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    [–] A special drink presentation. imjustbrowsingthx 1 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    I just found out my father in law has had dentures since he was 22. Navy dentists took all his teeth. He’s 78.

    [–] Mini pottery imjustbrowsingthx 34 points ago in gifs


    I am from Facebook Customer Support. We treasure your feedback. Please send your bug report to [email protected]


    FB Support

    [–] Font size changes from one page to the next in PDFs in Preview imjustbrowsingthx 1 points ago in osx

    Preview probably corrupted the form. Try deleting the offending form fields and doing over. Otherwise, unless you can access something like Adobe Acrobat (not reader), you probably have to start over with a new document. Not sure if any of the software posted here does the same thing, but you need to edit the form text properties. This happened to me recently on Preview for Mac OS 10.12 (El Cap) and I had to fix in Adobe Acrobat.

    [–] A special drink presentation. imjustbrowsingthx 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 hours ago) in BetterEveryLoop

    You sound incredibly upbeat for what you’ve been through. You are stronger than you think and greater than the sum of your parts (in this case, teeth). If you go with either dentures or implants, the people who count won’t care either way. I know I’m an internet stranger and this may not count for much, but I wish you the best, good health in light of everything, and a long life. Thanks for sharing your story.

    [–] A special drink presentation. imjustbrowsingthx 3 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    Sorry to hear. Why are you losing your teeth?

    Edit: in other words, is the loss of your stomach responsible?

    [–] Losing motivation. imjustbrowsingthx 3 points ago in kendo

    Are you in bogu yet? If so, how long?

    [–] just fuckin do it imjustbrowsingthx 1 points ago in Justfuckmyshitup

    Put a Nike headband on and this is r/2healthbars shit

    [–] Better iCal notifications? imjustbrowsingthx 1 points ago in osx

    When you have an important meeting or call, set an alarm on your phone. Sorry to say but that will be the easiest fix.

    I use analog and digital for the workday - bulletjournal forces me to be aware of my day. I then set alarms for important conference calls.

    Also Due for Mac and IOS syncs alarms across devices -

    [–] Ready to move on from Suavecito, some questions imjustbrowsingthx 1 points ago in Pomade

    You may want to rethink the washing out in one shower (if you are using shampoo). Some buildup helps style your hair more easily. Instead, wash your hair thoroughly with just water and shampoo every few days.

    I use Nostalgic Handmade Super Water Based. It’s awesome and hits all the points you mention. I also rotate Goon Grease in every once in a while for heavier hold and shine, but that’s oil based.

    [–] Elevator with a view imjustbrowsingthx 6 points ago in gifs

    I know. I was mostly kidding but just pointing out that people are dicks.

    [–] Elevator with a view imjustbrowsingthx 13 points ago in gifs

    Now everyone has their phone out for the QR code. Might as well take a video of the sights!

    [–] why is this spot so big? what is that spot? am i balding or stupid? imjustbrowsingthx 6 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in malehairadvice

    This is a little different than other comments. I think you are parting your hair too low on the side of your head. You want to part your hair in a line starting from the arch of your eyebrow on that side, then back towards the crown of the head. Like this:

    The change in your part, along with managing the length on sides and top, should fix the weird spot.

    Edit: submitted too early