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    [–] Movies I might be missing from 2017? indig0sixalpha 37 points ago in movies

    • The Lure
    • Berlin Syndrome
    • A Dark Song
    • The Devil's Candy
    • Hounds of Love
    • Tramps
    • The Discovery
    • Colossal
    • Ingrid Goes West

    [–] Inhumans IMAX release discussion thread. indig0sixalpha 4 points ago in InhumansABC

    don't understand why there was such an emphasis put on how these two episodes were shot with IMAX cameras while half of the total run time is close ups of character's faces.

    [–] [Suggestions] Best foreign films of 2017 indig0sixalpha 23 points ago in movies

    two more South Korean films from last year definitely worth checking out:

    • The Handmaiden
    • The Wailing


    • Hounds of Love


    • The Lure

    [–] Hooked on Korean movies now indig0sixalpha 10 points ago in movies

    • The Handmaiden
    • The Age of Shadows
    • I Saw the Devil
    • The Man from Nowhere
    • A Hard Day
    • The Yellow Sea
    • Okja
    • A Bittersweet Life
    • Tunnel