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    [–] Wanted to see what you guys think about my take on a traditional artwork, the lion vs snake istealcrayons 2 points ago in AdobeIllustrator

    Great for a beginner, I'd suggest working on pen tool and colors stuff. Because lines are kinda jagged and even though it's drawn on black background and colors are sharp and bright, they don't "pop" like they should.

    [–] Shot Breakdown of kubo hug I uploaded the other day, for anyone interested istealcrayons 1 points ago in AfterEffects

    Nah, spam is when people post bullshit with shameless plug or post shit solely for the reason of some followers. This is valueable information and we appreciate it. Thanks and keep up the good work, hope to see more from you.

    [–] Shot Breakdown of kubo hug I uploaded the other day, for anyone interested istealcrayons 1 points ago in AfterEffects

    Thanks but we wanted the breakdown of those incredible cel shading look (lighting and stuff)

    [–] What is your weird flex but okay? istealcrayons 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Pfft, I haven't vomited ever in my life. No joke

    [–] Redditors with interesting hobbies- what do you do and why? istealcrayons 2 points ago in AskReddit

    So, how can I be your penpal? I've never wrote a letter in my life, and I'm not a writer but people say describing emotions and scenarios with words is a thing I'm kinda good at. So yeah..

    [–] how many apples would i have to eat to just fucking die? istealcrayons 4 points ago in morbidquestions

    Fuck apples, eat bananas.

    I can't remember the exact number but it was either 400 or 4,000 bananas in 24 hours. Eat that much and there should be enough potassium in your body to stop your heart from pumping. And you know happens next.

    Plus bananas are lot easier to eat and we can bury in clothes made entirely out of the peels of all the banans you ate.

    [–] So I replied to a comment on a “STOP-5G” thread in a local mum group I found. I couldn’t help myself istealcrayons 1 points ago in ShitMomGroupsSay

    [Part 2/2]

    b) 5G technology enables the use of high frequency, the higher the frequency the shorter the wave length. Shorter wave length means faster speed and lower latency; because it can carry a lot more data. BUT shorter wavelength also means piss-long ranges. Which means the cell tower has to be much much more closer to you to for it to work properly. And shorter wavelength also means the signal will have a hard time in penetrating obstacles around you like walls, trees and stuff. So, 5G's wavelength will have a range of around 1000ft, compared to 4G's 10miles+. Which means we'll need a whole new infrastructure for it work for us, well not exactly whole new but kinda new still. There are a million ideas out there like floating drones over every city block as cell tower and some less sci-fi ideas like One main cell tower, several mini towers then several antennas. Basically a fridge sized based station or a mini cell tower at every city block and a node at every traffic signal, lamp post and shit because as I said before, even trees can block the signal and that's on a normal day. Things like rain and moisture can heavily distrupt or even block the signals. And assuming the smartbois who made this shit have already thought about and overcame this problems there's still one main issue.

    The rollout is gonna be super slow, uneven and very expensive.

    Every node, every mini cell tower costs money multiply that by every city block and lamp post and all that still need a connection of sorts to work, which means laying down miles and miles of fiber optic cable. The costs not gonna be in millions, it's gonna be in billions, even hundreds of billions. And that's be paid by you and me. It's not gonna be cheap for anyone wether its you me or the carrier. And the uneven rollout will still make it absolutely useless because they are not gonna be installed in the entire world tomorrow, or next year or even next decade. And companies will first start putting towers in places where there's "demand" aka major cities with already developed and functional networks. Assuming all that works perfectly; they face no problem by local government and/or communities who don't want cell towers and antennas all over the place, even after that, it will still be mostly useless because first you're gonna need a phone that supports 5G and even then you're only gonna be able to communicate with people who also live in a 5G covered area with supported devices. And the 5G supported chips sucking more power and giving shitty battery life is another story.

    Point being, if you're gonna be doing the everyday things like browsing the interwebs, watching videos and chatting stuff then you'll be better off with WiFi and using your LTE when you're not home.

