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    [–] The global helium shortage hits home iprocrastina 1 points ago in worldnews

    You joke but helium is used for supercooling so it actually has a lot of serious uses, such as running MRI machines. Right now an MRI machine requires about $34,000 of helium a year. That's going to be a much bigger number when helium prices skyrocket due to shortage.

    [–] What degree would look best to employers if I can't do a CS degree? iprocrastina 5 points ago in cscareerquestions

    Math would be next best, and if you want to do AI/ML arguably even ideal.

    Alternatively you can transfer to another school that doesn't have ridiculous CS admission criteria.

    [–] 'Even the royal family enjoys it': how the Nashville hot chicken trend began iprocrastina 1 points ago in nashville

    Hot chicken is everywhere these days. I went to Asheville, multiple hot chicken places. My sister lives in Toronto, Canada, also has multiple hot chicken shops including one that opened right next to her apartment.

    [–] Yet another question about Antioch (and general moving) iprocrastina 2 points ago in nashville

    I live near there right now, the worst thing is how tremendously busy that area is. Most restaurants and shops are past the I-24 ramps, which is always a trial to get though at any time any day of the week (heavy traffic, 5 unsynchronized lights in 500 feet). Also, if you're commuting to Nashville your life is going to be pain living in that area. But it's not a high crime area like it's made out to be.

    [–] White Man Gets 10 Years in Prison for Trying to Hire Hit Man to Lynch Black Neighbor. Hitman was Undercover FBI Agent iprocrastina 1 points ago in news

    It amazes me people are stupid enough to think hitmen are real. I mean, they are, but they're all gang members and they only do hits for their gang.

    How could a non-gang affiliated Hitman even get business? It's not like they can advertise or hand out business cards to everyone they meet.

    [–] Majority of Republicans think evangelical Christians are more discriminated against than minorities - Hate crimes against minorities have in fact risen under the Trump presidency. iprocrastina 1 points ago in politics

    Keep in mind that in Christianity being persecuted is validation that you're a good believer. These people are obsessed with being the next biblical hero, and they need to be persecuted in order to fit in with the other biblical heroes. Of course, there is no Christian persecution in the US because 70% of the country is Christian, so they have to come up with bullshit ways they're persecuted, even going so far as to make shit up.

    [–] So, are male incels terrorists now?: Guy who dropped a 5 year-old off the 3rd floor of Mall of America did so because he didn't meet women. iprocrastina 2 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Being an asexual guy who has the kind of luck finding a relationship that you'd expect for an asexual (i.e. none) I don't think this is the right explanation.

    As a man, society pins a lot of your value on how often you're having sex. Hell, I'm asexual and even I want to be having sex for the social value of it. In my case it's not something I really want though and as a result of my sexuality I've learned to shrug off society's gender roles as the result of most people buying into what they're taught as children and never questioning any of it.

    But for men who do buy into society's bullshit idea of masculinity, it can be very upsetting if you fall noticeably short. One of the biggest insults to such a man's sense of worth would be being a virgin past whatever age they think it's acceptable. Now, I think most men in that position just get depressed and blame themselves. But there's some guys who's egos won't let them do that. Instead they have to blame something external, because obviously they're perfect and should be getting laid.

    From there a few things can happen. Extreme bitterness ("fucking dumb sluts only want to fuck asshole jerks, they don't want a gentleman like me because they're too stupid to know what's good for them") is one. Most incels stay there, just seething with hatred for everyone else.

    But some act out. Some turn into rapists or child molesters, hell-bent on getting what they want. Others lash out at the society that they blame for all their problems. Notice that incel attacks often don't actually target women; Elliot Rodgers killed mostly men in his attack, for example, and this guy killed a little boy. They hate everyone. Women for not having sex with them, men for being competition, and children because they'll be adults one day too.

    I think the reason we're seeing an increase in these attacks is for the same reason white supremacy is on the rise: these guys are having their rage and toxicity nurtured by certain political movements, fringe media, and isolated social media communities. It's not like the 90s where if you were a socially awkward virgin with pent up issues you didn't really have anyone to talk to or feed off of. Now such a person can go online, join an incel community, and get a positive feedback loop of hate.

