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    [–] Isn’t America basically the planet j_curic_5 -12 points ago in facepalm

    It's a quote from Erin Douglas.

    [–] Instagram is ruining everything (a rant) j_curic_5 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    I only follow my favourite pgotogrpahers (real ones not IG crap) and my favourite brands. Ever since I joined Reddit, I found myself unconsciously spending less time on IG.

    [–] Server down? j_curic_5 2 points ago in WorldofTanks

    No, they announced 1 day ahead, also, tomorrow is maintenance at the same time

    [–] Server down? j_curic_5 2 points ago in WorldofTanks

    Maintenance, it says in the game centre

    [–] Cute boy ❤ j_curic_5 34 points ago in animalsdoingstuff

    He's being cute and that's amazing

    [–] Big f j_curic_5 46 points ago in dankmemes

    RemindMe! April 15th, 2119

    [–] This view 5 days ago, we will miss it. j_curic_5 1 points ago in pics

    You don't need small f numbers on wide focal length

    [–] The best of doggos! j_curic_5 1 points ago in animalsdoingstuff


    [–] The picture of the black hole is unremarkable and the whole project was an obscene misuse of resources j_curic_5 6 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago) in unpopularopinion

    That "unremarkable picture" is a further proof of Einsteins theory of relativity. A theory made up over a 100 years ago.

    [–] i’m on mobile relax boys j_curic_5 2 points ago in teenagers

    Ah yes, using ddmmyyyy makes me feel like and intellectual.