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    [–] Google's new Vision API is unbelievably fast imbignate 1 points ago in videos

    Take a picture of your surroundings and figure out where you are when lost

    [–] California moving to seize public beach closed off by tech billionaire [Half Moon Bay] imbignate 72 points ago in California

    IIRC he's trying to cite some precedent set under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. I can't find the reference now but he's doing some weird legal maneuvers that won't hold up.

    [–] Star Trek: Discovery Sets Premiere Date imbignate 5 points ago in television

    That's my plan exactly: pay for one month after the first break and one month after the second.

    [–] Star Trek: Discovery Sets Premiere Date imbignate 4 points ago in television

    I'll buy their service... for one month after the season so I can binge-watch all the episodes. Unless they only make them all available much later in which case I'll definitely pirate it.

    [–] What first name is not used anymore? imbignate 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Can confirm: am liberal American with children Ruby, Gavin, Shelby, Kaiyah, and either Evander or Emmet.

    [–] Casting a 3D printed part in aluminum using a simple plaster mold imbignate 7 points ago in DIY

    I live in San Diego and I was surprised that our local county library branch had several MakerBot printers open to the public for the cost of $0.15/gram of plastic. You may have facilities available you never knew existed.

    [–] Neapolitan Brownie Bombe imbignate 12 points ago in GifRecipes

    I came to the comments to find out how to feel and I'm still lost.

    [–] Discussion Megathread: James Comey Testifies before Senate Intelligence Committee imbignate 10 points ago in politics

    I just had a heart attack wondering what CBS could possibly be preempting this coverage with. Looks like a slip-up.

    [–] Splitting civics into "civics" and "origin" imbignate 5 points ago in Stellaris

    One of the coolest events I have ever seen was one time where a machine age planet I was observing nuked itself and the planet became an uninhabited Tomb World. This would fit nicely with that.

    [–] Are You Not Enertained?! imbignate 292 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    You may have lost your way but you clearly found a more excellent way.

    [–] I’m Mike Levin and I'm running for Congress in California’s 49th district, AMA! imbignate 18 points ago in politics

    Please don't. STEM drives jobs and pivoting in the name of inclusiveness weakens the message.

    [–] Hot Ones with Tom Arnold imbignate 18 points ago in videos

    He's not sure when he'll be getting another meal. Reminds me of Kasich during the 2016 campaign.

    [–] Comey to testify publicly about Trump confrontations imbignate 3 points ago in politics

    I'm going through conservative friend's Facebook posts defending Comey's integrity during the email investigation so I can quote them back.