    Now lastly, all that doesn't means 5G is bad or useless or I hate it. I honestly like it, (except the messing with Satellites thing) 5G has some amazing technology behind it that can enable us to do some cool shit. More precise and good drone stuff, more fast high quality streaming of stuff, can be specially useful for news and cops helicopters. Plus a fucktonn of other cool and amazing stuff. 5G is sure a new and really good technology, but it's not ready yet and it will not be ready anytime sooner than probably a decade.

    And the carries are basically rolling out immature technology into real market to replace tried and tested already fine working tech like 4G. All this is just a beta testing but with scummy and very obvious cashgrabbing.

    And that's why people have so much divided opinion on 5G.

    The article I copied the 3 paragraphs from:

    Side Note:

    • Pardon my grammar spelling or anything, It's 7am here and I'm too tired and sleepy to properly write shit.

    • I'm no expert, I'm just a guy on internet; I just happen to know some stuff about it that I shared. All of what I said can be 100% accurate or can be absolute bullshit or can be somewhere in the middle. Again, I'm NOT an expert on this and take everything I said with a spoon full of salt. Do not use me as source for your facts please. Just take what I said as a starting point, look up interwebs and do your own research. And would be cool if you after your research or anyone else familiar with the subject could correct any mistake(s) I made here.

    • And yeah, that's about it.

    [–] So I replied to a comment on a “STOP-5G” thread in a local mum group I found. I couldn’t help myself istealcrayons -1 points ago in ShitMomGroupsSay

    [Part 1/2]

    It's a mixture of false information by mom groups and the some actual issues with 5G.

    1. Health Concerns:

    There's a legit concern in the health organizations that 5G could have adverse effects on Human Body. in April of this year Brussels (Belgium) and Geneva (Switzerland) stopped and blocked 5G trials because of radiation limit laws.

    But the things on health concerns is kinda mess right now, some organizations' studies are showing it could do harm to humans some studies are showing that it should not. Some studies are saying the studies that says it could harm us are flawed and some other stuff should be taken into consideration, some studies are showing that the studies that says it should not harm as flawed because the experiments they did didn't take this this and this into consideration. To put it simply, no one is sure if it's gonna fuck with our health or not. The only true answer is maybe it can fuck with us or maybe it can't only time and lots and lots more research will tell.

    But the Media and general public is skipping the "maybes", "mights", 'we don't knows" and "we're not sure, give us time" of all these studies and kinda picking up what they believe.

    Some news are going nuts on how 5G is bad for sure because this study said maybe it is. Which is echoed by these soccer moms and other people who aren't really familiar with tech stuff and are kinda concerned.

    Some news are going nuts on how people who think 5G is bad are because this study said maybe it's not bad. Which is then echoed by I know everything Joes and other people who aren't familiar with tech stuff and some other kevins who are defending 5G purely for the sake of offending people who think 5G is had.

    Then there's this whole propaganda thing where RT America; part of RT Network based in Moscow and funded by Russian Government

    began airing programming linking 5G to harmful health effects without scientific support. Attempts to damage 5G's reputation increased in 2019. Several RT stories have warned of health impacts such as "brain cancer, infertility, autism, heart tumors and Alzheimer’s disease" and have spread to hundreds of blogs and websites.[78] Meanwhile, Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered the launch of Russian 5G network in February 2019. Ryan Fox, an executive of a technology firm that tracks disinformation, said, “Russia doesn’t have a good 5G play, so it tries to undermine and discredit ours.” Molly McKew, the head a U.S.-based firm that seeks to counter Russian disinformation, said the Russian government “would really enjoy getting democratic governments tied up in fights over 5G’s environmental and health hazards

    the stuff in italics is copied from Wikipedia

    So all this shitshow has kinda fucked up the reality. Is it bad, is it good no one fucking knows and googling it will only give you the answer what you want to believe because the news thing I mentioned above and the propaganda thing has fucked up the results. Type 5G bad and you'll ve greeted with yes 5G bad, type 5G good and you'll be greeted with yes 5G.good. So yeah, that's the health thing shitshow.

