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    [–] In Season 2 of "The Crown", Queen Elizabeth II Implores her Mother to Stop Banging on the TV to Make it Work, Saying, "No Stop it! It's Rented." Was the Royal TV a Rental? improbablydrunknlw 10 points ago in AskHistorians

    I'm not sure if you can answer, but if I've ever found someone who could, it seems to be you.

    Why were a large amount the original tv's mounted flat in a chest and than reflected off a mirror? Was it vanity or some sort of technology limitation, even though there were models available from the same year(s) with the screen mounted horizontal directly facing the viewer?

    [–] GO Transit constables arrest man with loaded firearm at Rouge Hill GO Station improbablydrunknlw 14 points ago in toronto

    Most of those 9000 are armed guards or trappers. The government is very quite about who actually gets a protection of life, but it's a very small, well connected number, and those who do need to conceal their firearm, not open carry.

    [–] Pistol sight help during the wall drill. improbablydrunknlw 1 points ago in canadaguns

    That would make sense. I'm right eye dominant, and I'm normally pretty tired when doing it, as I do it after work which finishes late at night. I'll have to try in the morning one day.

    [–] Threat averted improbablydrunknlw 2 points ago in WTF

    The guy holding the gun got a round through his strong hand. Completely unacceptable.

    [–] Late for work? The TTC can give you a note for that improbablydrunknlw 3 points ago in toronto

    Just so you know. If you're on the system and call in from a pax phone or have an operator call cis. You're not in trouble, as long as you're on the system.

    [–] How do you like drum mags? improbablydrunknlw 3 points ago in canadaguns

    I don't love this "maybe" stuff, you crack that Rye open and get to building.

    [–] How do you like drum mags? improbablydrunknlw 2 points ago in canadaguns

    Firearms go together sober? Huh... Learn something every day.

    [–] What is happening to engine oil that requires it to be changed every 6000km (3000miles)? improbablydrunknlw 3 points ago in askscience

    Or my favorite. "this is the procedure for SE, EX, and SC models, this process does not work for DE and ES models. With no other follow up...

    [–] Addiction improbablydrunknlw 3 points ago in preppers

    Bricks of coffee.

    [–] My work truck beater gun. Good for the errant hog or two. improbablydrunknlw 16 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in guns

    Lol that site bans Canadians from even visiting...

    [–] Addiction improbablydrunknlw 8 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in preppers

    I carry caffeine pills in my work and ghb, just in case I can't get a coffee which happens.

    Plus 4 vacuum sealed bricks currently in my pantry. I'll eat it if I have to.

    [–] [selling] 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Sun and Sound package. improbablydrunknlw 1 points ago in gtamarketplace

    I thought I loaded them into imgur. I'll upload them again when I get home.