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    [–] This is why your wear a helmet itzbrucebanner 1 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    That’s nothing. You’d survive that. Why you wear a helmet is for the concussion/impact. Guy here in Michigan was sitting at a stop light. Driver didn’t notice him and hit them at 20mph. Had barely any bruises or road rash but smacked the back of his head on the pavement and died.

    [–] Even if schools offered Classes teaching taxes students wouldn’t take them seriously. itzbrucebanner 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    As if they don’t already take nothing seriously in high school yet we still teach them. Using this as an excuse for our deficiencies is ridiculous and when applied to everything they don’t take seriously, high school would be 1 long lunch.

    [–] LEARN FUCKING ENGLISH itzbrucebanner 0 points ago in rant

    But how else will you win an argument if everyone has proper grammar and you don’t have a comeback?

    [–] Murdered by his own words itzbrucebanner 1 points ago in facepalm

    It’s not his day anymore so point is still valid?

    [–] What does "split the bill" mean to you? [Literally] itzbrucebanner 1 points ago in AskMen

    My thought are it depends? Especially if you’re on a date you don’t want to look cheap? Granted I can see the other end of the argument too. That’s just what I’d do is a 50/50 if my bill was less it still wouldn’t bother me. Thoughts are If we’re losing our shit over $5-$10 we probably shouldn’t be eating out anyways. If I’m worried about paying someone else’s portion of a bill to the tune of $5-$10 and it bothers me that much, I probably don’t like them enough to be sharing my dinner with them. At which point I’d be glad to tell them to pay their fair share or piss off.

    [–] 08 Grand Prix GXP itzbrucebanner 1 points ago in Pontiac

    I’d really only be worried about the trans. Some good advice here on how to test it out. Everything else should be fine as long as you understand it has 200k on the motor. Drive it like you should and not how it was intended to be driven and they’ll hold up. Keep an eye out for the torque converter issues with these as stated too. Get it warmed up and go light to light complete stops. If you feel what you think is trans slip then slammed into gear, the torque converter is failing.

    [–] Confused whether to take large counteroffer itzbrucebanner 1 points ago in personalfinance

    In part where you say they have no clue what they’re doing and have approximately 2 years to figure things out before they’re under water.... I think that’s a sign that even with your 51k raise there’s a chance they might even remain in business. I’d spend my next 2 years building a stronger position in the job of choice with advancement, you could still get there.

    I will agree too with ineptitude. They’ve fired multiple people just to raise your pay by 50%.... doesn’t sound like the smartest idea to lay off a lot of people and hike the remaining salaries...

    [–] It's a Simple Spell But Quite Unbreakable itzbrucebanner 0 points ago in pcmasterrace

    I’m saying if it weren’t for these distribution services there’d be no need for any of this making this entire issue people are having non existent.

    [–] It's a Simple Spell But Quite Unbreakable itzbrucebanner -2 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Isn’t the entire reason they use services like this instead of allowing direct installs is to fight against piracy? I feel like if you’re arguing against using services like this you should be against all of them because in the end, we should just be able to install directly. Therefor no need for these services?

    [–] It's a Simple Spell But Quite Unbreakable itzbrucebanner 7 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Actually, iirc, they just take less of the money from the publisher.

    [–] Tint=cop magnet? itzbrucebanner 3 points ago in Pontiac

    Shit, got pulled over in MI for 40

    [–] When buying a car, don't get hung up on silly crap and talk yourself into a worse deal itzbrucebanner 1 points ago in personalfinance

    When turning in a lease vehicle or considering purchasing it for the residual there is a 0% chance. At least for my dealership which is Chrysler. When buying a leased vehicle, we do all the work of selling the car again and make no money off of it. This is unless the dealership throws in fees for handling it. Keep in mind, when the vehicle is leased it is owned by the bank not the dealership. The exception to this is if the financing institution is owned by the manufacturer (I.e. Toyota financial, ford financial). My manufacturer doesn’t own their house brand financing so we lease through ally financial. Once the lease starts we have 0 skin in the game. When we ground the vehicles for you, the financial institutions pick up the cars and send them to auction.

    The biggest mistake I see when people lease is wanting to get out of the lease and a dealership offers to make your last few payments. Unless that’s a manufacturer program (if it is there should be documentation for this) otherwise all they’re doing is giving you quotes for a lease with rolling your negative in.

    [–] When buying a car, don't get hung up on silly crap and talk yourself into a worse deal itzbrucebanner 2 points ago in personalfinance

    Thank you for this. Absolutely, sometimes people over shop themselves because they know more about the 10 cars they’ve bought in the last 40 years than a salesman knows about the 300 they’ve sold in 2. If it feels weird get a 2nd opinion. If they line up, odds are a duck is a duck.

    [–] When buying a car, don't get hung up on silly crap and talk yourself into a worse deal itzbrucebanner 10 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in personalfinance

    MSRP is not fudge-able if you look at the window sticker. If you have access to a manufacturers window sticker, that is from the manufacturer. A manufacturer sets the MSRP and the same apples to apples vehicle from the same manufacturer will have the same msrp unless there’s an options difference. The only exception to this is what time of year the car is made. A 2019 year model vehicle built in January can have an msrp of 29,100. Which the exact same vehicle made 8 months later could have an msrp of 400 more just because of price hikes throughout the year. That doesn’t make their vehicle any less of a deal. And this is something easily spotted by build dates and with the use of window stickers.

    In my state where I sell cars there’s a lot of shopping or pinning dealerships against each other from the same brand so my advice was tailored to that. My advice does not address shopping Chevy v.s ford. That’s more of a preference then apples to apples.