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    [–] Day 86, they still think I'm one of them. imsquare177 40 points ago in aww

    I thought they were all stuffed animals except the one on the right with it’s tongue out, then I saw the cat

    [–] The worn area on the back of my phone case looked like a fantasy world map, so I made it one! Welcome to the world of Incipio! imsquare177 8 points ago in worldbuilding

    Ha! That’d be pretty great but no there’s not. There are the twin peaks of Cnap Mór (big butt), the lost temple of Kam Rah (camera, sunken beneath the waves right where my phone’s camera lense would be), and the Tortle people of Zawadi believe that the world is a giant tablet (shaped like my phone, amazingly)

    [–] The worn area on the back of my phone case looked like a fantasy world map, so I made it one! Welcome to the world of Incipio! imsquare177 64 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in worldbuilding

    Good idea :D I certainly would update the map between campaigns, maybe even in the middle of a campaign!

    [–] The worn area on the back of my phone case looked like a fantasy world map, so I made it one! Welcome to the world of Incipio! imsquare177 151 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in worldbuilding

    This is the world map for a new D&D campaign I’m starting next week, I based it off the pattern of wear on the back of my phone!


    There are threemajor continents on Incipio, Callander and Puna Pentos, and the uninhabited continent simply labeled “Terra Nullius”.

    Callander is home to most of the populations of Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Gnomes.

    Puna Pentos is home to most of the Halflings, Dragon Born, and several more unusual species (in the Parlant Rain-Forest).

    Terra Nullius hosts no civilized societies though it is home to a strong population of Giants and other big baddies.


    There are mixed populations wherever you find civilized societies in the world of Incipio, but none more diverse than in the city of Dunlin’s Rest on the coast of the Mirror Sea in Callander. Dunlin’s Rest’s population is roughly 40% human, the rest is split between dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, dragonborn, and a few half orcs and teiflings.

    There are tribes of humans that live far in the North of Callander in the eastern Tennor Mountains. These tribes are nomads that fish and hunt along the North Sea and travel south in the spring and fall to trade.

    There are farmers and woodsmen between the Mirror Sea and the Blackridge Mountains.

    There are dwarves who live in the middle and eastern Tennor Mountains as well as the Northern Blackridge Mountains where they mine their ores and create weapons and armor of great skill and magic.

    There are two Kingdoms of elves in the south of Callander that have joined together to create the United Realm. These are the high elves of the Mirror Coast and Fellborn Forest, and the wood elves of the Brightwood, the Valley of Lumanor and the Green and Blackridge Mountains that surround it.

    The Gnomes mainly live in the Amgmar Forest and have only one city, Gnantucket, found in the heart of the forest.

    The continent of Puna Pentos is dominated by the deep Parlant Rainforest in the North, the vast Mersable Desert in the South, and the rugged Pachama Mountains that skirt the southwestern coast.

    Populations of halflings and dragon born are common throughout Puna Pentos but halflings are more abundant in the northern cities of Kitanaku and Kitatiwa. Dragonborn are more common in Patachauin and throughout the desert lands.

    You can find many other intelligent species living in the world of Incipio, most of which live in their own smaller communities but all of which produce adventurers that find their way into the larger world.

    Though some cities and lands are more diverse and others are more homogenous (and possibly even somewhat discriminatory to certain types of people) you will generally find some diversity and harmonious co-existence throughout all the lands of Incipio.


    Incipio is ruled by three deities:

    Ayluen - the goddess of life and the Lady of heaven. good

    Hemidos - the god of death and balance. neutral

    Valisar - the god of the undead and the Lord of hell. evil

    [–] I turned the wear marks on the back of my phone into a fantasy world map imsquare177 9 points ago in Wellworn

    Thanks for doing the math! It’s a big world but the wizards in Dunlin’s Rest have something to make travel a little faster ;)

    [–] Starting a new homebrew campaign. The world map is based on the wear on the back of my phone cover. [Art] imsquare177 3 points ago in DnD

    It’s hand drawn. I used the phone case for a visual reference, drew out a rough sketch for the coastline in pencil, adjusted as needed until the shape was right, then drew in the details and went over everything in ink