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    [–] Las Vegas city councilwoman has a very Vegas mask jcepiano 0 points ago in pics

    With her standards for a mask, she might as well put a slice of Swiss cheese on

    [–] Contra Costa County elementary school districts opting for 100% online this fall jcepiano 4 points ago in bayarea

    The biggest issue is that once an outbreak occurs (which I can 100% assure you it will), you have to close the entire school. You have to then test every single person, the teachers will be at extreme risk, and not to mention the family of every single kid will need to be tested to see where the cluster originated from. Every single time this happens, there's going to be a lapse of 3-4 weeks to disinfect and contact trace. You can't have kids be on edge thinking this could happen at anytime. Until there's a solution, online is going to be the least risky and most consistent in terms of education.

    Yes, I know child care is a huge issue, but this will become a nightmare when colds/flu start coming back and every little cold will be questioned like the beginning of a COVID-19 infection.

    [–] A new kind of COVID-19 political poster seen in my neighborhood jcepiano 19 points ago in pics

    I'd refer you to the health official warnings every time Trump shows up for a campaign stop these days and how his campaign doesn't do anything to adhere to these warnings and restrictions. It starts at the top, my fellow redditor.

    [–] A new kind of COVID-19 political poster seen in my neighborhood jcepiano -30 points ago in pics

    I would have added one more red check mark:

    "Helped Covid19 kill so many Americans like a Boeing 737 crashing every day for over two years!"

    [–] MAGA nation does not do numbers or data jcepiano 8 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    population density or not, let's consider two simple facts.

    South Korea confirmed its first case of COVID-19 the same day as the United States: January 20, 2020. Since then, South Korea has experienced a total of 285 deaths. The US is climbing towards 133,000.

    The United States has had so many fatalities due to COVID-19 that it would be like having a Boeing 737 airliner crash, every day, for over two years. Somehow we have become numb to the idea that this is acceptable and worse yet, that we can just let it continue.

    Texas reported over 10,000 new cases just yesterday. Have they changed anything aside from a unenforced mask requirement, no. So, it will continue to worsen.

    My only hope is that younger people get it and the older population is protected but given the way hospitalizations are increasing, I don't think it's going to turn out so well for us.