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    [–] Windows 10 upgrade woes itwasonlythewind 2 points ago in talesfromtechsupport

    Thank you for all of the info! It’s interesting to see the real stats on what’s being used,

    [–] Windows 10 upgrade woes itwasonlythewind 1 points ago in talesfromtechsupport

    I thought win8&10 got shat on so much they’d be the relics and win 7 was the new XP, and by that I mean stable/fast. Is Win10 fast with all the bloat they’ve added compared to win7? I’m obvi the relic here haha

    [–] Windows 10 upgrade woes itwasonlythewind 2 points ago in talesfromtechsupport

    Thanks! I got a lot of good answers but you were the only one to mention I could turn on updates again without auto-migrating to win8. Easy enough!

    [–] Windows 10 upgrade woes itwasonlythewind 2 points ago in talesfromtechsupport

    Thanks! Does having my hard drive fully encrypted help cover the system insecurities I probably have or is that something entirely different?

    [–] Windows 10 upgrade woes itwasonlythewind 5 points ago * (lasted edited 10 hours ago) in talesfromtechsupport

    Can you explain what you meant by Win7 is reaching the end of its life to a non IT guy? Windows 8 & 10 seem like bloat/spy/devilware and give me a headache. If I don’t need office support am I still good on Win7? I turned off win updates a while ago because it would morph into a win8/Win7 shit cocktail. I’m not educated enough to know whether those security updates are necessary at this point vs the headache of a new OS.

    Edit: IT people are awesomely helpful, other CS industries could learn from them, thanks all!

    [–] OP contracted herpes and wants revenge. itwasonlythewind 14 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    Reason #17483 you don’t date a guy who can’t find a girl even close to around their own age.

    [–] OP contracted herpes and wants revenge. itwasonlythewind 9 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    It’s too bad good medical advice from a kind heart is like finding a Cheetah in GTA vice city while you’re running through the ghetto with 3 stars.

    [–] Knock Knock, Wait I’m Naked (Cleaner Kerfuffle) itwasonlythewind 34 points ago in TalesFromTheCustomer

    Flip the genders and it’s so far from alright that a cartoon’s head would explode for imagery.

    [–] FIFA billed me $1095 USD for tickets i didnt apply for, then cancelled those tickets so i couldn't collect them, and now are refusing to refund me. itwasonlythewind 12 points ago in soccer

    Biggest point that most here are missing. If you pay for something with a CC and never get it then you’ll get your money back regardless of what FIFA says. FIFA will have to prove they gave you the tickets after you file a dispute and they won’t be able to in good faith.

    [–] TIL that Bohemian Grove is a 137 year old secret camp, that Nixon called "the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine". The camp is private and only open to the rich and powerful men of the world. It's also where The Manhattan Project was initially planned. itwasonlythewind 16 points ago in todayilearned

    I worked at an all boys sports camp as a counselor and our bathrooms and showers were open planned. Basically a big outhouse with a long bench with holes, we shit like a family, the only weird part about it was your brain trying to say it’s taboo. The shower was a big square building with huge window openings (no glass) from the waist up all around and about 10 shower spigots. It was like an outdoor shower at the beach but even better. Nice 4 way cross breeze and you got to watch the horses play and the sun coming up while showering. The taboos of our culture really stand in the way of something’s. What exactly those things are I don’t know but feeling that close to nature shouldn’t be wrong. I don’t like greedy capitalists/oligarchs and monopoly owners any more than the next guy but I also don’t agree with Nixon’s faggy statement. If you’re not bothering anyone and you want to piss outside the only faggot around is the one who wants to control your freedom to do so. Don’t let your hate for the rich blind you reddit. A lot of Nixon’s sentiments came from a really closed mind and still have a dividing effect today.

    [–] [Serious] What are the most interesting cases that seemingly involve paranormal/supernatural/etc. elements? itwasonlythewind 24 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in UnresolvedMysteries

    I’m going to go into detail because I like reading stories that do, it’s long though so I’m sorry. So in HS I was lucky enough to get into the IB program (harder curriculum basically) along with 3 other kids. The school was small and therefore we were the only ones in IB classes meaning we got a really good experience with teachers and the 4 of us got really close. It was awesome, not going to lie, we got a lot of special privileges but we were good kids. 2 girls (named A&C for this story) and 2 guys including myself (M will be my guy friend) were in this program. Another friend N (girl same grade) joined the ouija session as well.

    It was actually N’s idea to use the ouija and it was her board. What prompted this was one time before when N wanted to explore an old house in the woods near my house with our group of friends. It was a fun time, a little spooky but mostly N getting scared and grabbing on to me over and over. As a teenage boy this made that event all the better so when N wanted to ouija in my house I didn’t think twice about it.

