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    [–] Chevy Chase is 74, sober and ready to work. The problem? Nobody wants to work with him. ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in movies

    I enjoyed this.

    I like chase and I like Glover. One is old and the other young. One had his time the other it is his time.

    And this is all ok and normal and healthy and just life.

    I wish chase could see this...

    [–] The last jedi fan edit question... ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in fanedits

    Thanks for this. I went with the 22 gig version.

    I just said this to the maker which sums it up but again Thanks for linking me. I really appreciate it.

    "Thanks for saying the last jedi.
    I just watched your 22 gig version and it was good. The story isn't good so it's limited by that but I hated the cinema cut but I enjoyed your edit. As the credits played I wondered why I liked it and it hit me like a freight train that all the absolute crap had been removed lol
    The only jarring edit came at 1.03. Your edit was perfect but they went from let's sneak out to being fired upon which made no sense as a story and I can't remember how the empire found out. If you could make that work you'd have a perfect edit.
    Also thank you for giving luke back his self respect. It was criminal what they did to a film hero...they made him a made him a jedi again.
    Have you done a cut for the prior film or the prequels? Or solo.... Either way thanks again. Ps the 11 gif version no longer works. I'd appreciate if you uploaded it again or made these all torrents please. We will need the fallen knight again for sw9 ;)

    [–] PsBattle: Cat dreaming of greatness ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in photoshopbattles

    Anyone going to have a go. It's my first submission ....seriously check out that pose...

    [–] No spoilers please. Question about Mr negative ilivedownyourroad 2 points ago in SpidermanPS4

    Thanks. I appreciate that. Was a bit worried as the game has some flow issues and some big standard fetch quests so thought maybe that was literally it...on to the next villain haha which is probably what it's really like for Spiderman. I can't imagine in real life Spiderman does follows ups on his captures...he does exist!

    [–] Loki, Scarlet Witch, Other Marvel Heroes to Get Own TV Series on Disney Streaming Service ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in television

    Hmmm i hear you but its not that simple is it. Force awakens was the first new film but almost every few year star wars has been released or remastered in some way in some medium so it didn't feel as new as star wars has a habit of never really going away...for better or worse.

    Even though what you said is true, star wars hate is at all all time high but it's not hate like the prequels and jar jar days where it was passionate. The hate now is nastier because it's fatigue hate and ofcourse ea swbf2 didn't help or them preventing sw single player journeys which in the past have filled the gaps or compensated when the films fell short. And we've lost the extended universe which again limits our access to sw variety leaving us access to a smaller more crowded universe.

    Also in the past Lucas was in charge so even when we were unhappy with his efforts we always had he is George Lucas.

    That's all gone now. We only have Disney who represent something like 50% of the box office and with marvel as well...maybe it's more Disney fatigue over franchise fatigue.

    But as we have over 15 superhero shows on tv right now between dc and marvel I can tell you that fatigue is real. Just look at the turn over rate.

    Its As real as the current anger in starwars gaming and as real as the meh attitude of fans towards solo. And as real as Mark Hamils own anger towards the last jedi and the millions of fans who agree with him.

    I think the reason the last few sw films were the highest grossing for films is because before a crash ...the market is often at its highest peak and then it steeply drops off.

    Also the recent films might have been highest grossing on paper but if we take in inflation and merchandising and indirect profits from the original trilogy vs actual budgets I think you'll find they made less than the original 3...though they have a 30 year head start lol

    Audiences are super hero fatigued from excess , as seen with the recent defenders viewing figures (lowest ever for a marvel netflix show) but most people like marvel. Most people don't like star wars any more and the conflict between fans is bitter.

    So yes two different types of reasons for a drop off in audience figures but still a drop off.

    Possibly if disney could stop firing their staff for 5 minutes and make a universally beloved sw film and or a solid video game there would be a turn around. After 3 films in 20 plus years and then 4 in 5 years maybe audiences are just shell shocked.

    We're simply not use to this much star wars lol But again that would align with my argument for audience fatigue so possibly the reason for the drop off isn't so different after all...:?

    [–] The last jedi fan edit question... ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in fanedits

    Tried to access the downloads....11 big version as I don't have space for 22gig

    404. That’s an error.

    The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

    Any ideas where I can find it me if nec.

    [–] Dumb question.... ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in SpidermanPS4

    Thanks. But I spent days taking photos of just one type of thing for a project so now I don't feel I have the energy to do it again. Anything which is outside of the game feels to me off putting but atleast I know now. It's like I'm no longer Spiderman but me...if that makes sense (I'm not as cool as Spiderman lol)

    [–] [PlayStation Classic] [Video] PS Classic reveal trailer. ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in PS4

    Will there be a min 360 or ps3 next ? And why not a classic ps4 while we all go pro and called it retro...and remember those food old many 'year' ago lol

    [–] Eminem's diss track twoards MGK breaks YouTube reccord earning 38.1 millon views in 24 hours! ilivedownyourroad 2 points ago in Music

    Surely these disputes just make both stars richer and even if they're not marketing stunts...they technically as the same and we're just the enablers...or the manipulated.

    [–] Tennis Champion Naomi Osaka's $8.5M Adidas Deal Biggest Ever for a Woman ilivedownyourroad 6 points ago in sports

    I felt so bad for Naomi.. that her heroine choose that game...Naomis big break , to make it all about herself and fail to apologise to Naomi for antics which I feel were uncalled for based on the presented evidence and not some larger legit campaign.

    Naomi won fair and square but then that win was put in doubt by her competitor because they didn't like to loose or loose money.
    Then the subsequent media circus around larger legit issues which weren't present on that day again based on facts over hyperbole and emotions for larger issues.

    I think that both women are amazing players but Naomi not only won fairly but had the winning attitude. That's my opinion.

    [–] Loki, Scarlet Witch, Other Marvel Heroes to Get Own TV Series on Disney Streaming Service ilivedownyourroad -2 points ago in television

    Hmmm not sure.

    The Netflix marvel shows have gone from amazing to average to poor in some cases presumably due to audience fatigue with super hero saturation.

    I can't imagine this will help....esepcially when even star wars films are dropping like bombs compared to prior efforts.

    I feel we all just need a break....and transformer films have to just stop.