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    [–] What are some writers on quora that are actually worth following? imanc18 2 points ago in indianpeoplequora

    I would recommend you to follow topics based on your interest..that will feed in writers on that topic. Once you read through some answers you tend to like certain writers whom you can then follow. Don't blindly go for popular writers!

    [–] I was born in 1966. AMA. imanc18 7 points ago in india

    I hope you followed cricket at that time. You must have been 18 when Kapil Dev's team won the world-cup. How was your experience following the tournament? Radio and Newspapers?

    [–] I am from India and want to work at NASA!! imanc18 23 points ago in indianpeoplequora

    This NASA guy is quite brutal sometimes and imo people who ask these questions deserve that!

    [–] Chicken Curry imanc18 1 points ago in GifRecipes

    That's the worst chicken curry recipe ever!!

    [–] Dexter is India's Answer to China's Jack Ma imanc18 2 points ago in indianpeoplequora

    How is managed to clear class X is beyond me!!!

    [–] TIL PUBG is porn imanc18 2 points ago in indianpeoplequora

    That's racist!

    [–] Office Perspective?! imanc18 1 points ago in funny

    Whatsapp on work pc!!