    2. Interfernce Issues:

    To put it simply, the spectra used by 5G is very close to the spectra used by stuff like Earth Observation satellites and if they roll out 5G without fixing the spectra issue then it will definitely fuck with the satellites stuff, specially the Emergency Weather stuff. Which means bad shit like 30%+ decrease in accuracy of predictions. Which means failure of tracking and predicting Impacts of bad weather shit like Hurricanes and stuff. Which is gonna be super bad.

    If you wanna read details, here a copy from Wikipedia:

    Spectra used by various 5G proposals will be very near that of passive remote sensing such as by weather and Earth observation satellites, particularly for water vapor monitoring. Interference will occur and will potentially be significant without effective controls. An increase in interference already occurred with some other prior proximate band usages.[64][65] Interference to satellite operations impairs numerical weather prediction performance with substantially deleterious economic and public safety impacts.[66][67] The concerns prompted US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine in February 2019 to urge the FCC to delay some spectrum auction proposals, which was rejected.[68] The chairs of the House Appropriations Committee and House Science Committee wrote separate letters to FCC chair Ajit Pai asking for further review and consultation with NOAA, NASA, and DoD, and warning of harmful impacts to national security.[69] Acting NOAA director Neil Jacobs testified before the House Committee in May 2019 that 5G out-of-band emissions could produce a 30% reduction in weather forecast accuracy and that the resulting degradation in ECMWF model performance would have failed to predict the track and thus impact of Superstorm Sandy in 2012. The Navy in March 2019 wrote a memorandum warning of deterioration and made technical suggestions to control band bleed-over limits, for testing and fielding, and for coordination of the wireless industry and regulators with weather forecasting organizations.[70]

    3. Surveillance Concerns:

    Fucking china, man. They're trying to pull a sneaky one on US.

    Because of espionage fears on foreign users by Chinese equipment vendors, several countries have taken actions to restrict or eliminate the use of Chinese equipment in their respective 5G networks. Chinese vendors and the Chinese government have denied these claims.

    wikipedia again

    4. Marketing bullshit of non-5G shit:

    You already probably know it by now, several telecom companies across the world have already launched "5Ge" or "5G-Evolution" or some other bullshit. Which is NOT 5G. It's basically the same LTE we already have with just slight difference and very scummy and misleading name to lure in the people unfamiliar with tech.

    5. Impracticality, aka Marketing Bullshit 2: Electrik Boogaloo:

    a) 5G isn't one technology but a clusterfuck of technologies. Most of which has not been sorted out by the standards and bodies. Which makes it already immature enough to not try to roll out market but this also makes easier to skew the narrative and market bullshit with an apostrophe.

    All the things you hear and see about 5G is more than likely skewed bullshit. It's probably, definitely theoretical maximums given perfect conditions and equipments. 100 times lower ping means communication between two devices in centiseconds. No commercial device and the current internet infrastructure is capable of that. It's not even close to that.

    In reality, 5G is only gonna be around 25% more faster than current 4G LTE stuff. Add that with 5G's piss-long range and lets talk about that...

    [–] So I replied to a comment on a “STOP-5G” thread in a local mum group I found. I couldn’t help myself istealcrayons 3 points ago in ShitMomGroupsSay

    Plus shit is not even that faster than the current 4G. It's more of 4.3G with fucking hoops to jump through like limits of how far you can be from a tower. Motherfuckers are considering putting "cell "tower"" drones above city blocks to help with signal stuff instead of just saying fuck it, the tiny amount of speed isn't worth the hassle.

    [–] First Client Project istealcrayons 1 points ago in MotionDesign

    Holy shit, this is good and I love Jr Carnest-y style. and knowing that you just started learning in nov 2018 makes it that much more amazing

    [–] ELI5 - Our bodies signal us that we are hungry but we generally have a lot of energy stored as fat. Why is that? What is the hungry feeling is telling us in fact? istealcrayons 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    I didn't eat or drink anything for 3 days straight and I stopped feeling hunger on day two afternoon, though the thirst fucked me up and I started drinking 3 glass of water and ate one slice of bread per 24 hour. And did this for a week straight; excluding the initial 3 days. So total of 10 days.

