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    [–] I'm only 15 jawanda 1 points ago in cancer

    It's 2am and that speech just drove me to tears. Thank you for sharing it.

    [–] Merced. Yosemite National Park. [oc][2000x1335] jawanda 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    Didn't mean to imply this was Merced the town, my bad. Cool that you grew up so close to the park!

    [–] I think I know Wix and SquareSpace's marketing strategies. jawanda 18 points ago in webdev

    Their advertising is likely targeted at people searching for anything having to do with web design. You're giving them too much credit to think that they've thought that far down the line.

    [–] Beginner Questions - February 01, 2019 jawanda 1 points ago in webdev

    Hey there, cool site, and so stoked to see my hexagon "bonsai rock" creation on there!!

    The only thing that seemed to not be working for me was filtering by price and favorites / most popular. When I click on one of the tags, though, it _does_ filter as expected. Is that what you're experiencing too?

    Is it possible that you don't have the price field set for these products? I know you said they all have the correct attributes for filtering but figured I'd throw it out there since you don't have a visible price field.

    [–] I just can't get enough of these epic mountains in Kyrgyzstan, Oguz Bashi Peak [1536x1920](OC) jawanda 2 points ago in EarthPorn

    The contrast of the blurred movement and the still objects is pleasing to some people (myself included). Maybe it's overdone, but clearly a lot of people like it.

    From a practical standpoint, it's also true that many landscape photographers shoot at the smallest f-stop possible in order to have the maximum DOF. This inherently requires a longer exposure and in low light situations you can quickly get into the "soft water" range for that reason alone.

    But most of the time, you're right, it's done intentionally.

    [–] Where online can you post art? jawanda 3 points ago in ArtistLounge

    I've gotten more exposure posting art to reddit than all other platforms combined. A popular post can garner tens of millions of views.

    [–] If you had nearly unlimited funding and state-of-the-art technology, how would you improve your current workspace? jawanda 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Buy another printer that can accept rigid substrates, and have a dust free room for framing and mounting. I'd also have a separate wood shop with a nice planar/ joiner and again with really good built in dust scrubber.

    [–] happy New Year from Squaw Valley, CA, USA. Sadly the torchlight parade got neutered this year, but the beauty of the mountains never disappoints. jawanda 2 points ago in pics

    The corporation that runs Squaw nixed the torches in favor of some LED light sticks (those lines of purplish lights on the mountain are the skiers) and because of the incredibly high wind, they were confined to a small slope rather than coming down the three mile long mountain run that you see lit up to the right, which would have been much more spectacular.

    [–] Perfect summer night in Lake Tahoe, July 3rd, 2018. If you look closely you can see people sitting on the pier. I could hear their wine-drunk merriment floating on the warm air. The smell of the pine trees, and the soft murmur of the near-still lake.. Ah man, summer in the mountains ... :( jawanda 2 points ago in pics

    I'm honored to have a place on your wall, and thrilled that you like the print so much!!

    I was late shipping it, can't remember if I had time to put a wire on the back for hanging? If not, it is totally acceptable to hang it directly from the frame, although my favorite method is to put an eye hook about 6 - 7 " down on each side (on the inside of the frame obviously) and run a wire between them.

    The horizontal light is actually the light at the top of a sail boat's mast. The lake was near-still, but the boat was still rocking gently and thus turned into that little line due to the long exposure. The people partying on the pier had arrived on that boat some hours earlier!

    There were distant fireworks in other directions on the lake, but I was more focused on the Milky Way (for my photo, anyway, I definitely enjoyed them with my own eyes while waiting for my exposures.)

    Thank you so much for the Gold and again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you man! :)

    [–] Long exposure and some fall colors on the Merced River in Yosemite, last October. [oc][1538x2000] jawanda 3 points ago in EarthPorn

    Sure thing! It's exactly what it sounds like. Keep the shot exactly the same but shoot at a focal distance of say 5' (where the rocks are) and then again at say 25', which at 24mm f/22 would give you near infinite dof (off the top of my head). On the further shot, almost everything would be in focus except the closest foreground details, so you you use the other shot to paint those in (using layer masks, generally).