to make money, no future goals, then I can understand charging some rent money. But doing it just because they're 18, without taking into account anything else, is selfish af.

    Edit: I don't really get what your point is after reading your post again because all you did, basically, is repeat what I said. If your kid isn't being lazy, why arbitrarily charge them rent?

    [–] Whats her underaged kid to get a job to pay rent or get out. Wtf. ifyouhaveany 53 points ago in insaneparents

    Why? What if they're working to save money for school so they don't have to go into a lifetime of debt just to pay for college? If they're not being a layabout, why should they automatically have to start paying rent?

    [–] Oh the irony! ifyouhaveany 34 points ago in AnimalsBeingJerks

    How do you know this is an apartment and not just the basement of a house? I agree with the assessment of more exercise, though! That dog is clearly boooored.

    [–] Mhm... yeah sure.. after enduring a long exhausting process inflicting damage to your body while on powerful medication, Yeah that's legit. ifyouhaveany 17 points ago in thatHappened

    Not a nurse or ever had a kid, but I'm sure they aren't doing it for funsies. They're probably concerned with you bleeding out. You could refuse, but there's a reason we do ABO types on every woman about to deliver in the hospital.

    [–] I spoke up because of my feminist husband ifyouhaveany 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    The op probably has PTSD from something else & being touched makes him/her uncomfortable so talking through and telling them what I'm doing helps because I'm not just grabbing all over their body and not informing them of what's going on.

    [–] Sterling's blood type ifyouhaveany 2 points ago in ArcherFX

    Well a little less than half of people are type O, and of them only 15% are Rh negative. O- will usually only get O- and tons of O- gets used in emergencies, so the supply gets run through really quickly. If a hundred people donated, we'd only get 6-7 O- units, which could easily be used up in one massive transfusion. So yeah, it's really important for people with that blood type to donate.

    [–] Sterling's blood type ifyouhaveany 2 points ago in ArcherFX

    If you're in a situation where you've lost a massive amount of blood, Rh type isn't as important as ABO. You could have an allergic reaction, or produce antibodies, but as a guy you're never going to get pregnant so anti-D antibodies aren't as big a concern. And in that big an emergency, the concern is blood loss, not any kind of allergic reaction from the wrong Rh type.

    Even uncrossmatched blood is eventually crossmatched, so the doctors will know if is anything they should worry about on that end of things.

    [–] I spoke up because of my feminist husband ifyouhaveany 14 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Kind of scary that they can't always accommodate you! We don't have anyplace in our actual draw room to lay people flat, but we do have a recliner just outside it and if someone straight up told me they pass out for blood draws, I'd probably see if the ER had an open bed I could do the draw in just to make sure they were totally down before we started. I had someone go down on me (edit: as in fall over, lol) after I drew them once and that was enough for me to really take it seriously.

    [–] I spoke up because of my feminist husband ifyouhaveany 13 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    It doesn't hurt me to do these things and only helps my patients, people like you! I'm all too happy to do it. Blood draws are not fun for anyone, myself included, but it's part of the process. All I can do is make it a little easier.

    [–] I spoke up because of my feminist husband ifyouhaveany 239 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    There is a response, vasovagal syncope, that causes people to involuntarily pass out at the sight of blood. I work in a lab but do phlebotomy as part of my job and while I'm no longer stressed by shots or needles, I used to be super afraid of them and I'm acutely aware that tons of people hate getting their blood drawn or could possibly pass out with no warning. I talk people through every step of what I'm doing (I'm putting the tourniquet on, feeling for a vein, cleaning with alcohol, etc...) because I want people to be aware of what I'm doing and be a part of the process.

    If they show any sign of discomfort I ask them how they'd like me to proceed - count down, warning before poke, no warning, etc. There's a lot of psychological fear, especially for people who have spent a lot of time in the hospital. No one is ever happy to see me coming so I do everything I can to make it a predictable, easy process for all of my patients.

    I hope the guy OP gets a verbal smackdown and retrained. He needs to listen to his patients and it would've cost him nothing to count down.

    [–] Sterling's blood type ifyouhaveany 18 points ago in ArcherFX

    I work in a lab. Even if you know your blood type, we're going to do a type and screen (for unexpected antibodies) anyway when we do a blood transfusion. In emergent situations, you're gonna get O- or O+ depending on lab protocol and availability. In my lab, you'll get O- first, but supplies are limited so if we run out, you'll get O+ if you're bleeding out quick and you need more uncrossmatched. 85% of people are Rh positive anyway, and if you're needing that much blood it's more important to get it into you than worrying about an allergic reaction or having you create anti-D antibodies. In some labs, if you're not a child or a woman of childbearing age, you'd get O+ blood in an emergency just because it's not a big deal and there's a big shortage of O- blood.

    Anyway, hope that was informative and thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

    [–] Cop can’t control his dog.. ifyouhaveany 3 points ago in PublicFreakout

    I thought belgian shepherds were a different breed (longer hair?) than a malinois.

    [–] Brother cut his arm with a dirty knife at work let it get really infected before finally going to the dr ifyouhaveany 7 points ago in MedicalGore

    Had a patient in the er the other night with an infection similar to this, but his entire arm from fingertips to shoulder was 2x normal size from swelling. Ended up admitting him, and sadly I didn't get to see any pops but I'm sure it was similar to this, or worse.

    Why people wait, don't go to walk in clinics days before, and end up with hospital bills orders of magnitudes more than they'd have if they would've sought help sooner is just baffling to me. I mean, I understand (fear of cost) but it's part of the whole problem of why healthcare is so expensive in the US.

    [–] Denver airport approach in stormy conditions ifyouhaveany 1 points ago in woahdude

    This was really trippy for me because I didn't read the title and watched for the first 3/4 while my brain struggled to make sense of what was going on. I've never flown in conditions like these so it was really weird to watch this and when I finally realized what I was seeing, my brain was like, OHHH.

    [–] When my friend’s dog knows she’s about to get to play fetch ifyouhaveany 2 points ago in funny

    Lol wut? The thyroid is controlled by the pituitary gland (TSH) and ultimately the hypothalamus (TRH). This is like, bio 101 info. Her thyroid levels are, and have been, within reference ranges and no seizures since the day she started her meds.

    [–] Kidney infection.. Urine ifyouhaveany 2 points ago in MedicalGore

    OP, I can see PHI (like your MRN) on this picture fyi. You may want to re-upload it.

    [–] When my friend’s dog knows she’s about to get to play fetch ifyouhaveany 19 points ago in funny

    Piggy backing this to say that you (general you)should really take your animals to the vet before you hop on the CBD oil bandwagon. My pup was having seizures as well and it turns out she's got a low thyroid - easily fixed with $3/month medicine. CBD oil would've done fuckall to help her.

    [–] The BEST response ifyouhaveany 35 points ago in WitchesVsPatriarchy

    I never heard about that - their food is so good! Used to eat lunch there all the time when I was a wage slave at TeleTech for the 6 whole weeks of training I endured before I promptly quit once I started to have to take actual phone calls.