    I stopped feeling hunger and thirst but couldn't stand up or sit on my own for more than 5 minutes because I just got really tired real fast. i was laying in bed all day, never left the house or even the room, only used the toilet once a day to piss and my sleep cycle was basically stay up 20 hours and sleep for 4 or less hours. I wasn't even using my phone or any other device. I was just super still, laying supine listening to the ticks of wall clock all day and just falling asleep for a few hours, waking up in the same position and continuing the cycle all over again. I lost 19kg in that time. (from 84kg to 65kg)

    Though I live in a really hot climate area; like above 40°C in a normal summer day hot climate. And the room I was laying had no windows and I never turned on the fan ("couldn't" turn on the because the thought of touching the switch was fucking me up). I sweated like crazy, i was soaking wet like I just came out of a pool, every hour or so. So I don't know how much weight loss was my body using stored fat or how much that sweating contributed to the loss.

    A explanation or a run through on what was happening and happened inside my body during those 10 days by anyone with the knowledge of the subject would be nice.

    Full disclaimer or whatever:

    Please don't do what I did or doing. It is and was incredibly stupid decision. My intent was never to loose weight or do some experiments. None of that was planned or intended. I did that because I have OCD and severe health anxiety and I can't eat or drink anything because I can't trust the food someone else made, and I couldn't make food on my own because that means cleaning and washing the entire kitchen and everything in it, several hundreds times, a day. And even after that I wasn't satisfied with the food because what if the vegetables I bought from the market were bad, what about all the things that I didn't make or control. Like the oil and produces and other stuff. Then sitting at the table to eat stuff meant I'd have to change clothes and shower before I sit on my bed or anywhere because I don't wanna "contaminate" the other places I sit. Basically if anything touches me, I'm fucked.

    I know highly irrational and stupid fears, but if you know OCD you this is just an really simple example; the other intrusive thoughts and tics and urges can get far more extreme and weird than this. I was extremely exhausted, sad and feeling weird emotions. I have a fear of getting sick dying earlier than I want to, but those thoughts made me want to kill myself. And I was on the brink of killing myself; if it wasn't for the hopes and plans and dreams of future and a piece of advice I read on Reddit long tome ago, if those things didn't cross my mind I'm pretty sure I would've been dead, either from starvation or some stupid attempt.

    Yes, I stopped doing that just two days ago. My mum is here and she is only person I can trust with my everything so she is making and feeding me stuff.

    [–] TIL In 2016, a British man crowdfunded a ten hour film of paint drying in order to force the British Board of Film Classification to watch it, as part of a protest against it. This is due to independent filmmakers needing to pay £1,000 per submission in order to be certified. The film received a U. istealcrayons 3 points ago in todayilearned

    Nah, going frame by frame isn't nearly as painful as people think. And specially easy in this Paint Drying film case.

    Just import the footage in After Effects installed in a computer with good enough specs, set the preview quality to quarter; just to make it a little bit more faster. Use the keying plugin of your choice, select the color of the paint and key it out. Render it and watch it at whatever times speed you like. I personally think 5x would be fine. Though just pay full attention while watching it.

    Now because you keyed out the color of the paint, the entire thing would be nothing but a black screen and if there's even a single frame of anything other than the wall of paint, it will definitely pop out and if you're paying slightest of attention, you will notice a blink of something else.

    If you notice something, rewind a bit and see what frame is it on. Note the frame, go to the original footage and check the frame again, and check 50 frames ahead and behind that frame just to check if there's anything else. If yes note those frames too, if not just report the frame you found earlier, rate the thing and boom, job done. Get paid, get laid, gatorade.

    If you don't notice anything, scrub through it in after effects and either upload it to Youtube or use any software that lets you frame preview on timeline, scrub through that twice or thrice. If something is found, do the steps above, if not. Report it rate it and boom, job done, get paid, get laid, chill out with ya mate.

    [–] Legality of consensual sex between siblings istealcrayons 0 points ago in MapPorn

    Siblings as in proper biological brothers and sisters or siblings as in first cousins and shit?

