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    [–] NCT 127 -「Awaken」(Album Covers) impeccabletim 21 points ago in kpop

    I’m a fan of Johnny’s wig in the MV though.😂

    [–] NCT 127 -「Awaken」(Album Covers) impeccabletim 36 points ago in kpop


    4.Regular (English ver.)
    5.Touch (Japanese ver.)
    6.Blow My Mind
    7.Limitless (Japanese ver.)
    8.Long Slow Distance
    9.Kitchen Beat
    10.Cherry Bomb (Korean ver.)
    11.Fire Track (Korean ver.)
    12.End to Start

    [–] Kang Daniel has filed suit to terminate his contract with LM Entertainment impeccabletim 107 points ago in kpop

    Good riddance!! Jisung next please, especially since that pos company tried to trademark his own name.

    [–] Lady Gaga has updated her YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify banners with the “GAGA” musical note banner. impeccabletim 167 points ago in popheads

    What if she does a double-disc album called LADY | GAGA? Where the “Lady” side is original jazz songs & country ballads and the “Gaga” side is dance bops.👀

    [–] The Life and Death of Grimes impeccabletim 49 points ago in popheads

    Hi!😬 Yeah, I’m a regular on this sub and r/movies and whatever else my profile says.😂

    [–] 190321 Jin impeccabletim 10 points ago in bangtan

    I’m loving the golden hair on Seokjinnie.🥰