    [–] Bachelorettes, Bibles and Amazon: is Nashville the perfect model for a second-tier city? iprocrastina 7 points ago in nashville

    It's crazy that 40% of people can't afford an apartment by themselves in this city. The rent is too damn high.

    [–] George Conway suggests Mueller found evidence of collusion iprocrastina 21 points ago in politics

    Because it's at least partly true. The US population is very conservative and there's a double standard for how the two major political parties are treated. Republicans are always afforded endless excuses and benefit of a doubt. Democrats are villified if they're anything less than angelic.

    [–] Engine Cold Start Turkish Style iprocrastina 1 points ago in WTF

    Funny enough, I also knew a Russian guy at work who said the same thing. That when he lived in Siberia people would start their cars by crawling underneath and holding a lighter to the gas tank.

    [–] William Barr Gives Trump What He Wants, Forms Team to Investigate the F.B.I iprocrastina 2 points ago in politics

    I saw all of this coming back in 2016. The GOP is hell-bent on making the US a single party state and historically has never had any qualms about ignoring rule of law or civility to get it's way. The current state of affairs is to be expected and it's going to get worse.

    [–] How do I know if cs is the degree I want? iprocrastina 2 points ago in cscareerquestions

    If you want to be a developer major in computer science. That's the most sought after one by far. Avoid other IT and engineering degrees in favor of that one if possible.

    Again, this assumes you want to do software engineering. If you want to engineer hardware then computer engineering or electrical engineering would be a better fit. If you want to do machine learning, math/statistics may be better. If you want to administer computer systems and networks, do IT. That's the difference between those degrees.

    [–] Today's copy of the New York Times iprocrastina 2 points ago in gaming

    I'm a software engineer. Always wanted to be a game developer growing up. Finally got that degree and now I write web apps. No desire to ever move into game development. Very long hours especially during crunch, some of the hardest coding you can do, and yet it pays half as much as any other field of software development. It also has such shitty job security you should actually expect to be laid off once your project wraps up. Honestly I'm surprised anyone would go into, much less stay in, game development

    [–] What is a genuine 'We don't want you to know this one, simple trick" from your profession? iprocrastina 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Had a debt collector contact me one time over hospital debt. Thing is, I had just called up that hospital a week earlier to ask if I had any debts and they said no (too many issues with medical billing departments has left me paranoid about unknown medical debt). So I told the woman calling me to provide proof they had this debt and it was legitimate or else to take the collections off my credit history and never contact me again. Woman was real snarky and sarcastic about that, like a verbal eye roll, but sure enough I never got any further communication from them and no hit to my credit.

    [–] Snacks for comfort eating iprocrastina 1 points ago in EatCheapAndHealthy

    Cheap is an understatement. $10 gets you a milk carton sized box of the stuff, and you only use 1 tsp per batch. I eat a lot of popcorn and after 1.5 years of getting my flavacol I still have like 90% of it left.

    [–] What seems like an easy job, but is actually really difficult? iprocrastina 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I had a temp office job like that last year. Most of the work was sorting and compiling files and folders, opening and sorting mail, making copies, etc. Basically doing something really simple, and then doing it literally 1000 more times. I don't know how I stuck with it through the whole 4 month gig.

    [–] NXIVM cult member admits keeping slave locked up in Upstate NY for 2 years iprocrastina 82 points ago in news

    You have to look like recruit material. That is to say, despondent and hopeless.

    For example, there's a chain of good sandwich shops in Tennessee called "The Yellow Deli". They're actually run by a cult, mainly as a recruitment tool. Most people who go aren't bothered and probably leave without even realizing everyone working there is part of a cult.

    But thing is, the locations are built next to college dorms. They're open 24/7. See, they're not going to bother the group of happy friends coming in to eat lunch at 1 pm, those people aren't susceptible. But the young, naive, and depressed college student who's always there at 3 am? That kid's gonna get the recruitment pitch.

    [–] Nashville’s Public Housing Authority Is Recruiting A New Kind Of Tenant iprocrastina 3 points ago in nashville

    Yeah, I got a luxury two-bedroom apartment in Cool Springs for $300 less than their two-bedrooms are going for.