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    [–] How much of a patriot are you? itstimetostop2 0 points ago in AskReddit

    I'll hate my country and the decisions it makes and anything else but as soon as someone tries to take us down get the fuckin war drums

    [–] Where do you draw the line between beautiful and cancerous? itstimetostop2 1 points ago in hoi4

    What's the mod. I thought I saw a bit of beautiful states in there but I'm not entirely sure

    [–] No revolts aloud itstimetostop2 2 points ago in austriahungary

    You got me there bro

    [–] I couldn't find a Germanic helmet itstimetostop2 1 points ago in RoughRomanMemes

    I am the lorax I speak for the trees The tree ls speak Germanic

    [–] Are you guys supporters of absolute monarchy or constitutional monarchy? itstimetostop2 1 points ago in monarchism

    Absolute Monarchy just makes the system run much smoother. Allowing all decisions to be made through on singular monarch gets it done. No stupid debating to clutter up desks and bring entire nations to gridlock.

    [–] I can't make a joke to put as a title itstimetostop2 3 points ago in PrequelMemes

    You can open it with two hands, just put it down, use one hand for the pressure points on one side and the second hand for the other side. Boom.

    [–] This doesn't taste like water itstimetostop2 1 points ago in dankmemes

    The auto moderator didn't reply so I thought no one would see it