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    [–] A Brief History of the Megastructure in Science Fiction imsquare177 5 points ago in books

    Yeah me neither but I can't help but feel like the author didn't do their math. 8 years to climb vertically out of a 40,000 year journey wouldn't be a significant part of the journey. They wouldn't be climbing half the time, the wouldn't be climbing 1% of the time, they would be climbing 2% of 1% of the time.

    If we boiled that down to someone's experience over a 100 year journey, they would have climbed for one week.

    [–] A Brief History of the Megastructure in Science Fiction imsquare177 4 points ago in books

    So the Appalachian trail is 5,000,000 steps and takes people 6 months to complete, assuming it takes 4x longer to climb steps constantly that would be the equivilancy of 700,000,000 steps x 4 steps / 5,000,000 steps / 6 months and that gives you 93 months or 8 years

    8 years, not 40,000

    [–] When having anxiety, you’re basically making rumours about yourself in your mind 24/7. imsquare177 17 points ago in Showerthoughts

    My anxiety has no internal monologue, it's just a feeling like I'm on the brink of falling off a cliff but I don't know where the cliff is and I just hope I can stay on top

    [–] Sleeping Bear fawn imsquare177 4 points ago in CampAndHikeMichigan

    Am I trippin or are there floating green blobs distorting the background?

    [–] Help me lighten my pack imsquare177 2 points ago in UltralightBackpacking

    Not enough detail to offer any good advice. Can you take a pick of your gear laid out?

    [–] Here's how 12 year old Gusto copes with fireworks and thunderstorms. He shuts himself in the bathroom and turns on the overhead fan for white noise. Here it is, finally captured on video. imsquare177 1 points ago in funny

    For anyone who wants to help their puppy grow up to be a dog that isn't afraid of fireworks and other loud noises: take them to the gun range several times when they're little, between 8 and 12 weeks.

    Let them lead YOU with what they're comfortable with. The first time they may only be comfortable sitting in the car and that's it, you may even need to park down the street.

    Give them lots of treats and reassurance and praise whenever they are brave. In 3 or 4 visits your pup will probably be comfortable walking around nearby gunshot, they may even be OK standing next to it.

    Pretty much guaranteed they won't have firework anxiety.

    [–] So close yet so far imsquare177 11 points ago in vegancirclejerk

    I'm non-vegetarian and I don't feel guilty cos I don't eat meat in front of my pets

    I'm vEgAaAaAaAaN!

    [–] dairy is for babies anyway imsquare177 48 points ago in vegan

    Probably meant relate to the animals

    [–] Hang on kids, you need to hear about all the times your “uncles” slapped each other. imsquare177 2 points ago in funny

    Hey, you just watched 9 seasons of some of your favorite characters of all time going through some serious shit, let me wrap it all up for you by making sure that EVERYONE IS EXACTLY THE SAME NOW AS THEY WERE IN THE FIRST EPISODE

    Ted is in love with Robin Robin loves Ted and doesn't want kids of her own Barny is chasing 20-something-year-old bimbos Lilly and Marshal are the perfect couple

    The finale makes the previous 9 seasons meaningless

    [–] Samyang Noodle x2 Spicy sauce imsquare177 0 points ago in spicy

    Viscosity would be a more precise word. How easily it flows. The sauce in the bottle flows a little faster than the stuff from the ramen packets.

    [–] Samyang Noodle x2 Spicy sauce imsquare177 1 points ago in spicy


    It's the same sauce but the color and consistency is a little different

    [–] Gotta say that I loved these. imsquare177 1 points ago in spicy

    Where are you? Australia?

    [–] ULTRA HD CE POSTER imsquare177 2 points ago in halo

    Still bugs me that the banshees cockpits are open

    [–] A little DnD MEME imsquare177 4 points ago in antiwork

    Why there a giant boner next to his wing

    [–] Hello there, few people that will see this post imsquare177 5 points ago in dankmemes

    He is just resting, take care of yöurselves Bŕö+hrrß