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    [–] My college dormmate and I. Name a more iconic duo. jambi9987 1 points ago in RoastMe

    Is that a cardboard cutout from the 2020 remake of the movie “Powder” that no one knows about?

    [–] GDT: 4/15 Cubs (5-9) @ Marlins (4-12) 6:10 PM jambi9987 3 points ago in CHICubs

    Ok if that old dude isn’t getting laid tonight by that chick because he caught the foul ball, there is no justice in this world.

    [–] GDT: 4/15 Cubs (5-9) @ Marlins (4-12) 6:10 PM jambi9987 2 points ago in CHICubs

    I feel like Kyle Ryan has been sort of a bright spot. It feels like he has a different vibe coming out of the bullpen compared to the rest. I like him.

    [–] [Official Tournament Discussion] 2019 Masters Second Round jambi9987 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in golf

    Tiger: “The ankle is fine, fuckers.”

    [–] Kettlebell Discussion Thread - April 08-09, 2019 jambi9987 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in kettlebell

    I’ve done some reading but have read several different answers on the matter, so I thought I’d bring it up here.

    I have a pretty broad upper body. And because of it, I feel like when I’m doing swings, I have a tendency to flare my feet out at a slightly wider angle than what most people would. I guess it’s a natural reaction to try and keep my body weight centered. I don’t really feel any pain in my knees, but I’m at the point in my kettlebell training that it’s time to start using some heavier weights.

    I guess basically what I’m asking is this: What are some of your opinions on what angle your feet should be at while doing heavier swings?

    [–] GDT: 4/6 Cubs (1-6) @ Brewers (7-1) 6:10 PM jambi9987 4 points ago in CHICubs

    As terrible as the pitching has been to start the season off, it is refreshing to see the home runs. Considering how big of an issue it was last year.

    [–] Selection Sunday/Alabama basketball thread jambi9987 3 points ago in rolltide

    I hope the reaction to us not making it is shock. This team did not deserve to make it.

    [–] Alabama ranked #26 in Collegiate Baseball’s poll jambi9987 5 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in rolltide

    The true season starts this weekend. Never EVER buy into rankings in SEC baseball before conference play starts. Now granted, I’d much rather be 15-2 at this stage of the season than 2-15. But still, we’re gonna find out starting this weekend what this team is actually made of.

    [–] Game Thread: Alabama at Arkansas jambi9987 2 points ago in rolltide

    Second half gonna be as ugly as Anderson’s tie.

    [–] Alabama softball beats South Alabama to improve to 21-0 jambi9987 2 points ago in rolltide

    For the first time in a year or two, it feels like this program has some of its swagger back. If the offense can produce late in the season, unlike the past few, they could be a force to be reckoned with.

    [–] Alabama baseball has 3 players among national leaders jambi9987 5 points ago in rolltide

    “He hasn’t struck out a single time in 34 at bats, the most of any player in the nation with no strikeouts.”


    [–] Game thread: Alabama vs Auburn jambi9987 14 points ago in rolltide

    Just so the people in the back can hear me:



    *but still thinking about you people affected from Sunday.

    [–] [I ate] a sandwich of Burnt Ends. jambi9987 1940 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in food

    Just to give a proper shoutout, this was at Gates BBQ in Kansas City, Missouri.

    Edit: “BuT yOu MiGhT gEt CoLoN cAnCeR”.

    Bitch I ain’t here for a long time, just a good time.