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    [–] AR 15 take down/quick barrel change improbablydrunknlw 1 points ago in canadaguns

    I have no experience with a take down/or quick change. But ctc, azteck and I run guns will all import American parts for you if you come up dry on your search.

    [–] My man Hector killin it improbablydrunknlw 14 points ago in tumblr

    Am I the only one confused?

    [–] My God. I hate the clique so much. improbablydrunknlw 2 points ago in thatHappened

    Do people really believe this? Or think people will believe it?

    [–] He's smarter than his family improbablydrunknlw 2 points ago in cringepics

    Yeah I'm with you, I normally trim my beard myself, but every time I go in for a haircut I get my barber to even out and line up everything. That's something I can never get right myself and it makes it easier to maintain in better trims.

    [–] "I Wish I Could Have Lots of Steam Games" improbablydrunknlw 35 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    Probably partially because most super cheap haircuts are bad, especially when it's on a women. So even if the hair stylest is amazing, people are going to shy away from a place if it's cheap based in past experiences.

    [–] Image topped coffee maker improbablydrunknlw 9 points ago in interestingasfuck

    It's 1k for the printer, not the expresso machine.

    [–] EDC knife tips improbablydrunknlw 3 points ago in preppers

    Third, it's been the only knife I carry since I got it.

    [–] Hair scrunchy. improbablydrunknlw 31 points ago in ATBGE

    Honestly didn't know. Thanks for the heads up.

    [–] Hair scrunchy. improbablydrunknlw 17 points ago in ATBGE

    I will, I'm now impowered with this new information and will spread it as needed.

    [–] Had the whole property to myself, stopped to take a family photo. improbablydrunknlw 2 points ago in canadaguns

    I honestly don't know, in my opinion the trigger on the Canik is better and I can shoot fairly accurately with it, but I find I shoot more constantly with the glock, and like how it feels in my hands better.

    Probably the Glock, but I'm really not sure.

    [–] Had the whole property to myself, stopped to take a family photo. improbablydrunknlw 1 points ago in canadaguns

    Back to front.


    7.5" Ar mostly nea but a mish mash of parts.

    Canik tp9sa / Glock 19.

    Missing some ods and ends.

    [–] This knife in my office kitchen has been sharpened a few times improbablydrunknlw 7 points ago in Wellworn

    Jesus, MVP op right here. Scissors, eBay, deferred work responsibilities simply for karma, what more can we ask for?