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    [–] Original Content by me :’( ill_llama_naughty 2 points ago in Emo

    picking on hard working Original Content creators smdh

    [–] Great pic of Austin legend ill_llama_naughty 8 points ago in Austin

    /r/The_Donald poster says some dumb ignorant shit about a dead veteran, imagine my shock

    [–] Shred Cruz ill_llama_naughty 1 points ago in Emo


    [–] Marietta - Cinco de Mayo Shit Show ill_llama_naughty 6 points ago in Emo

    Is it better or worse if I posted this as a bit

    [–] Headcold - I am a triangle. [FFO: Nouns but with more hardcore] ill_llama_naughty 5 points ago in Emo

    This album is so fucking good, most slept on release of 2018. If you’re looking at the comments trying to decide if you should listen or not I’m telling you to go listen right now

    [–] "I don't mind that you freetalk some times, because I thread too, see I'm just like you." [FREETALK THREAD 1/7/19 - 1/13/19] ill_llama_naughty 4 points ago in Emo

    Try to find tour schedules for smaller bands, see what local bands are opening for them when they play in your town or nearby, follow those bands on social media and go to some gigs

    [–] Is it ok to criticize politicians for things they have done? ill_llama_naughty -13 points ago in FriendsofthePod

    I don’t particularly want to get in the weeds of whether or not the source of $2700 donations influences politicians, seems a bit silly to think a politician would never consider that 15% of their funding comes from a certain industry before they vote on whether or not to hurt that industry, but even if I concede that it has no impact on their thinking, why did he sign the pledge and then violate it? And why is it wrong to criticize that?

    The line from the center/establishment on criticism of politicians like Beto from The left has not been that they disagree with the criticism but that the criticism is somehow illegitimate and harmful to the party.

    [–] Is it ok to criticize politicians for things they have done? ill_llama_naughty -14 points ago in FriendsofthePod

    and you’re all helping bake the planet, and a progressive politician worth supporting will hurt your livelihood.

    [–] Is it ok to criticize politicians for things they have done? ill_llama_naughty -11 points ago in FriendsofthePod

    He signed a pledge saying he’d reject donations over $200 from the oil and gas industry and then violated the pledge. Why is it not valid to criticize that?

    Honestly, the fact that you are upset about anti-oil and gas industry sentiment is a good reason politicians should be rejecting donations from people like you. The planet is fucking dying because of oil and gas. There’s not going to be any way to slow climate change without pissing off people like you. I want politicians willing to say they’re not going to be representing your industries interests at all.

    Also, you should read past the first paragraph. There’s a lot more criticism in there than his violation of the oil pledge.

    [–] The Best of 2018 ~~RESULTS~~ ill_llama_naughty 8 points ago in Emo

    absib should’ve swept every category

    [–] [QUESTION] (Update) What amp is recommended for doom/stoner metal? ill_llama_naughty 1 points ago in Guitar

    You’re going to be pretty limited to what you can find used locally, The Orange CR120h would be good

    [–] finding emo ill_llama_naughty 8 points ago in Emo

    this is a music sub

    [–] An article examining the emerging tension between Beto O’Rourke supporters and far left fans of Bernie Sanders features some familiar quotes from a couple of our favorite podcast hosts ill_llama_naughty 11 points ago in FriendsofthePod

    Obamacare was the “incremental” step, the right still called it socialist death panels and spent the next decade throwing everything they had at dismantling it. Stop trying to make reasonable compromises with an unreasonable opposition party that wants you dead, fight for what you actually want and believe in and you’ll win.