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    [–] Who sealed the anti magic devil inside the grimoire! (Manga spoilers) jaynay1 2 points ago in BlackClover

    What do you think supports the theory other than that she has sealing magic?

    [–] Charlotte fans. We should all get excited about Most Improved Award this season. jaynay1 1 points ago in CharlotteHornets

    I mean I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to devote a larger proportional amount of my basketball time to non-Hornets teams this year, and since I was already watching nearly every Nuggets game anyway there's a pretty good chance I'll watch more Nuggets games next year than Hornets games. I could definitely understand that prompting some people to change who they consider themselves a fan of.

    [–] Charlotte fans. We should all get excited about Most Improved Award this season. jaynay1 3 points ago in CharlotteHornets

    I mean that's your prerogative, but I think that's not exactly the best interest of the players. When you get excited by expecting something unreasonable, then more often than not you're just setting yourself up for disappointment, even when objectively good things do happen, just because they didn't catch the scale you were hoping.

    [–] Charlotte fans. We should all get excited about Most Improved Award this season. jaynay1 2 points ago in CharlotteHornets

    and his added defense

    I actually also think there's a viable argument Monk is currently a better defender than Miles is. Or at least was last year. Miles is very, very bad about losing shooters on the perimeter.

    [–] Charlotte fans. We should all get excited about Most Improved Award this season. jaynay1 4 points ago in CharlotteHornets

    Yeah. In part because the perception of him is currently so low even though I think in reality he was the best player of those 4 already last year. Like if you asked people to rank those 4 players I think the common opinion would have Monk 4 but I think I genuinely might have him 1.

    [–] Anyone know why UW's Jaden McDaniels is not traveling with the team? jaynay1 1 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    Well, no, it's actually a peeping lawsuit. But that's not exactly new and wouldn't exactly be cause for Jaden to stay in Seattle now.

    [–] Charlotte fans. We should all get excited about Most Improved Award this season. jaynay1 20 points ago in CharlotteHornets

    In the sense that they're eligible, sure.

    But Monta Ellis is the only sophomore in the last 15 years to win it, and he and Gilbert Arenas are the only ones in the last 25. Because sophomores are expected to improve, they don't tend to win MIP.

    [–] Anyone know why UW's Jaden McDaniels is not traveling with the team? jaynay1 1 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    Such as? I'm curious since his brother was drafted by the Hornets and I haven't heard anything there.

    [–] SoCon Basketball Coaches Rank the Best Jobs in the Conference jaynay1 1 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    Can't object to anything they wrote about Samford, other than the phrasing of Samford's gender ratio being a little clumsy.

    But also, Samford being above median in an admissions standards list is kind of terrifying.

    [–] Hypothetical Trade with Bulls for MKG jaynay1 2 points ago in CharlotteHornets

    No, neither's a two way.

    Cody is signed to a guaranteed deal and will be on the roster barring a small murder spree, and possibly even then. Cody is player #13 on the roster

    Caleb is signed to something called an Exhibit 10. Basically he has a contract that pays him a small amount for the summer, and then most of the time he gets waived and plays for the G-League team because the Exhibit 10 pays him a little extra if he does. An Exhibit 10 can be converted to a two way, but more often than not they don't. He has virtually no chance of making the main roster.

    The other thing is we probably are going to sign Jalen McDaniels still, which will bring us to 14, but if this trade were to become available then we could just sign him to a two way instead. Though practically I'd prefer just not including Blakeney, who is terrible.

    [–] Hypothetical Trade with Bulls for MKG jaynay1 2 points ago in CharlotteHornets

    but why would you give up a lottery protected 1st round and three other players for a potential bust.

    So Felicio's a pretty clear negative contract. They want to get rid of him to open up cap space and will have to pay something to do so. The others aren't much better than neutral. It's reasonable to think the Hornets could receive some compensation for taking on the bad money there. But also, I don't think a lottery protected 1st would be on the table. I think Dunn would basically be sufficient compensation, but if he's not then the needs to just not be included at all.

    [–] Hypothetical Trade with Bulls for MKG jaynay1 2 points ago in CharlotteHornets

    the hornets have a full roster

    Based on what? Last I checked we only had 13 players on guaranteed contracts and still had a couple of spots before the expanded summer max roster size too.

    [–] Texas Tech guard Jahmi'us Ramsey with 39 points and 11 boards as Tech beats Mega Bemax 94 to 92 jaynay1 2 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    Kind of. He spent most of the year on loan to Buducnost and honestly he’s probably not a top 20 pick with only the two Mega stretches.

    [–] 30 NBA All-Time Teams in 30 Days: All-Time Detroit Pistons (15/30) jaynay1 6 points ago in nbadiscussion

    It's kind of funny how Sheed, who I think of as one of the quintessential Pistons, doesn't make this list but also probably legitimately doesn't deserve to since he was only there for 5 years and some change.

    Also, Ben Wallace at the 4 seems wrong. Especially since basketball-reference has him classified as a 5 for every single year he was in DET.

    [–] Now This is Commitment jaynay1 3 points ago in KidsAreFuckingStupid

    Bacteria can’t develop an immunity to alcohol ya dingus, it’d be like them developing an immunity to bleach.

    [–] Can someone please explain this Isiah Stewart hype? jaynay1 4 points ago in NBA_Draft

    A lot of the time they don't even project college too. They just tell you "here's who's good now".

    [–] Any basketball writers here have tips for getting into it? jaynay1 9 points ago in CharlotteHornets

    Funny timing

    But yeah, I'd argue there's at least 4 clearly distinct paths in basketball writing:

    • News
    • Stats
    • Film (Draft is a subset of this)
    • CBA


    News pretty much requires that you have a base level knowledge of the other 3 and learn how to combine them to make a point in a short time frame.


