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    [–] What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done while stoned? jeckles 469 points ago in trees

    I did this making chicken stock once. Simmered the chicken and veggies for hours. Strained it right down the drain. Fuck.

    [–] A review for a coffee place in Barcelona; I’ve already been twice this week jeckles 12 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in childfree

    There's Burial Grounds in Olympia, WA that serves goth-inspired coffee. Smack dab in the middle of downtown. Then again, it's Olympia..

    From the article:

    And one drink, in particular, that's very popular. Before barista Jacqui Martin crafts one for us, she asks this:

    "How good is your censoring?"

    The drink is called the F@k This S#t. And it's not outrageous in name only: Martin grinds lavender flowers into the coffee, which helps with relaxation.

    "It still stays nice and dry, really bittersweet, and it has all of these really calming elements," explains Martin.

    [–] Three years ago I convinced my now-husband to quit academia and move across the country for of yesterday his salary has more than tripled jeckles 14 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in financialindependence

    I'm sorry you're getting downvoted here. It sounds to me like you have both a strong marriage and strong finances. Lots of people struggle trying to achieve just one of those things! You've defended yourself enough already! I wish you luck in your well-planned and responsible life.

    [–] Why do humans have to wipe after pooping? jeckles 1 points ago in answers

    Yeah I've used that argument with friends who were horrified of the thought of wiping with your hand + water (the norm in many parts of the world)

    Like, if you got poop on your arm, would you just grab a tissue and wipe it off? No way. You'd wash it off.

    [–] Why has it become normal to have a child out of wedlock in your early 20s? jeckles 9 points ago in childfree

    Yeah, this. I take issue with the topic of this thread being: wedlock = mature enough to have kids.

    A single, successful woman (meaning financially & mentally stable) would be a far better parent than a married couple in their 30s, with low-paying jobs and less emotional maturity.

    Maturity itself is the barometer of what makes a good parent. A single teenager who has a supportive social network & financial resources would be a way better mom than a shitty married couple.

    [–] How do you possibly eat this before it melts? jeckles 30 points ago in WeWantPlates

    Me: "Hmmm, wow, yeah that's a lot of ice cream"

    camera keeps panning up

    "Wow, it keeps going! Yeah that'll be hard to eat"

    camera keeps panning up

    "Ok really that's enough now"

    finally reaches the top


    [–] Fries in a water glass please jeckles 30 points ago in WeWantPlates

    I can feel the sogginess just looking at it

    [–] You have 24 hours to eat every piece of a board game. You get $100 for every piece you eat, but only if you finish them all, and within the allotted time. What game do you choose? jeckles 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Settlers of Catan. With Seafarers, Cities and Knights, and the 6-person expansion. And more expansions. So many little pieces, all made of wood or cardboard and paper stickers. Boil the pieces, put everything in a blender and add smoothie mixings. Honestly sounds doable. Only the robber and dice are plastic - so either swallow those whole and hope to shit out in the same fashion. Or since it's so commonplace to use a unique "house" robber/dice, choose smaller or more edible versions.

    [–] [PSA] Celebs Are Lying to You jeckles 6 points ago in SkincareAddiction

    Yup. If you work in a hospital that sees a lot of sawed-off arms, then that information is probably not personally identifiable. But in a normal hospital setting, that kind of injury is definitely identifiable. "A patient I had today was in pretty rough shape" is about as detailed as you should get. And at that point, who cares? Just chat with your coworkers about the actual details, and seal your lips to everyone else.

    [–] What is your go-to never-fail joke? jeckles 1 points ago in AskReddit

    What does a Polish bride get on her wedding night that's long and hard? A new last name.