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    [–] Would an updated version of Logic Pro X use more CPU or less? its_2am 1 points ago in edmproduction

    Dude, I have been using logic for 4 years and had no clue about this. I updated Logic, started freezing everything except for what I'm working on, and it runs so smoothly.

    Thank you, for all you have done for me.

    [–] Would an updated version of Logic Pro X use more CPU or less? its_2am 1 points ago in edmproduction

    There are never more than 5 tracks playing at once. Bass, sub bass, kick/snare, hi hats, maybe a pad

    [–] Would an updated version of Logic Pro X use more CPU or less? its_2am 1 points ago in edmproduction

    Usually 50 tracks, many of which are massive and FM8 with full effects racks

    [–] How can I learn Drum n Bass its_2am 2 points ago in edmproduction

    Technically 4 years, but I've only been good at it fairly recently

    [–] Would an updated version of Logic Pro X use more CPU or less? its_2am 1 points ago in edmproduction

    What type of music do you make? Do you usually have tons of VSTs open?

    [–] Dubstep production its_2am 3 points ago in edmproduction

    People have already mentioned massive and serum, so I'm just gonna say that FM8 is slept on. It can make the type of dubstep that is popular now very easily. I'm scared to think what somebody who knew their shit could do with it.

    [–] Can FX be modulated in FM8? its_2am 7 points ago in edmproduction

    They are kinda the same time period. You need to remember than Massive's modulation set up was rather revolutionary at the time. And Serum, the next most popular bass synth, is basically Massive 2. FM8 can do complex things very quickly, but can't do some simple things at all.

    [–] How can I learn Drum n Bass its_2am 17 points ago in edmproduction

    What type of DnB do you mean?

    I got into DnB in middle school with pendulum and such and since then I've made liquid, jump up, and tried to make neurofunk (I'm getting there). It's a long road to making it sound like how an actually dnb producer would sound.

    The trick is just to have listened to DnB for a long time. Learn some of the structure tricks, how to make bass hooks at that BPM and get a feel for some of the flows that certain tracks have.

    For example this track by the Upbeats is very interesting to me. The bass isn't particularly complicated, but it's the arrangement that gives it meaning. It just has that flow.

    Take note of how this Noisia tune uses silence as a filler in the drop, which does wonders for the tension release and general sound of it.

    There are just a lot of subtleties to DnB, but it really depends on what you want to make.

    For you want to make your cheesy high energy liquid type of stuff, then a lot of your knowledge from other genres will translate, it you want to make more chill liquid you'll need to learn how to use breaks and samples well, if you want to make jump up or drumstep your sound design from other genres could translate, but if you want to make a tune like the ones I showed you (neurofunk, rollers) then you'll need to really know how to program sounds you wouldn't think of making before.

    Not many tutorials will help you with neurofunk sound design. It just comes with time finding your sound. Which synths do you have a handle on? I use mostly Massive and FM8 and both of those work well. Serum would be great too, as long as you get creative rather than using dubstep sample pack type of sounds.

    Also, the drums. The drums are a bitch, I'm not gonna lie. Least fun part of anything ever. I have no advice for this besides having fun with the patterns (there are many) and adding variations at the end of 4 or 8 bars, usually a faster break. Don't ask me how to compress or EQ these. I don't know much. Use sidechain as a practical necessity rather than as an audible effect, as you'll want the kick to melt into the bass rather than steal the show as you would in house or dubstep. The drums should have presence and be invisible all and once.

    And find the right snare. And the right high hat loops. You'll probably want to make your own high hat loops out of individual samples. For the more chill liquid stuff you'll want to use breaks such as the Amen break and chop them up. You can do that in neurofunk too, but that sound seems to have gone out of vogue, favoring heavier, simpler drums and letting the more capable modern sound design with basses take the spotlight.

    As for courses, I really can't help you. Look up some Noisia tutorials and interviews, Icicle has some... yeah. DnB artists tend to be way more secretive about how they do things than most genres. And it's not even a toxic or bad thing, it's just that your basses and the way you process and arrange them are kinda what makes you unique. The equivalent to a hardstyle producer's kick, or a house producer's samples. In genres like dubstep people more or less sound the same, but in neuro that doesn't really fly. If you sound like a shitty Noisia rip off, people will see you as a shitty Noisia rip off.

    For liquid, I'd recommend listening to Fred V and Grafix, Netsky, artists on Hospital records (mostly their older stuff) , Camo and Krooked (again, their older stuff) and SPY. Listen to Hospital Compilations.

    For jump up, it's weird. I listened to DJ Hazard, Original Sin and such but jump up seems to have moved past that sound. I guess the sound now is more, uh, Macky Gee and Hizzleguy? ew

    For neurofunk, Noisia, Phace and Misanthrope (their collabs are great), Current Value, Black Sun Empire, State of Mind, Ed Rush and Optical (though their tunes are bit dated, but you'll get a feel for where neuro came from), Spor, Emperor, and Joe Ford. Shogun Audio compilations usually have some solid neuro on them.

    If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. I might have made this sound way harder than it was, just have fun with it!

    [–] Can FX be modulated in FM8? its_2am 3 points ago in edmproduction

    No. FM8 lacks a lot of modulation options which would make it great. You can get around this in Logic by mapping smart knobs to different parameters and automating them over the notes.

    I have no clue how Ableton even works, so I can't really help you.

    [–] Whats the worst piece of advice you've ever been given? its_2am 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Start producing music. Thinking about how I'm going to improve that track I was working on the night before is what gets me through the day.

    [–] Whats the worst piece of advice you've ever been given? its_2am 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Push yourself.

    More like push yourself into an unwinnable, overwhelming situation where there is nothing you can do but break down. Comfort zones exist for reasons...

    [–] What is something illegal that should be legal? its_2am 4 points ago in AskReddit

    Heroin. Let the weak perish how they wish to: slowly and filled with ecstasy.

    [–] Reddit, what is the most cringeworthy thing a movie inspired you to do? its_2am 3 points ago in AskReddit

    A good song was playing. You know when you feel like your life is a music video a minute? Yeah.

    [–] What is to stop the mods from coordinating and preemptively banning a user from all subs? its_2am 1 points ago in AskReddit

    A shadow ban is a technical thing, though. I've was shadowbanned from yahoo answers so much throughout my middle school career.

    Like, what if I pissed off a mod so much that he just banned me from all the subs he moderates? And tells his mod friends to do the same so I just get a ton of "you are banned from _____" messages?

    [–] What are your honest thoughts on the second amendment? Why? its_2am 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Guns are extremely fun to shoot and own. Keep it. Maybe add a mental health evaluation every 3rd gun purchased.