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    [–] Steve was raped by a confused lesbian? inukai44 1 points ago in americandad

    Steve stop speaking Aramaic it's a dead language.

    [–] Pick Your Own Games inukai44 2 points ago in RandomActsOfGaming

    Here's mine and happy cake day!






    [–] Giving away a Grimoire Anthology Vol. 1 book! inukai44 1 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Mine are nothing much but the holiday tradition on my mom's side is we draw names for and the name we get we have to get them a present and on my dad's we do a white elephant. Just simple things.

    [–] [LFG][Online][Roll20][Discord][D&D5E][PST] Looking for a group to play on Sundays with. inukai44 1 points ago in lfg

    I'm looking in the D&D 5e sourcebook and it doesn't say anything about that. Plus we were allowed to choose the subclass when we started out.

    [–] [minor Spoilers] How do you feel about the future of DC? inukai44 3 points ago in DCcomics

    Since Dan Didio is currently the co-publisher and his belief of "Superheroes shouldn't have happy lives." It's gonna get worse before it gets better. I hope the higher-ups from WB either tell him to knock it off again and stop fucking around with the characters (which is how rebirth started) and tell him to get the Superman Editorial team to reign in Bendis or just fire them both and promote someone else to the publisher's chair and get a new writer for Superman. Doomsday Clock and few other comics are good though.

    [–] Can someone tell me WTF is Bendis doing with Superman? inukai44 1 points ago in DCcomics

    And this is why I ended my subscription to Superman and Action Comics when the previous run ended.