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    [–] How to counteract momentum during cornering? j_curic_5 2 points ago in robloxgamedev

    If I have the angular velocity set as 0.51rad/s and I know the velocity, how would I get the radius?

    [–] How to counteract momentum during cornering? j_curic_5 2 points ago in robloxgamedev

    Yes but if I do that (which I tried and ended up with semi-positive results) than the car will accelerate because it's a constant force and the drag forces won't do much until the car is already out of control. But it's worth trying again.

    [–] Why do people do this for no reason j_curic_5 29 points ago in Warthunder

    World of tanks players: "First time?"

    [–] I DONT HAVE A GREEN CARD j_curic_5 5 points ago in perfectlycutscreams

    If the player has no matches or they choose not to play any of their cards even though they might have a match, they must draw a card from the Draw pile. If that card can be played, play it. Otherwise, keep the card, and the game moves on to the next person in turn

    In the absence of a suitable card, the player takes one card from the deck "Widdie" (blindly). If the card meets the above conditions - the player can put the card on the deck "Discard", if not satisfied - the player leaves the card himself, says "Pass" and the turn goes to the next player.

    Multiple sources just so people don't complain. And this one is from Mattel itself:

    If you draw a card you can play, play it. Otherwise, play moves to the next person.

    I know my UNO rules.

    [–] I DONT HAVE A GREEN CARD j_curic_5 4 points ago in perfectlycutscreams

    You're supposed to take one card and move on if it you can't play it? What is this sourcery.

    [–] Watching from the side j_curic_5 34 points ago in teenagers

    1995-2009 Gen Z

    2010-2024 Gen Alpha

    Every 15 years.

    [–] going to wendys do you guys want anything j_curic_5 2 points ago in GenZ

    DiReCtIoNs To ThE nEaErEsT mCdOnAlDs

    [–] American Armor j_curic_5 2 points ago in TankPorn

    Isn't that the T95 GMC not the T28? The T28 is the smaller, prototype version?

    [–] How to Party j_curic_5 4 points ago in WTF

    There should be an emethophobia warning tag. Jesus Christ I almost died.

    [–] Can't be the only one j_curic_5 3 points ago in GenZ

    Swip to wind forward or backward is a very common and old feature in many mobile video players.

    [–] AI Pathfinding help j_curic_5 1 points ago in roblox

    How many ai humanoids do you have. Yoz might be overloading the physics engine.

    [–] How hard will it be to create a quality game from scratch? j_curic_5 3 points ago in roblox

    Quality game from scratch alone and with school? I'd say 1 to 2 years. Then a year of real life testing with players before the realease version and before the game gets a decent player base. But if your game is very good it might hit the front page in just a few months after you upload it just like Jailbreak.

    [–] Putting apps to sleep vs Disable background activity j_curic_5 1 points ago in samsung

    Yes as far as I remeber disabling background activity completly cuts off the app when you close it. It runs normaly when you're in the app and can connect to WiFi but as soon as you close the app it's like it wasn't installed in the first place.

    Sleep mode also limits memory usage a bit(I think) and disables notifications so that way the app such as Facebook and IG can run normally in the background.

    [–] WG and Reward tenks. j_curic_5 3 points ago in WorldofTanks

    Needs more JPEG.