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    [–] Updated traders of 6/16 itsfoine 1 points ago in DisneyPinSwap

    Did you participate in all those runs ? If you did that is awesome !

    [–] [KH3] PURCHASING GUIDE FOR KH3 IN North America & Japan itsfoine 3 points ago in KingdomHearts

    I wrote this in the other large post but correct me if I'm wrong : if I get a hard copy of the game even if it is the collector's eddition I won't get the keyblade ... so stupid. I want the theme and the keyblade but also the hard copy so I can get the pin. So annoying

    [–] [Discussion] Orchestra + E3 Megathread itsfoine 1 points ago in KingdomHearts

    well I'm not going to buy the game twice so I'm most likely not going to get that keyblade then

    [–] [Discussion] Orchestra + E3 Megathread itsfoine 6 points ago in KingdomHearts

    I just am confused about what version to buy. I like the pin and have all the other games in hard copies, but the digital pre order gives you a keyblade? So if we get hard copy we won't get the Star Seeker Variant keyblade?

    [–] FLCL Progressive - Episode 1 Dub Discussion itsfoine 1 points ago in FLCL

    The voice acting in season 2 is so much better than season 1. I liked it, but so far nothing is like the original. Gotta watch more episodes and see how it is. Her N.O. robot form is so sick

    [–] "How does this guy keep finding me?!" itsfoine 11 points ago in pics

    The guy kind of looks like what the offspring of James Franco and Seth Roger would look like

    [–] [S04E23] "We Are The Flash" Post Episode Discussion itsfoine 3 points ago in FlashTV

    So why can’t we call the legends or Kara ... that made me laugh. They finally remember there are other super heroes around.

    I feel like I’m more excited to get more Caitlin Killer Frost backstory than the Nora Flash part. The Five seconds of “I found Thomas he’s been this way all the time” gave me chills I had to watch it again. So good.

    [–] [S04E23] "We Are The Flash" Post Episode Discussion itsfoine 14 points ago in FlashTV

    I think explaining him and legends was actually very good. Fighting demon monsters and why he left and him staying etc. I liked how they brought Sara for ending of Arrow and Wally on ending of Flash.

    [–] [S04E23] "We Are The Flash" Post Episode Discussion itsfoine 2 points ago in FlashTV

    Was she drinking at all in any of the final scenes. Girl shouldn’t be drinking if pregnant

    [–] The Arrowverse on Reddit itsfoine 36 points ago in LegendsOfTomorrow

    This is beautiful thank you

    [–] He is a Survivor ! itsfoine 8 points ago in The_Donald

    That is unusual. What made you see the light ? Share your story !

    [–] This is Dada Life, we're celebrating the release of our new album today... so ask us anything! itsfoine 1 points ago in EDM

    Saw y’all perform in at Echo Stage in DC back in 2015 and it was an incredible night! Just wanted to say thanks for making amazing music !

    [–] Based God Emperor itsfoine 31 points ago in The_Donald

    If it wasn't a comic of Trump, this could be a /r/wholesomememes

    It is so true though. Despite all the hate towards him, it doesn't seem to let him down. It is such a great attitude to have and inspirational.

    When others say no, we say yes!

    [–] Let’s get Taylor Ham to the front page! itsfoine -1 points ago in newjersey

    since you said Taylor Ham I had to downvote you.

    [–] Did anyone else think the punishment tonight was lame? itsfoine 18 points ago in ImpracticalJokers

    I actually thought it was really funny. Will they post a video on their website to view the full session?

    [–] Season 7 Episode 7: "Lords of the Ring" - Episode Discussion Thread itsfoine 19 points ago in ImpracticalJokers

    The Cellino and Barnes reference that got Joe out was hilarious! As soon as he started talking I was thinking about it and then they told him 888-8888

    [–] My total haul for the day from Mickeys of Glendale! itsfoine 3 points ago in DisneyPinSwap

    in the other thread one user said you can sell them for about $200 each. Got yourself a lot of bills there. They are actually really beautiful pins and anyone would be lucky to have one of them in their collection. Congrats on getting so many !