    Stats you basically just have to learn by doing and by seeing what other people's models look like. You realistically need at least a bachelors in a stats adjacent field (or at least some relatively advanced coursework) to be able to be competitive here. But ultimately, build your own models -- there's at least a few super standard ones that everyone can build (Though not everyone has done all of them -- looking at you, me.), and after that you can branch out into modeling some less standard stuff. For example, my most recent piece went over how superstar trade negotiation strategy should be based off auction theory.


    Film is harder to define because there's a lot of crappy film work out there.

    The most important thing in watching film is developing a paradigm. Know what you're looking for -- are you looking for actions, alignments, skills, movements, etc. Know how you tend to absorb information best -- do you struggle with watching multiple players at once? Do you need to watch offense and defense separately to determine what each is doing? And know how you're going going to evaluate those things -- is that tough midrange look at 15 seconds in the shot clock that went in a good look? Probably not. Is that open 3 that missed a bad one? Also not. Does that gamble for a steal matter? Maybe. And so on. Basically, thinking about how you watch film matters a fair bit.

    As for how you actually watch the film though, biggest priority here is that making sure wherever you're watching/rewatching has a quick rewind function that you're comfortable with (Preferably manageable with the arrow keys). ESPN+ is great for college games but garbage for anything NBA related because it either doesn't go on there or it gets pulled like 3 days later. YoutubeTV has a 15 second skip which is poorly suited for basketball, but will work in a pinch. Regular youtube (Which is a big deal for international games) has a good skip function though. It is absolutely vital that if you don't know what happened in a possession, you go back and watch it again until you do.

    The ability to slow down video is helpful too, especially on things like jump shots. Regular youtube has this function and you can break down mechanics from highlight videos if need be.

    In terms of clipping stuff, streamable will get you somewhere, though not necessarily all the way there. It can clip and's play by play.

    Ultimately though there's no substitute here for a large amount of volume work. I think I've done focused watches of something like 900 games this year based on some back of the napkin math, and there are people who have done even more than I have (And will certainly do more this coming year, as I'm probably going to reduce my volume since I'm working full time in an actual office building).


    There are two ways to practice CBA writing that I know of. One is building your own charts. Keep a spreadsheet of cap situations across the league. Detail trades. I actually had a ton of fun this past year doing live checking for trade legality in a couple of 2 hour mock drafts.

    The other is answering targeted questions. Look at a specific team and ask "what provisions do they have available to them", or "how did they execute that move". For example, with the Hornets right now, you can look and see that they have part of their MLE (Though not all of it, because they gave a chunk to Cody Martin). Arnoldas Kulboka could be an option, and that might require a buyout from Bilbao, but they can't make that buyout if they're going to .

    Also get very familiar with navigating CBAFAQ. Even if you're read the CBA like I have it's basically 10x as efficient to look there.


    This part is actually more important than anything else IMO. If you can make the money work, SSAC and (I've heard) LVSL (Especially the Sports Business Class) are huge opportunities to get your name out there. Having a guy like Dave DuFour or Ian Levy able to speak to your ability is a big deal, and I formally met both of them at Sloan this year. With Sloan specifically there are basketball targeted hangouts too, where a lot of team people go. So I met analytics guys from about 15-20 teams while just at a Boston sports bar one night.

    If you can't manage the money for those, because they aren't exactly a trivial budget line item (Hence why I skipped LVSL this year -- was between jobs), evenmoreso if you don't live in the area, twitter is a fairly good substitute. Get in people's replies, try to make friends, see if you can get an invite to some of the better group DMs, etc.

    [–] Any basketball writers here have tips for getting into it? jaynay1 2 points ago in CharlotteHornets

    Speaking of, I've actually been debating moving some of my more Hornets focused stuff over to somewhere more focused. Do you still have any contacts with AtH?

    [–] All-Time Charlotte Hornets jaynay1 1 points ago in CharlotteHornets

    So there’s a few major problems here:

    First, Cody didn’t even remotely get benched for Big Al. He had a bone bruise that kept him out into next season, and even playing through a pretty significant injury, he was still clearly better than Al.

    As for Big Al’s one all-NBA season, that probably shouldn’t be taken at face value. He wasn’t a top 15 player in the league, and was closer to the 30-35 level that year, which isn’t actually as far separated from Cody’s peak in the top 60ish as Cody’s other seasons are.

    Finally, Cody would be a top 10 Center for most teams.

    [–] Can someone please explain this Isiah Stewart hype? jaynay1 36 points ago in NBA_Draft

    Most scouts don't have him top 5. Most recruiting services do. There's a large difference there. Recruiting services are typically not projecting forward as much.

    [–] Current NBA Free Agents Available jaynay1 2 points ago in nbadiscussion

    and he hasn't had that opportunity since he left the Knicks

    That is the offense he thrives in, but also he absolutely had that opportunity with Charlotte and Atlanta, on top of the rare times he was healthy in Brooklyn.

    [–] Current NBA Free Agents Available jaynay1 1 points ago in nbadiscussion

    The double draft is at minimum 3 years out and logistically makes more sense to be 4.

    Adam Silver has talked multiple times about the double draft being either 2021 or 2022, but has also said 2021 is probably impractical.

    But also 2022 is less likely than 2023 IMO, due to the 1 and done rule being a provision of the CBA. The CBA's next opt out is before the 2023 draft, meaning that if they want to take the much easier path of eliminating 1 and done as part of the CBA revision, then the double draft is 4 drafts away.