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    [–] What is 1 food you can eat and survive off of? ilovebeaker 7 points ago in EatCheapAndHealthy Andrew Taylor did it. Potatoes and a vitamin B12 supplement...and it was monitored by a doctor and nutritionist.

    [–] Are you fucking kidding me? 600km away at 11:36PM? ilovebeaker 1 points ago in ottawa

    You could just have an old phone instead that is not compatible with our iphone 5C and samsung galaxy alpha.

    But then again, you'd have to have the radio or tv signal on to know of impending weather doom.

    [–] Question about removing cup with an IUD ilovebeaker 3 points ago in menstrualcups

    Mine have been trimmed so that it just reaches the bottom rim of the cervix, but doesn't curve around.

    Ask your doc!

    [–] Question about removing cup with an IUD ilovebeaker 2 points ago in menstrualcups

    I'm not sure about the mechanics of what you are describing, but I did find it preferable to get the string trimmed down so it won't get caught up in the cup.

    [–] You gotta do what you gotta do... found going down Kent ilovebeaker 2 points ago in ottawa

    I'm just cringing at the thought of all that road salt and debris scratching up his skis! I hope this set is his secondary pair :)

    [–] Tim Horton's: what happened?! ilovebeaker 1 points ago in canada

    I really only go for their Ice capps or flavoured lattes...they are still cheaper than Starbucks by a long shot.

    Once in a while I'll get a donut. I don't have many in a year, so the Tim's donuts are still quite good in my mind. They aren't gourmet donuts, but they are still better than the packaged ones at the grocery store.

    You gotta manage your expectations a little I guess. I can get double what I get at Starbucks, and there are many more Tim's locations. I'm not expecting the moon and the stars, just a beverage :)

    [–] How often do you visit an author's website? ilovebeaker 1 points ago in books

    Maybe once, if I can't find what I'm looking for on Wikipedia.

    So things that are useful on author's websites are not only a bibliography, but social media links, speaking tours, book signings, and a nice CV/about section with things like writer in residency, etc.

    [–] I’m from USA and I’m so jealous of how amazing the Dutch Netflix library is ilovebeaker 1 points ago in netflix

    It's true...for a long while we were getting all the big movies only on Netflix Canada.

    Then Crave (our Hulu/HBO go weird Bell platform) just bought up all the big movies in the last few months, and other big shows. AND their subscription prices are two tiered, where you pay 20$ a month to see the good movies, and the new and current HBO.

    Not to mention we can pay to have access to Amazon Prime like the US does (but we can't get Hulu).

    It's just subscription after subscription, just like the USA.

    [–] Archive shows medieval nun, Joan of Leeds, faked her own death by crafting a dummy of her body that was buried, to escape the convent and pursue ‘the way of carnal lust’ ilovebeaker 7 points ago in books

    At the same time, there were many convents dedicated to the arts. You could become a painter, a scholar, a teacher, etc., all while wearing the habit. You might have even had more freedom depending on who your controlling husband might have been.

    [–] Police in Ontario free 43 Mexicans brought to Canada by alleged human traffickers ilovebeaker 1 points ago in canada

    Do you feel no sympathy for these people, who were taken advantage of and basically held hostage?

    Sure, they may be deported in the future, but have a bit of heart for what these people went through.

    [–] Need advice on flavours, chocolate cake with rosemary buttercream and pear jam? ilovebeaker 2 points ago in Baking

    Thanks...I'm not a huge chocolate fan either. Must work with the request though! Perhaps I should go in a different direction...

    [–] Regret moving for biology grad school (PhD) ilovebeaker 5 points ago in GradSchool

    In government research in Canada, anything BSc and above can compete for most jobs, so MSc and PhD candidates are all in the same pot, and getting the same salary.

    Sure, you might have more of a chance getting the job if you have a PhD, but if a MSc candidate has a better CV and better interview results, then they will get it.

    [–] I want to start eating mushrooms but don’t know where to start ilovebeaker 1 points ago in EatCheapAndHealthy

    You're so lucky to have tried it! I think I'd have to explore around the markets to be able to find some here.

    [–] How my sister got into books again ilovebeaker 1 points ago in books

    What kind of subscription does she use? We have Overdrive through the libraries here in Canada, which are free, but some books have huge wait lists. Some of my UK friends use Scribd but I haven't checked it out yet.

    [–] To people who've lived in a rough neighborhood (places with gang violence and stuff). What challenges did you face on a day to day basis? What experiences have stayed with you? ilovebeaker 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Prostitutes on every corner, men following me in cars thinking I'm a prostitute even though I'm just wearing a parka and snow boots and minding my own business, needles on the ground, weirdos on the street, arson and drive bys regularly. But, this is in Ottawa and it seems pretty tame compared to the other stories here.

    [–] The Ordinary retinoids can no longer be sold in Canada. What strength retinol should I switch to? ilovebeaker 2 points ago in SkincareAddicts

    I received an email stating that Health Canada determined that the retinoid TO was using is a pharmaceutical derivative and must be prescribed. Only retinol is over the counter here (cosmetic) and even that only happened in our modern times.

    [–] The Ordinary retinoids can no longer be sold in Canada. What strength retinol should I switch to? ilovebeaker 1 points ago in SkincareAddicts

    Thanks! Definitely good to know :) By chance, what sort of formulation is your Tretinonin in? Is it a gel, or a cream? I just imagine the prescription stuff is not sold as beauty care, so perhaps the application or smell isn't as elegant..

    [–] The Ordinary retinoids can no longer be sold in Canada. What strength retinol should I switch to? ilovebeaker 1 points ago in SkincareAddicts

    Hmm I think I would need a referral to a dermatologist, and that could take many months if it's not urgent.

    Isn't retinol proven to work? I'll have to do more research.