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    [–] OMG WOW first 30 mins review ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in GodofWar

    It is now lol

    Reading is dead...long live kratos kitten!!!

    [–] God of out..just saying...:? ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in MonsterHunterWorld

    Lol -2 ...worth it ;)

    Good to hear I'm not alone!

    [–] God of out..just saying...:? ilivedownyourroad 2 points ago in MonsterHunterWorld

    I play a game that costs me 50. I sell it a week or 2 later for 45. That alone is reason enough. There are 9 other excellent reasons. In my personal opinion based on experience and facts we need physical copies or we need a change in consumer law and the laws regarding digital products.

    [–] Am I missing heaps of stuff? ilivedownyourroad -1 points ago in GodofWar


    But you can replay on New game plus.

    [–] 6gb day one patch...:( ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in GodofWar

    I know some people say it doesn't matter but it does when you've limited space and every game does the same.

    I buy a disc for a reason. Yes I get the update is the work they do between the month they print it and release...but maybe if they released a month later then this wouldn't be a issue. Many of us with smaller hard drives years into a console life cycle wouldn't be so frustrated.

    I also worry sometumes users are being forced to upgrade sometimes to pro 1 tb or external or some cloud thing.

    That's my opinion based on my experieces.

    [–] Starbucks arrest ...anyone know any actual facts? ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in inthenews

    I agree you are a troll....among other things. (No winky face for people like you).

    [–] I didn't realise the game was buggy :( ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in gravityrush

    I'm pro but that doesn't seem to be the cause. Just a random bug I guess but the last 3 games in over 300 hrs didnt crash to desktop... so it was still jarring.

    If it hadn't have happened at the high point if fun so far I prob wouldn't care but ruined a great speed run.

    [–] Starbucks arrest ...anyone know any actual facts? ilivedownyourroad 0 points ago in inthenews

    Lol dude take your ignorant racist junk elsewhere.

    You have some weird agenda based outside of the post which you feel the need to project presumably to distract and muddy the conversation. You are bigoted so you see prejudice everywhere where others actually like to form opinions based on facts.

    I've death with people like you all my life and clearly so too did the people in the original story. As i said to another crank.. take it to The Donald , as it's no place on here.

    Feel free to quote that and add some shit and post another photo of nothing and call it the 2nd coming.

    Pm me your Insta account and I'll link it to mine and we'll see who looks like a fool then.

    [–] Starbucks arrest ...anyone know any actual facts? ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in inthenews

    Dude read the writing.

    I'm not black or white. I don't identify as either. I identify as and white. If you had any understanding of such issues first hand you'd understand the importance differences.

    You sound like the people in the news story. Giving people shit over their colour and race and appearance.

    But you're just a troll. You're trolling me and dissing my cat (not cool). Trolls like to distract and muddy conversations for their own warped agendas.

    Nothing you're offering helps with this post but it does hinder. I bet you're a trump supporter too as that's a man who like to deflect and distract.

    That's literally the most offensive thing I can call you for the offensive nonsense you're spouting. You are a trump supporter. If you have a problem with white black or mixed race people then Just take it elsewhere..maybe to the Donald?

    [–] Starbucks arrest ...anyone know any actual facts? ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in inthenews

    I'm confused. I agreed with you lol

    That was also the initial theme of my op. Were they breaking policy or was it a racial issue or a genuine series of misunderstandings. It seems it was a racial issue.

    In my friends cafe I know his dad will throw anyone out he likes especially if they refuse to make a purchase and that makes sense to him and me.

    As far as loitering goes it's down to policy. In a small cafe like my mates it's a big no no. But apparently with sb they are on record saying they're ok with people effectively loitering.

    But people have claimed that the sb cafe wasn't busy and the men were regulars and the police didn't ask any questions.

    So clearly there was more to this issue than just loitering...and that's the really bad thing.

    [–] Lost In Space - Series Premiere Discussion ilivedownyourroad -1 points ago in television

    Thanks for that.

    Hmmm ...

    I don't believe them and if I'm wrong then to use Oreos in such a way was just bad mise en scene imo. It was jarring and absurd. Especially as they had limited space.

    If they love Oreos...give them to the cast and crew and buy shares. Don't hamfistedly force them into scenes we're paying for haha

    Also I personally don't like them so it made me distance myself from the family...which is the opposite reaction you wish to risk in the 2nd episode of a new controversial reboot.

    I guess if you love them the opposite could be true but the fact that a viewer is distracted by anything other than the scene isn't great.

    [–] I didn't realise the game was buggy :( ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago in gravityrush

    So doesn't exisit? As the photo kind of disagree haha

    This is good news if you didn't then maybe it was a one off.

    Are you vanilla or pro?

    Might be a bloody pro issue....