    So the night of: my 4 friends come over and my dad and little bro are on the first floor so we move up to the third floor, which I had been told by relatives and my housekeeper (yes I was spoiled) and previous owners was the spooky floor. The second floor had a tiny staircase and tiny entryway to the third floor. Houses this old have some funny oddities, massive ceilings sometimes and then other rooms would have tiny ass doors (all the doors are solid wood cores which I find cool and there are axes marks in the foundation wood because no chainsaws then) The rev war was before the civil war so it’s hard for me to imagine the era but when it was built the next nearest house was a plantation 30 miles away. This house doubled as a solider holdout for the war and was built on a hill for this reason. So lots of history in the house worth pointing out. Get this: every room had buzzers that rang in the kitchen to let the slaves know that help is needed and a panel showing which room.

    ANYways after you went up the steps there was a storage room to the left, a bedroom to the right and a room the same size at the top of the steps that connected them, no doors, open plan. The storage room had an exhaust fan that would slam sometimes from the wind, I always assumed that’s what creeped relatives who stayed on the 2nd floor. And the bedroom had tiny windows on either side of a fireplace chute that looked ultra creepy from the outside. Fortunately I never saw anyone in the windows from the outside but you’d almost expect there to be. The house just had everything going to make it spooky. Big columns in the front, always looked like a museum in time no matter how lively things were inside.

    N was the only one of us who knew anything about ouija, we were sheltered kids. So she led the whole thing. The 5 of us sat on the floor in the middle room on the third floor around the ouija board. N lit some candles and turned the lights off. The atmosphere was interesting at first. The IB four of us were laughingly skeptical up until this point, like I said we thought we were smart and science was what we knew. We weren’t mean about it just not especially serious, N said we needed to change our attitudes before beginning. That we needed to honestly be open to the idea or it wouldn’t work. From that point on the atmosphere changed and N did a good job pushing forward. We held hands while she said something along the lines of: is anyone there? N kept a serious level of respect every time she was talking, now I suspect she knew not to fuck with spirits. She said we were to each put two fingers on the planchette and wait. And just like a movie after a minute or so it started slowly creeping around the board. N starts asking basic questions and the planchette keeps moving around. We all of course thought she was moving it around but N kept on with a serious look to her. We noticed it was great at moving with yes and no questions but went kinda mental when it wasn’t a yes or no. The planchette would either hop back and forth to the same two letters or smell out nonsense. I figured N just wasn’t quick enough with her tricks. I don’t remember what we talked about with the first spirit I was too busy trying to debunk this.

    My first attempt to debunk was to figure out whose fingers were pulling the tricks so I started telling people one by one to take the fingers off starting with N. Eventually A and I were the last two and tried the best we could to apply no pressure to the planchette to prove the other was the trickster. At one point it was just me and the planchette would move the second I touched it and would stop the second id lift my fingers. I could tell the same thing happened to A because she looked up at me with this look in her eyes. Needless to say because A and I were the more serious of the group, this had a very sobering effect on the group and we stopped for a minute.

    Nah I thought I’m smarter than N I’ll figure this out. So we start up again and I start paying more attention to the questions everyone is asking. Now, asking yes or no questions and getting any info is much harder than you’d think. Does the afterlife exist? Were you murdered? Anything we could think of. We hadn’t used the numbers up until this point so I asked when the spirit was born and it gave a year like 1820 or something that was a reasonable answer, unlike the word answers that made no sense. Hmm I thought I’m the fastest math guy in the West I know how I’ll debunk this. I quickly asked what year they died and how old were they when they died and it went to the numbers before I could do the math in my head. Goosebumps adrenaline FUCK FUCK FUCK what just happened? I was stumped. It took my friends a few minutes to process what I’d just done and the significance of it and that’s when it stopped being funny. I’d felt the planchette drag me around but this spooked me more for some reason. So we took another break, tried to talk it over like adults and make sense of it for a few minutes then hopped back into it.

    This will sound strange but the next spirit wasn’t especially interesting to us, we’d already asked every question we could think of with the previous two. Were you a soldier? Slave? We didn’t know what to ask! How many kids did you have? Not especially interesting stuff and then took another break. The next part I’ll be writing with goosebumps on my arm apparently..

    N starts her monologue again: is anyone there? ... The room bursts to life. The candles started flickering wildly casting shadows everywhere while seeming brighter. A handful of flies were always on that floor, it was the top floor and this is the country but at the moment hundreds of flies we hadn’t noticed before started buzzing around losing their shit. A screams bloody murder, the exhaust fan slams loud as fuck, and everything goes back to normal in a split second. We look at A to see why she screamed and she said she felt a hand on her shoulder. We packed up and never talked about it again as a group. Only one who would ever talk about it with me again was N. After later researching ouija I burned the board in the fireplace on a trip back from college, didn’t want to keep spirits around accidentally for my family to deal with. Still have goosebumps haha. All I can say about that spirit is I don’t think it was a nice one and it didn’t want to be bothered.

