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    [–] Near perfect frost setup, Missing the legendary billiard stick skin wich would make it complete. itsculturehero 1 points ago in R6SiegeFashionAdvice

    If it was Velvet Shell it was still available during Op Health. I joined during Op Health and have her Pro League set on Xbox.

    [–] G2 Esports vs. Natus Vincere Results / ESL Pro League / Season 10 Online itsculturehero 6 points ago in R6ProLeague

    Only on this sub would a comment like this get downvoted. What is wrong with some of you?

    [–] It’s coming itsculturehero 4 points ago in inthesoulstone


    [–] It’s coming itsculturehero 5 points ago in inthesoulstone

    Sorry if I came across as snarky. I’ve only had one cup of coffee.

    [–] It’s coming itsculturehero 5 points ago in inthesoulstone

    But in this context, what’s “incorrect” in this post is the format, not the quality. So does it make sense to you that that’s what I am referring to?

    [–] It’s coming itsculturehero 33 points ago in inthesoulstone

    That's right. Done correctly. As in the format actually makes sense. I didn't say it was done beautifully.

    [–] Hawaiian shirt guy tripping balls and wishing he wasn't itsculturehero 39 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    On our way back to the camping area after the last set at TomorrowWorld there was a guy just standing on the boardwalk bare naked fucking a blowup doll while everyone walked around him.

    [–] Highest Elo In the Game itsculturehero 33 points ago in Rainbow6

    He's throwing on a smurf account to boost teammates. Why are we even commenting or upvoting this post again?

    [–] New case, new picture. itsculturehero 3 points ago in battlestations

    Every day I spend on this sub makes me feel like I should get a giant mousepad for my keyboard and mouse. Does anyone recommend one that won't slide around on me?

    [–] It’s coming itsculturehero 343 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in inthesoulstone

    Don't worry, this meme has already been done correctly and is all over the internet. This one, I'm afraid, is a big fail.

    [–] The ironsights of Maverick's Beowulf .50 are misaligned. itsculturehero 4 points ago in Rainbow6

    Yeah, just look at the advantage it gave Supremacy against Shaiiko! /s

    Sights are 100% personal preference. Doesn't matter if it's Siege, CS, COD, or what. It all boils down to whatever works best for you.

    [–] The ironsights of Maverick's Beowulf .50 are misaligned. itsculturehero 5 points ago in Rainbow6

    You do realize there are pros who never use ACOG, right? It's ridiculous to tell people what sights to use. It's completely personal preference.

    [–] My friend here says he can't be roasted. GIVE HIM ALL YOU'VE GOT!!! itsculturehero 1 points ago in RoastMe

    Can't be roasted? You're three weeks late for a haircut and may want to give up on facial hair altogether.

    And you look like you have the work ethic of Garfield the Cat. Your generation is so disappointing, even the door frames are sad.

    [–] can’t figure out how to flip the photo, roast me itsculturehero 2 points ago in RoastMe

    Listen, man... Black is slimming but it's not that slimming. Button #4 is one KFC Double Down from blasting off into that mirror and giving you another 7 years of bad luck, which from the looks of it, you really can't afford.

    P.S. You look like you've got the same haircut since you were seven.