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    [–] Big Cable's pillow talk with FCC to forbid US states from writing own net neutrality rules ivb107 4 points ago in technology

    As someone who went to college, peddled around some dead end jobs and is now learning web development through online tutorials, this message is practically made for me; I'll be sure to add my own personal remarks so I don't look like a bot. Thanks for saving me some time.

    I live in Texas so I plan to bug the shit out of these clown "representatives" every day through the vote. It's important that we all make our voices heard, especially if you're in a red state like I am.

    [–] I'm edging closer, shivers all over ivb107 1 points ago in TameImpala

    Does anyone happen to know how many of these were pressed? I'm a student on a tight budget and want to order it sooo badly and I'm afraid they'll sell out within the next week

    [–] Thoughts on the post processing? ivb107 1 points ago in photocritique

    I'd love to see how the final edit of this shot looks.

    [–] Farmers must stop antibiotics use in animals due to human health risk, warns WHO - Overuse of antibiotics in animals is contributing to growing drug resistance in humans with serious health implications, says global health body. ivb107 6 points ago in worldnews

    Vegan here. Grew up in Texas and used to eat every animal you could put on a plate. Closing the door on meat and diary opens the door to an entire new world and outlook on food. I've always had a pretty colorful palette and it feels as though the number of foods and ingredients I consume has increased tenfold. I enjoy cooking even more than I used to and still eat pizza, burgers and tacos that taste fucking great. I've made food for people who couldn't believe what I served them was 100% plants.

    Anyway, just came here to say that if you're concerned about giving up dairy, so was I. Thankfully, there's a vegan alternative for everything (especially if you live in an urban area) which made that transition way easier than I anticipated. If you're thinking about trying veganism, just try it! It's a common misconception that eating plant-based is more expensive but it's actually the opposite - just try to cook from scratch at home and mix it up with one or two new recipes each week.

    [–] TIL that Rage Against the Machine were escorted out of the NBC studios after their first song on SNL in 1996. ivb107 2 points ago in Music

    Hey, a bunch of my friends went to Libertyville.

    I started listening to Rage when I was really young and those guys had a huge impact on me while I was a kid. About 10 years ago when I was in high school I finally got to meet Tom. I remember going up to him after his show to get an autograph and frantically trying to think of something good to say to him. Still haven't ever been so goddamn nervous to talk to someone else. Super nice guy.

    [–] Added a piece to my collection so thought I would share! ivb107 2 points ago in macdemarco

    Nice! I'll have to check out discogs. I'm actually seeing him tonight and hoping to pick up a vinyl or two after the show!

    [–] Added a piece to my collection so thought I would share! ivb107 2 points ago in macdemarco

    Sick collection. Were most of these found on Amazon/eBay?

    [–] Texas State Fair Food ivb107 9 points ago in Dallas

    The fried Oreos are dope

    [–] What movie really fucked you up? ivb107 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Normally I'd agree that movies aren't the best use of time while on acid, but the very first time I tried it I was with some friends for Halloween and we watched Army of Darkness. Maybe it was just the perfect time and place for that movie but we had the best time watching it and couldn't stop laughing.

    [–] North Korea says it conducted H-bomb test ivb107 28 points ago in worldnews

    This seems like the part of the plot where we deploy our secret weapon, James Franco

    [–] TIL that there was a VHS format that could record in 1080i, in 1993. ivb107 20 points ago in todayilearned

    Can you imagine the size of the drone that was used to get that aerial footage?

    [–] Wayne Coyne Announces New Flaming Lips/Mac DeMarco Split EP ivb107 1 points ago in indieheads

    Hell yeah. I'm about to see them play together in a month, I'll be surprised if they don't play some of the new jams.

    [–] Fuck off snapchat ivb107 2 points ago in FellowKids

    I was in Venice last week, it's still there.

    [–] Learn Nodejs by building 12 projects ivb107 1 points ago in learnjavascript

    Can I ask which ones? I'm working through the freeCodeCamp curriculum right now but always looking to supplement with some additional courses.

    [–] Learn Nodejs by building 12 projects ivb107 1 points ago in learnjavascript

    Oh really? I haven't looked at enough Udemy courses to know, I guess.