    [–] Girl nearly dies doing an internet challenge. itwasonlythewind 4 points ago in WTF

    Yeah I just watched the episodes where Eric decides to stay home from college his first year to help the family and Red is proud of him.

    [–] [Serious] What are the most interesting cases that seemingly involve paranormal/supernatural/etc. elements? itwasonlythewind 28 points ago in UnresolvedMysteries

    Funny, my childhood house is in that series. I think it’s wise not to say which bc my family still lives there but it’s an old plantation home from the Revolutionary War. Some friends and I communicated with some slaves, soldiers, and one baddie that freaked us all out with a ouija board one night. Other people def hear/see shit. I never had anything happen except the occasional see your breath cold all of a sudden in the middle of the night and the ouija night, seemed like old souls that were there to rest and not be bothered is how I’d best describe my experience. Oh and of course it had a wrought iron with spike tips fence surrounding a cemetery with the general who built the house in the woods across the street, freaking hidden too, you could tell if you looked hard, the trees there were much taller inside the cemetery and stood above the tree line.

    [–] A friend sent me this, I thought you guys might find it interesting. Imagine a backyard full of these guys caring for your trees itwasonlythewind 4 points ago in Bonsai

    I know some plants are a lot more sensitive to being moved than others. For instance a ficus tree will shed most of its leaves when it’s moved to a new area. I can see a succulent like the jade shown being okay moving around some but a moving root ball (the whole plant) is not the same as branches growing towards sunlight. There’s a big difference for the plant and I’d be surprised if this tech does anything remotely meaningful for plants that they can’t do for themselves for free. I see a plant that’s doing just fine and has been for thousands of years being shaken to death by a spider robot for human entertainment. Just seems more creepy than cool.

    [–] Whistleblower Reality Winner, Charged Under the Espionage Act for Helping to Inform Public of Russian Election Meddling, Pleads Guilty itwasonlythewind 7 points ago in worldnews

    I don’t know of these and I’m sure they exist but logically as an outsider wouldn’t this concept defeat the purpose? Quick surveillance of these channels defeats the anonymity.

    [–] Nurses of Reddit, what is the spookiest thing that a patient did late at night? itwasonlythewind 82 points ago in AskReddit

    Phantom limb syndrome, mirror neurons, theres some pretty interesting stuff out there. Unfortunately I learned from studying neuroscience that most of these topics in the book end in basically: “that’s all we know for now..” So many unanswered questions even when you get deep into the field.

    [–] [Maryland] For the last 2 and a half years I have been called 10-15 times a day, every single day, by a telemarketing company trying to sell me a wide range of products. Everyone calling seems to be "independent" and they never tell me who they work for. What can I do to stop being harrassed? itwasonlythewind 17 points ago in legaladvice

    Oh yeah we have that in the US too but like everything it’s backwards here. Our dnc list goes to the telemarketing companies so they know which numbers are real people who don’t want to be bothered. Then the list magically falls into the hands of every telemarketing company in the world that doesn’t give a flying fuck about what our laws or dnc list is. Might as well call it the golden list of people to bother.

    [–] Guy Steals 5 Sandwiches itwasonlythewind 7 points ago in videos

    I’ve seen enough COPS and similar shows to know he was 5 seconds from getting himself arrested for more than theft. One more beer for breakfast and.. smash crash weeooo weeooo

    [–] Toys R Us workers are fighting back itwasonlythewind 177 points ago in pics

    In my experience most retail places lie about a severance before closing a location to keep staff working until the last day. Usually a generic memo with the employees name “200$ bonus if you stay on until the last day of close.” Then they fire everyone but the manager before the last day so they don’t have to pay. Fired, lied to, and rarely given another job has been the status quo for corporations for a long time. The real news is that people STILL haven’t wisened up to how disposable they are to corporations and noticed how much worse it’s gotten in the last 10 years and how it’s only going to get worse as they get bigger. The promises of pension, social security, severance, etc have as much weight as an IOU on a slip of paper. It shouldn’t be this way.

    [–] I just got annihilated by my 5yo self. itwasonlythewind 571 points ago in pics

    /u/nondualchimp gets to punch everyone who looked at his right hand

    [–] This vending machine. itwasonlythewind 23 points ago in interestingasfuck

    You don’t see many vending machines without shade, that thing must be expensive to keep cold on an open road like that.

    [–] It probably is itwasonlythewind 10 points ago in instant_regret

    Haha yeah the terror is part of what’s got him being so honest, probably is.