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    [–] Young Engineer iswearidk 1 points ago in gifs

    As someone from a 3rd world country, I concur. Pascal's principle just gets mentioned briefly in 8th grade physics class and its mathematical formula only appears later in the first year of high school (10th grade, usually 15 years old for normal kids). This kid is way too young for a 8th grader.

    [–] LPT: Taking pictures with your phone at a large event? Turn off your flash! Your flash is only good up to 12 feet, the stage lights are a thousand times brighter and you are just draining your battery. No flash = better pictures! iswearidk 2 points ago in LifeProTips

    Usually ISO has higher priority when it comes to auto exposure balancing in most cameras, especially in smartphones, unless you choose specific modes like Tv on Canon DSLR. Cranking up ISO is more foolproof than increasing exposure time because a camera can't detect if there are lots of motion or not, and a noisy photo is always better than a blurry one.

    [–] Buying a home: It may not be your best investment. iswearidk 3 points ago in investing

    i think they don't have property tax because people over there only have the rights to use the property/land, not actually own them, which means it sucks

    [–] ELI5:why do our hearts not get tired iswearidk 2 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    From what I've learned in high school (and still remember), heart doesn't actually pump/rest at once. A human heart has 4 separated chambers and they take turns to pump and rest, making a continuous sequence to pump blood around the body. Scientists realized that it takes more time for a chamber to rest than pumping, so basically heart muscles don't work all the time, have proper rest time so they don't get tired.

    [–] Trampoline Bro iswearidk 4 points ago in gifs

    I think some kind of rack would be better than human spotter for this case.

    [–] Canadian Web Developer wanting to move to any asian country. iswearidk 1 points ago in IWantOut

    Not a web developer so please take my words with a bowl of salt but as a Vietnamese working in outsourcing in Malaysia I'd say you might get better chance in a more developed country, especially Singapore since it's a hub for SEA startups, English is more popular over there than other countries such as China or Vietnam, which can be a slight drawback in finding jobs and daily life. Although the cost of living is much higher there but so is your salary, leading to a better overall purchasing power, which is great if you want to spend time travel around other countries in the region. Not sure if this would relate to other countries, but in Vietnam the supply for developers/designers is pretty abundant so the market is highly competitive and people somewhat shoot their own feet by keeping driving down the price to get more clients, accepting lower pay for job offers.

    And to me it's mildly interesting that you're wanting to move to Asia meanwhile I'm thinking about how feasible it is for me to get an IT/engineer degree in Canada and live there :p

    [–] [Serious] Dear reddit, What are some things you would recommend an 18 year old start doing now that will benefit them on later in life? iswearidk 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Implants should only be considered as a last resort. Dental implant can be infected without proper maintenance and trust me, it's awful and unable to fix anymore. You also lose the ability to sense/control your bite force so you can damage them if you bite something too hard.

    [–] 35 000 BTC of the 200k mtgoxbtc were sold over the last three months! iswearidk 2 points ago in Bitcoin

    You need to take btc circulation into your calculation. If you have 1 btc, you sell that, and immediately buy it again, you got 2 btc worth of volume. Do that another time and you got 4 btc worth of volume despite there's only 1 btc circulating in the market. The amount of mtgox btc injected to the market is equal to 1/3 daily vol, but it might be a few times higher than the actual number of btc circulating in the market, that's why it can cause a massive drop in price if there isn't a sufficient amount of capital coming in the market like osowp95 mentioned.

    [–] General Chatter/Meetup Thread - Week of November 19 iswearidk 1 points ago in solotravel

    Riding a motorcycle is easy, but riding safely in Vietnam... hmm maybe a little bit tricky, our traffic condition isn't for rookie riders :p Going around northern routes on a scooter/vespa is doable, but again it's not for a novice rider, since a scooter is an urban vehicle, not quite suitable for touring/long trips, especially in mountainous area where the road condition sometimes can be off-roadish and a lot of passes which require engine braking for maximum safety (scooters only have normal brake)

    [–] General Chatter/Meetup Thread - Week of November 19 iswearidk 2 points ago in solotravel

    If any of you guys here want to have a good look at what you should and shouldn't do when joining the chaotic traffic of Vietnam, I just wrote a blog post that might help you out Feel free to ask me anything about Vietnam here, I'm a native and will try my best to help you guys :D

    [–] General Chatter/Meetup Thread - Week of November 19 iswearidk 2 points ago in solotravel

    Why haven't you visited Vietnam already? It's cheap, and since you're in Malaysia it's just a 3-hour flight away! If you're into riding, you should try a motorcyle trip around Northern area with tons of passes and beautiful mountainous view. I just write a blog post about how to participate in Vietnamese traffic safely!, if you ever plan to visit Vietnam, just check it out, I think it might be useful for you :)

    [–] /r/malaysia daily random discussion thread for June 04, 2017. iswearidk 1 points ago in malaysia

    Hi guys! Is there any reasonably cheap and reliable way to go to bukit jurga for those who don't have a personal vehicle? Me and my friend are both expat staying in KL so our only way to go around are public transport and taxis. We're planing to have a paragliding session there. The best I can think of is grab hitch, but I don't think I can book the return trip, and traditional taxis are kinda expensive :c

    [–] This seldom-used center seat on this bench for three iswearidk 35 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Idk but whenever there is someone next to me I can't pee at all, even when my bladder is going to explode. It's not that I'm afraid of someone accidentally see my dick, my brain just seems to shut the piss flow when there is people around. Going to a private booth and it immediately gets back normal just fine. Weird eh?

    [–] Dad reflex of a bike mechanic saved not only 1 but 2 children! iswearidk 1 points ago in DadReflexes

    Thank you for the backstory! I was always looking for that as well, you made my day sir!

    [–] So this is how you catch an Eevee iswearidk 9 points ago in pokemongo

    I'd love to have that but game dev doesn't want that because it shortens the lifespan of the game, and that's harder for new players to catch up with the old ones. That's one of the reason RTS games like starcraft aren't popular anymore these days, because people have too much information from the internet and the metagame becomes obsolete so quickly after every patch.

    [–] Woman killed after crane hook falls onto car along Jalan Raja Chulan iswearidk 5 points ago in malaysia

    Does this kind of accident happen frequently in Malaysia? I've just been here like 1 month and this happened right next to my office. I don't think my daily commute bus line going near any construction site (blue gokl) but I guess I'm going to use monorail from now on, just to be sure :'(

    [–] /r/malaysia daily random discussion thread for July 19, 2016. iswearidk 5 points ago in malaysia

    Hi /r/malaysia. I'm coming to KL tomorrow for work and will stay there at least 1 year. Which mobile carrier is the best for me who don't actually need to call much but use quite a lot of data for social media/reddit?

    [–] TI6 - The 18 Teams Going to Seattle! iswearidk 1 points ago in DotA2

    Then where are African teams?

    [–] Looking for places to visit within an hour or so of Hanoi? iswearidk 2 points ago in VietNam

    Well you could try Làng cổ Đường Lâm (Đường Lâm old village) in Son Tay district, 44 km (27 miles) from Hanoi. Google Maps link.

    You can have a quick look at it here..