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    [–] Netflix Reaches Tipping Point As New Originals Outpace Acquired Titles infinitelabyrinth 1 points ago in television

    Torrenting stuff is just so much easier. If it wasn't for sports i wouldnt even have cable television.

    [–] Boo yah..!!! infinitelabyrinth 11 points ago in WisconsinBadgers

    If there is one game i could have back for a redo, in any sport, including pro, it would be that 2015 Natty. Those two years were the best badger sports years of my life. Even moreso than the triple rose bowl like 7 years ago. Although we lost all of those, so that might be why.

    [–] Men with an anime girl as your profile picture, why? infinitelabyrinth 43 points ago in AskReddit

    OP, like many filthy degenerates, gets off on people looking in the mirror and saying "Wow, i am a scum ridden, lowborn, troglodyte that can only get a date with a cartoon female." It's what makes the earth go round.😚

    [–] [Post Game Thread] #5 Duke defeats Syracuse 84-72 infinitelabyrinth 30 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    The craziest part of all the ESPN Zion Fanatacism is that he is almost as great as ESPN thinks he is. The amount they talk about him is overdone, but what he has done on the court warrants a lot of it.

    [–] Diamond Stone Insane Hit Vitto Brown Head on the Floor Dirt Play infinitelabyrinth 0 points ago in WisconsinBadgers

    When you say IT, does that mean that they hired you to post every Wisconsin related video you can possibly find on this subreddit? And, in some cases, not related to anything currently going on with the Badgers?

    [–] [Gif War] Gonzaga doesn't win the WCC infinitelabyrinth 2 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    Pre spongebob movie is the golden era of kids animated tv. There all classics. Post spongebob movie is what they set on repeat at Guantanamo Bay.

    [–] Head of Gambino crime family Frank Cali shot, ran over and killed, reports say infinitelabyrinth 18 points ago in news

    Coincidentally the official head of the colombo crime family died a week ago in prison. Supposedly of natural causes, and he was rather old.

    [–] Wisconsin 10th most valuable college basketball team infinitelabyrinth 2 points ago in WisconsinBadgers

    If i was going to guess which teams were going to be ahead of us from the big ten, illinois and OSU were definitely not one of them.

    [–] Why can't I access all the settings in the filter properties? infinitelabyrinth 1 points ago in VideoEditing

    Ok this is driving me crazy. So I switched the av cables from the capture dongle on my computer, to a television, and there is no purple band on coming up on the screen. Then I am thinking it is the capture dongle. So I try a different VCR (this one only has monoaudio hookup) on my computer, and lo and behold no purple band. So it seems to only exist with this one scenario? What the fuck.