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    [–] Full moon above Prague ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in pics

    I want to read this book play this game and watch this movie...

    [–] Peter Jackson is remastering WW1 footage and it looks truly incredible. ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in videos

    Fair enough.

    But as unsaid they need to give ignorance kids context that they didn't look like this to the people they were shown to. That's hugely significant when you mess with historical artefacts as is where and how the public interacted with this footage etc.

    [–] Act now before it's too late... ilivedownyourroad 3 points ago in gravityrush

    I fear they don't care. They will give us nothing and kill the series. Then in 2019 they will make gravity rush 2 a plus game and you'll see a million people plus ask why the mp doesn't work (just like the other Sony exclusive high profile franchise infamous) and for a month they will turn on the servers. Then they will turn them off again and ignore anyone who asks ...Just like infamous 2nd son. Which is why I can't 100% the game or finish my quest :(

    Ultimately I pay Sony for plus. This is a Sony game. I pay for multiplayer. So it's an absolute disgrace that my money isn't enough to keep the game I paid for as a mp game to have that feature removed because of on going maintenance costs....I pay maintenance!!!!

    [–] There's only one good thing about Gravity Rush 2's servers closing ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in gravityrush



    But even that could be fun initially.

    To give new players no chance to experience the aw3osme challenge and rewards is just unfair....

    [–] Bought GR1 and GR2, with the servers going down which should I play first? ilivedownyourroad 2 points ago in gravityrush


    The loss of the mp online options are devastating as collecting dusty coins with friends or new friends via the online ps4 community is a massive part of what makes the game special.

    Racing strangers every day and trying to beat their scores and the costumes and Apple treasure photo challenges is far superior to the terrible side quests.

    I'd love to say gr1 and the 2 as they are equally excellent (i prefer 1) but because of this server crap def go with 2. Join the ps4 community and let people Help you get the dusty coins for rewards and make some friends and help others.

    Anyone who says the online components don't matter doesn't support the creators original ideas and didn't make any friends in the community as a result.

    My fav parts of the game when I was struggling with terrible side quests was to have a break with with the mp challenges then come back refreshed. That's a good balance we soon will loose.

    [–] Join Us in Asking Sony to Keep Gravity Rush 2's Servers Online, or to Patch the Game to Make the Locked Items Available for New Players! - Gravity Rush Central ilivedownyourroad 2 points ago in gravityrush

    Without the games 50% worse off.

    50% if my great time was this feature and and wonderful community who helped me with dusty coins....

    1 more year please don't and make it a plus game so we can all play together.

    [–] Zelda Original Fan Art ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in gaming

    I saw that and that's cool...But why not just put the title or artist in the first place ?

    I'm an artist and it's cool when someone praises your work but it's less cool when they forget you while getting more likes than I do especially they are a karma farmer who profits from my hard work.

    It's a tricky one but after seeing how much work your friend has done I'd say he'd be better actually including Matt and or the works title in the OP. Way more respectful especially for the 50000 karma intended for Matt's work...not your friend.

    [–] Peter Jackson is remastering WW1 footage and it looks truly incredible. ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in videos

    Why would you want something old to look new ? I guess it's interesting in the same way as coloured footage as long as they also show the quality of footage which people at the time actually were shown in the cinema etc. Other we loose all perspective.

    I'd think Jackson is a controversial figure because the majority dismiss the hobbit as shit. That's what they say when asked. But most of us love the Lord of the rings trilogy films. Others love his horror work and kong long but despise his mis handling of child rape and murder in the lovely bones.

    Personally I can't forgive him for the hobbit but I've seen a fan edit which was excellent though nothing could save the go so act as there's just so much cgi and shit. But I'll always love him for Lotr and everyhting else he did lol be interesting to see what he comes up with.

    [–] Peter Jackson is remastering WW1 footage and it looks truly incredible. ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in videos

    Just don't do a hobbit and add long pointless cgi scenes which turn internationally beloved literature into videogames...

    [–] My friend threw his 2nd annual "Jonah Hill Day" and this year he had quite the surprise. ilivedownyourroad -2 points ago in pics

    I'm conflicted as he doesnt look like himself any more which is daft because ofcourse he does... but he's lost all the weight so I don't recognise him.

    I liked him as a funny fat guy which I know he didn't want to be so he worked his ass literally off...and I'm 100% for that but what's left is someone else.

    There's already so many short buff actors but few fat ones so he's not unique or maybe he is because he lost the weight. Guess thats why I'm conflicted lol

    I prefer how he looked as an actor when he was fat but I'm happy for him he's lost weight though he's be better fat and smoke free than thin and addicted to nicotine.

    [–] One of the countless reasons I'll miss this show... ilivedownyourroad 3 points ago in bronbroen


    Hollow talk. Choir of young believers.

    Echoes start as a cross in you Trembling noises that come too soon Spatial movement which seems to you Resonating your mask or feud Hollow talking and hollow girl Force it up from the root of pain

    Never said it was good, never said it was near Shadow rises and you are here

    And then you cut You cut it out And everything Goes back to the beginning

    Silence seizes a cluttered room Light is shed not a breath too soon Darkness rises in all you do Standing and drawn across the room Spatial movements are butterflies Shadows scatter without a fire

    There's never been bad, there has always been truth Muted whisper of the things she'll move

    And then you cut You cut it out And everything Goes back to the beginning

    Never said it was good, never said it was new Muted whisper of the things you feel

    [–] One of the countless reasons I'll miss this show... ilivedownyourroad 5 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in bronbroen

    Imo this is one of the all time great theme tunes intro exit songs etc for a tv show which is not only hauntingly beautiful and suits the tv night lights of the two cities cinematography perfectly but also the words reflect the themes within.

    I will miss this wonderful song as part of a show as it has been for the last 4 years of my life.

    When ever I play this all the episodes flashback in my mind...deeply sad yet thrilling like the show.

    I wish they could have a spin off series called the adventures of sara...

    The actual tv version

    [–] The pattern on this moth found in Costa Rica looks like a snowman. ilivedownyourroad 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in mildlyinteresting

    Speak for yourself mate...I'm an ai...bop beep bop...ding (that's my in builtin toaster telling me the breads ready...sadly though I do not eat but I still like the process...)