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    [–] World Boss - Best Avatar and Mobiles itsyaboy_spidey 3 points ago in gunboundm

    Check out youtube channel Abukenyo, he has a guide to rank 1 in wboss

    [–] Captain marvel what happened itsyaboy_spidey 1 points ago in CrappyDesign

    Why do I hear avengers intro in this gif?

    [–] Daily Simple Questions Thread - May 09, 2019 itsyaboy_spidey 1 points ago in Fitness

    is there a difference in gains or is there any difference between

    10s rest between sets VS 2minutes rest between sets?

    For example you do dumbbell curls under 3 mins with 10s rest each sets vs dumbbell curls in 10 minutes with 2mins rest between sets or longer

    [–] Best Dragon Pack? itsyaboy_spidey 2 points ago in gunboundm

    Slam goss malite