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    [–] Is There A Discord Server I Can Join? jarotte 7 points ago in hackintosh

    It's right there. In the sidebar.

    [–] Apple Maps Transit starts rolling out in Poland jarotte 10 points ago in apple

    They're still POI, and seem to shoot up a "Public Transport Directions Not Available" message in Transport view on iOS. Unless I'm missing something.

    [–] Chernobyl (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO jarotte 1 points ago in television

    The Winter 2004 issue of The Paris Review has some excerpts, I read it a couple of years ago and it was a harrowing read. I immediately flashed back to that piece after the teaser, when the wife walks into the room at night just after we see the explosion far away outside.

    [–] Chernobyl (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO jarotte 27 points ago in television

    It's because, if I recall correctly, there was radioactive debris scattered everywhere after the explosion and hot pieces of the graphite moderator, and the firemen in the scene are standing right next to the burning reactor housing, probably the very first responders.

    Burns like that on his hand are probably from acute radiation poisoning. Even the firemen joked amongst themselves, in true fatalistic Slavic fashion, that given the probability of radiation, they'd be lucky to be alive by morning.

    [–] Every year I plan something elaborate for my birthday. My 30th has been a bit different. Wouldn't have it any other way. jarotte -6 points ago in aww

    Sleep is much shallower when you're feeding and every touch or toss gets you at a subliminal level. You just bounce back, especially when you fall asleep with an infant—toddlers just kick you back :) As long as no overabundance of alcohol is involved, bedsharing is a perfectly safe option for sleeping arrangements (speaking from experience, we've been bedsharing for the past 3.5 years).

    [–] Hunters of Reddit,what did you see out there that made you not want to go back into the woods? jarotte 4 points ago in AskReddit

    I nearly drowned in that exact manner during a water ecosystems field class in college. I was collecting lake floor samples with the water level a little above my waist, when I took a step and the floor opened up below my foot, I went underwater, the waders immediately began growing heavy with water intake, I barely made it out of there alive.

    [–] Przyganiał kocioł garnkowi, a sam smoli. jarotte 2 points ago in Polska

    mapa plus czcionka ze znaków drogowych, szanuję.

    [–] UNKLE - Rabbit In Your Headlights [Trip Hop] jarotte 23 points ago in Music

    Jesus, I used to listen to Psyence Fiction religiously, every day, a couple of times a day, for somewhere like two years in high school.

    [–] Does CCC copy the EFI? jarotte 1 points ago in hackintosh

    OK, are we talking about this semantical difference here where it CREATES the EFI partition but does not CLONE it? Because CCC has always been creating the EFI on the clones that I've been making, and all I had to do was copy over the contents.

    [–] Does CCC copy the EFI? jarotte 1 points ago in hackintosh

    It clones the partition, it does not clone the contents. At least that's what happens in my case.

    [–] Netflix’s thriller Triple Frontier touts one of Ben Affleck’s most impressive performances jarotte 9 points ago in movies

    Never thought For Whom the Bell Tolls would sound so good, and be so fitting, being listened to by a guy in a straight-up DADPAT outfit, jeans, dark green button-down, and a lil' plate carrier sans plates.

    [–] Just a Taxi Cab in LA: 15 Years Celebrating the Effortless Cool of Michael Mann’s COLLATERAL jarotte 5 points ago in movies

    You heard the theory that Vincent is actually McCauley's brother that the latter mentions to Edie in Heat?

    [–] Official Discussion: Triple Frontier [SPOILERS] jarotte 75 points ago in movies

    I fully expected they would be found by other trackers after the shootout in the mountains, so I waited for that second shot to drop.

    [–] Official Discussion: Triple Frontier [SPOILERS] jarotte 15 points ago in movies

    The latter, yeah. I was expecting it going in the direction of them being found by other trackers after the shootout that ended with Redfly dead

    [–] Official Discussion: Triple Frontier [SPOILERS] jarotte 139 points ago in movies

    But that scene with Benny singing the Ranger song was such a good bait and switch. The scene is so clearly blocked to suggest that he'll be shot.

    [–] Official Discussion: Triple Frontier [SPOILERS] jarotte 714 points ago in movies

    "Call out your kills, I don't want any fucking surprises," Redfly said, and then promptly failed to call out his own kill.

    [–] What is that “one game” that you have most nostalgia for? jarotte 2 points ago in AskReddit

    We are going to have to act... if we want to live in a different world. [acting on instinct intensifies]

    [–] Thinking of building one -- What are some use cases for MacOS over Windows? jarotte 1 points ago in hackintosh

    Because it's actually pleasant to use macOS over Windows; I write for a living and would choose Pages over Word all day every day and have built at least five hacks now, all of them for writing. It's sleek, compact, and weighs less than half a gig. Windows is absolutely horrid when it comes to usability when compared to macOS, and I say it as someone who's been working with Windows since 3.11 and making the switch only when OS X 10.5 rolled around when I bought my first PowerPC Powerbook.

    My favorite example of the difference between how the two systems treat the user is adding a printer. Just yesterday I was adding a brand new HP LaserJet multifunction to my mom's Windows 7 setup—it took fifteen minutes, and I had to install HP's proprietary software (from a DVD no less) to get the nice-looking scanning window (my mom's not a power user, so the simpler it is, the better). When I rebooted and switched systems (I have a spare SSD inside the rig, so I can work whenever I'm at my parents') and added the printed with just three mouse clicks (one to click +, the other to select the networked device, the third to click "add"), and presto, everything's taken care of, the utils and relevant drivers download and install themselves automatically, no bloatware to speak of, no proprietary bullshit clogging the system with three separate icons in the system tray. The scanning software baked into macOS is everything users like us need and the printer prompts are the same across the system.

    Easy, clean, minimal.

    [–] [OPINION] Rich filmmakers who probably haven't paid money to go see a film in a regular modern cinema in years/decades need to stop running their mouths about "the sanctity of the movie theater experience" and admonishing home viewing, which is often a far purer film experience these days. jarotte 142 points ago in movies

    I have a toddler and I will never ever understand why people choose to take children to the movies below the age of 6-7, I really won't. The cinema is everything children fear—a vast, dark space, crowds of strangers, no attention from parents, terrifyingly loud noises, and a huge screen the processing of which is rather beyond their cognitive abilities. Why would you want to expose your child to something like that? No wonder they scream and cry, it's terrifying.