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    [–] How do you sleep at night? itwasonlythewind 1 points ago in bartenders

    Yeah has to be the tart kind though. Beats me, and I studied neuroscience, I’d have to google it. Works better than any drug alcohol cocktail. Told to me by another bartender. Also super tasty mixed w ginger ale.

    [–] How do you sleep at night? itwasonlythewind 4 points ago in bartenders

    100% tart cherry juice. It’s costly but a shot knocks me out and I’ve tried EVERYTHING.

    [–] Women of Reddit, what’s the quickest way a guy can blow his chances with you? itwasonlythewind 28 points ago in AskReddit

    Classic projection: fault the same area of someone else. I dated someone who projected so much they wouldn’t make sense at all sometimes until I noticed they were projecting things that didn’t pertain to me at all.

    [–] Park Ranger Stories itwasonlythewind 10 points ago in Thetruthishere

    I’m scared, that someone upvoted this crap.

    [–] County mower trimmed down our shrubs for no reason. Go ahead and try that again... itwasonlythewind 7 points ago in ProRevenge

    You obviously haven’t used many mowers or seen one. The blade would have to go through the lawnmower to reach his neck, physically impossible. People hit shit every single day on lawnmowers.

    [–] Drink this latte you didn’t order while I stand here and harass you! itwasonlythewind 14 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in TalesFromTheCustomer

    Not strange not weird, horribly incompetent and rude. Easily fireable offense and something you definitely should have made a big deal of in the store and called corporate over, including the manager’s inability to fix the ongoing problems after the first mess up. I’ve worked in customer service my whole life and this should never be tolerated. Being rude to customers because you don’t want to tell your manager you messed up because you’ve probably messed up 5 times that week because you don’t know how to do your job, which is basically take an order and don’t be an ass to customers. To have the audacity to continue being rude and incompetent is unforgivable and reflects on the manager at that point. You’re shook because you were treated like a nagging asshole customer by someone who shouldn’t have a job and you did absolutely nothing wrong and didn’t deserve a second of that abuse. It’s too easy to take an order and not be an asshole, it just fucking is, so please don’t take that experience personally.

    [–] Grappler device to stop high speed pursuits itwasonlythewind 15 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Today’s cops follow at a safe distance as to not antagonize the driver into driving faster. So the opposite direction as this.

    [–] What is the worst thing you've ever seen? itwasonlythewind 103 points ago in AskReddit

    That’s liveleak and it’s one of the most gruesome videos on there. Just don’t. Go outside or anything else.

    [–] Found cat trap in neighbors yard after my cat went missing... itwasonlythewind 5 points ago in legaladvice

    If it isn’t chipped it’s on the pet owners to alert shelters of the lost animal, there’s not a national database. Leave a 20$ in my yard and whether I keep it or try to find the owner is irrelevant legally. That would be a morals argument.

    [–] Found cat trap in neighbors yard after my cat went missing... itwasonlythewind 33 points ago in legaladvice

    You’re correct. I recently looked at trapping laws as my cat went missing. Apparently many people think their outdoor cats have free reign wherever because it’s just so darn cute. If the cat leaves the property it’s the owner that’s fucked up, their cat is now a wild animal as far as the law is concerned. Pounds and SPCA have increasing fees for each retrieval of a lost pet to force pet owners to follow the law. Pet thieves are horrible but so are many pet owners. Outdoor cats get a myriad of diseases. AIDS is bad where I live. Getting them chipped helps in ownership disputes and the pound checks for chips.

    [–] Found cat trap in neighbors yard after my cat went missing... itwasonlythewind 23 points ago in legaladvice

    Legally can? Yes. Can I legally take your outdoor cat to the pound or relocate it if it comes on my property? Yes to that as well. Nuisance outdoor cat? Keep taking it to the pound. That’s why they have increasing costs for each retrieval, so owners can’t force their pets on other people and their property.

    [–] Blue Ridge Parkway Experiences itwasonlythewind 15 points ago in Paranormal

    Spirits will stick around if they’ve been killed and their bodies haven’t been found. They want closure for their families who may spend decades wondering. Most of your events seem to occur where the man with the shovel was and you may be the only one who knows of the possible crime. There’s plenty of stories of ppl being led to a body because of a dream or images in their head. That would be my guess, anything to remind you of the man with the truck and dome light. There’s also plenty of reported killers/serial killers that use the BRP as their killing field. And few reasons to walk out of the woods empty-handed with a shovel.