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    [–] When you're promoting a patriotic movie but someone asks to show your passport instiman 4 points ago in india

    And then comfortably become the most vocal Modi supporters online. Most annoying too.

    [–] MRW Anyone Compliments My Gifs instiman 12 points ago in HighQualityGifs


    Look what you made me do

    [–] nice instiman 3 points ago in india

    Asking the real questions. Where are the guesstimate experts

    [–] Found this on r/lotrmemes instiman 18 points ago in lostredditors

    Ah yes. The fellowship has arrived for the low hanging fruit.

    [–] Kerala student dies in NZ terror attack. instiman 2 points ago in Kerala

    It's barely gory. But yes still disturbing. Lost a night's sleep.

    [–] UEFA Champions League Quarterfinal, Semifinal, and Final Draw instiman 17 points ago in soccer

    Manchester United officials while having talks with Zidane managed to steal his black magic wand and book of spells.

    They still aren't gonna win UCL because the final ingredient is Zidane's hair which he only grows out in secret before important matches.