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    [–] Le epic boomer iphonedeleonard 2 points ago in Boomerhumour

    What happened to these sandy hook kids? Havent heard of them in a while

    [–] Putting all doubts to rest iphonedeleonard 34 points ago in sadboys

    Flaired as important ahah

    [–] HMFT after I get punched into moving car. iphonedeleonard 4 points ago in holdmyfeedingtube

    Do you say “be the shit out of you” bcs you when someone says it orally it sounds like that or did you mispell beat

    [–] 1 viewer! iphonedeleonard 4 points ago in LivestreamFail

    Yh from sg

    [–] 1 viewer! iphonedeleonard 39 points ago in LivestreamFail

    He cones from singapore hes scared the government is going to deport him

    [–] bro ... 😔 iphonedeleonard 7 points ago in liluzivert

    Especially the fact that they’re listening to lil tecca

    [–] r/ihavesex iphonedeleonard 3 points ago in GothBoiClique

    It was just a joke bro

    [–] r/ihavesex iphonedeleonard 4 points ago in GothBoiClique

    I dont think that qualifies as empirical evidence as its just a claim

    [–] LMAO iphonedeleonard 23 points ago in liluzivert

    Gunnas pfp on ig is actually the cover for SMF as well

    [–] that cube nigga fresh af 😳 iphonedeleonard 3 points ago in okbuddyretard

    Its obviou which one is the hot one