    [–] New sling bag prototype. Please comment istealcrayons 3 points ago in streetwearstartup

    Glad you find them helpful. And cool, keep us updated on next prototypes and final product.

    And in the close up pictures, the material looks nice. But just try to do something that sets you apart from all the gazillion black slings in the market. You don't have to invent the next wheel or go nuts over standing out part; the goal is not be unique here, the goal is to be a better choice. Just something makes it more of your brands sling than just another sling.

    Also ALWAYS be ready to lend a ear to your customers and market. Listen to the problems and try to solve them. Again, you don't have to do any rocket science in try to get rid of the problem, that's impossible, you just have to take the market one step closer to the solution.

    Keep trying to make your product better and you'll eventually arrive at the solution.

    A good place to start imo would be the insides of the bag. I've bought a fucktonn of bags over my life and most of them looks nice, feel nice and take the beating over time but the interior is just fragile incomplete bullshit.

    So yeah that's my problem. Others might share their in comments and hopefully we'll see you realising dope stuff soon. Goof luck!

    [–] Keanu Reeves, me, digital, 2019 istealcrayons 1 points ago in Art

    1) Cyberpunk2077, one of the most anticipated games. They released a new trailer at E3 and Keanu is in the trailer as character of game.

    2) E3, the "You're Breathtaking" (02:06) part.

    3) The general love people have for him because of how down to earth, nice and humble he is.

    Alot of people watch E3 + alot of people specifically watched CDRP part at E3 because Cyberpunk2077 + the you're breathtaking thing tuned into a meme and a lot more people that part + the already present love + some posts hitting the front page which created a ripple effect of Keanu post + karma farmers + karma whores(reposters) reposting and keeping the ripples going + popular things always attracr artists and meme material searchers who create more OC + more OC meaning more reposts which rise to the top again and starts the cycle all over again = every sub on reddit is now a Keanu sub.

    [–] New sling bag prototype. Please comment istealcrayons 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in streetwearstartup

    1) Some closeups of stitching, material and bag in general and some details about it would be nice

    2) The bag looks okay but I don't think many people would be interested in a simple black bag. And even if someone is, they'll probably go to their local store or buy it from Amazon or something. You'd have to be big brand to be able to sell these boys at a price with nice margins. I'd suggest you look around some Scandinavian and modern minimal bag aesthetics and do your own spin off of that style on these bags. You can also add the new trendy handdrawn-ish patterns/ graphics/embroiderry and stuff like

    This, and This both my personal favorites.

    Or This, not really that good imo but an example.

    This way different that your bag but just an idea.

    Or if you wanna stick to your simple black idea maybe you can try something like This I really dig this one.

    A design similar to This sling bag may also look cool.

    And I think It'd look fucking awesome if you can come up with a design style similar to This Tees' graphics and put it on your black bag in either embroidery/patch or graphic. Maybe do a full series of illustrations/graphics in that style. This way you can avoid all the hassle of redesign and prototyping the whole bag by just adding stuff on top of your already design bag.

    Or you can just add your brands' aesthetic and touch by doing something with the buttons and zippers. You know maybe change the color of zipper to some vibrant color or replace/add buttons and other metal/plastic things with some different material to give it a bit of industrial look.

    Maybe change all the strap connectors, adjusters and buckles to a material like brushed metal, or something that looks like copper but is stronger. Just something that make it more custom or personalized to your brand and something that makes it kinda stand out in the ocean of millions of similar looking plain black bags.

    And lastly, all of what I said above is just what I think might work. The thing is you really didn't provide any info about this for us to judge what your product is. So, a few more pictures, details about the design some closeups and stuff would make it a lot easier for all of us to give any advice or critics. You know, maybe your design is great and all I said is irrelevant bullshit because I couldn't make out what exactly is your design or what you were going for. So yeah; to put it simply, I think it's good enough but not really great. But that's just my opinion and examples of stuff I like. Listen to the opinions and stuff of a few more people and take what think might work the best and aligns with what you were going for.

    EDIT: fixed some typos and added some words