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    [–] I'm sorry, mama itsculturehero 5 points ago in imsorryjon

    Johnny used Roid Rage

    It was very effective.

    [–] Nomad fits itsculturehero 3 points ago in R6SiegeFashionAdvice

    Love this bundle, can’t wait.

    [–] So my team left at 0-2 and i managed to win 2 x 1v5s, here's one of them. itsculturehero 1 points ago in Rainbow6

    You droned out frost and didn't check for a frost mat when you vaulted in and that kinda ruined it for me

    [–] Opinion: Don’t waste your twitch drone on default map cams itsculturehero 18 points ago in SiegeAcademy

    It's often not a waste at all. Granted, some indoor cameras are easy to take out from outside, and should be ignored by Twitch. But there are plenty of indoor defaults that the attacking team benefits greatly by having Twitch take them out. It's not because it's easy for an attack operator to do on their own. It's eliminating intel, pure and simple. Now the defense doesn't see your teammate droning the area and know to expect the push there.

    Bombing into site during prep phase and losing your drone = big waste.

    Killing default cams during prep or attack phase to deny the defenders intel = not a waste.

    [–] I think this should be a war crime itsculturehero 47 points ago in Rainbow6

    deplorable shield

    Damn shield never does a damn thing I tell it to.

    [–] Bandit in action itsculturehero 2 points ago in battlestations

    I’m not usually a fan of figures in cases but this is awesomely clever.

    [–] My favorite thing about Hibana is the vast variety of Type-89 skins itsculturehero 23 points ago in Rainbow6

    That's "Aki no Tsuru", one of the four Y1S4 (Operation Red Crow) universal seasonal skins, which incidentally was the season Hibana was introduced.

    [–] [ART] time lapse of me making a hoodie itsculturehero 11 points ago in streetwear

    Posting this progress video without showing the finished product should be a crime

    [–] I sculpted an angler fish in Minecraft. itsculturehero 3 points ago in gaming

    That’s awesome man. Looks good from every angle, too. Great job!

    [–] I sculpted an angler fish in Minecraft. itsculturehero 6 points ago in gaming

    Just poking fun because usually these posts rotate around as a clip or gif so that we can view the entire sculpture.

    [–] I sculpted an angler fish in Minecraft. itsculturehero 21 points ago in gaming

    How do I know you didn’t sculpt one HALF of an angler fish in Minecraft?


    [–] Mission Impossible- Snek itsculturehero 2 points ago in Rainbow6

    I miss my Barstow skin very much.

    [–] Tattoo done by Jesse Rix out of Keene New Hampshire. itsculturehero 256 points ago in tattoos

    This is incredibly impressive from an artist perspective (figuratively and literally). Often illusion art requires the viewer to be in one very specific spot for the illusion to work, but it’s clear from the video that this isn’t the exact case here. Well done, Jesse.

    [–] [INSPO] A Serbian high school in 1995 itsculturehero 258 points ago in streetwear

    Honestly. It’s like they were hand-picked lol.

    [–] Knights of the Old Republic itsculturehero 10 points ago in R6SiegeFashionAdvice

    Monty looks amazing. Rook... needs a different headgear.

    [–] I think this is beautiful. itsculturehero 5 points ago in R6SiegeFashionAdvice

    I just don’t understand why the Type-89 only gets red skins

    [–] "Odie, get the lasagna tray, dinner's almost done!" (OC) itsculturehero 22 points ago in imsorryjon

    I think their undisputed masterpiece is "Hip To Be Square". A song so catchy, most people probably don't listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it's not just about the pleasures of conformity and the importance of trends. It's also a personal statement about the band itself.

    Hey Paul!