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    [–] Has anyone ever seen something like this? More in Comments jendestiny114 3 points ago in Disneyland

    I believe OP Is saying when she went to pose with goofy, he would not allow her to get closer than arms length, and making the joke of “leaving room for Jesus”. Op is wondering if he has done that before with anyone.

    [–] What's the most consecutive days you went to Disneyland? Or, did you ever go so many days that you were just kind of "over it"? jendestiny114 1 points ago in Disneyland

    I used to go for at least 7 days, but being older I never go for more than 3. I’m an avid maxpass user, and by the third day I’m not really riding and more so sitting, people watching. Etc. I don’t mind that either, but I like to stay busy

    [–] I (22m) have been paying my girlfriends (22f) rent for the last 8 months and said no to her getting another animal until she contributes jendestiny114 2 points ago in relationship_advice

    Hold on, why is absolutely no one commenting on the $150 a week rent??? Is this normal??

    I live in the Bay Area. You can’t even park your car in a parking lot for a day for less than $150

    [–] It's a dog park, not a kid park. Go away. jendestiny114 5 points ago in childfree

    Our local dog park actually has a rule of no children under 5 years old in the park and a lot of us enforce it. There’s a lot of different kinds of dogs, running and smashing into each other, and also getting into scuffles every now and then. They don’t need another human chew toy in there too

    [–] Dinosaur Bones, Rock Carvings, and Dreamcatchers jendestiny114 2 points ago in reddeadredemption

    I’ve found them purely by chance! I’m already 65% done but I think it’s so much more fun to find them that way! I’ve found 17 dream catchers, 4 carvings, and 4 bones. I feel so accomplished whenever I find them

    Tip that I’m sure everyone is aware of; if you’re in the woods or out exploring large rocky areas, your eagle eye will make dream catchers, bones, carvings etc sparkle gold in long distances! Sometimes when I go into really wooded areas I walk around just pressing my eagle eye and looking up to find them!

    [–] [Help] Returning a dog to the rescue when there is nothing wrong with the dog. Wondering if this is the right thing to do in my situation. jendestiny114 4 points ago in dogs

    I am sorry, but please do not listen to any of these other comments.

    If the situation is not right for you, then it is not right for the dog. If you are constantly viewing your dog as a stressor, then it can feel that. (no judgement).

    my last job was at an animal rescue that had a return policy as well. Ours was within 3 months because it has been shown that strong emotional attachments do not form in this time. We used to get returned dogs ALL THE TIME! And it was absolutely no shame. We would rather have the dog with us and safe and have another chance, then in a home that it wasn't having the best success with. And we never looked at the adopter in any way, it was simply part of life.

    [–] [Help] I adopted a terrified dog jendestiny114 6 points ago in dogs

    give her a little hideaway! Even though it feels like the last thing you want to do is give her a place to hide, it makes her feel more safe and comfortable. Choose a space in a common area (somewhere you can both be) and set up a hut. If she small, you can always get a bed that she can hide in, or even turn a bin on its side and fill it with blankets on the bottom and covering the top.

    Hand feeding can also develop trust and a bond. Hand feed her every meal, bits at a time.

    do not force her into any uncomfortable situations, and I would wait a couple weeks before taking her on walks.

    [–] Reached Max Honor! I’m actually surprised at myself. jendestiny114 3 points ago in reddeadredemption

    For real though. I had max honor, and I accidentally ran my horse into Eagle Flies and it dropped like 20%.

    [–] Girl flirts with my boyfriend all weekend. HELP jendestiny114 6 points ago in relationship_advice

    Lol annnndddd that’s how you know a man wrote this reply.

    [–] What’s your favorite food item at the parks?! jendestiny114 7 points ago in Disneyland

    Ever since tropical opened, the beef bao and sweet lumpia!!! I got one every single day over my 3 day trip

    [–] Undoubtedly the most visually appealing ride in the park. jendestiny114 1 points ago in Disneyland

    I think Jungle cruise always get overlooked, especially in comparison to Pirates. But I genuinely feel like the two rides aren’t even comparable (besides being boat rides!) mainly because jungle cruise is so unique within itself.

    [–] Undoubtedly the most visually appealing ride in the park. jendestiny114 1 points ago in Disneyland

    I can relate to this, I had a tour guide who literally had the mic right up against her mouth and it was so disappointing and just nails on a chalk board.

    [–] [Discussion] Just some questions about Akita jendestiny114 1 points ago in dogs

    Yes. They can present a lot of problems if not trained properly, and they can be extremely aggressive.

    [–] [Discussion] Just some questions about Akita jendestiny114 5 points ago in dogs

    Definitely not the right dog for anyone who is not dog savvy. Akita’s were meant to be loyal, protective dogs and can be extremely aggressive to outsiders. I used to work as an adoption specialist at an animal rescue foundation and we would not even allow first time dog owners to adopt anything that was even mixed with an Akita, let alone full or a female. I know it may seem like a kick ass dog, but get some actual dog experience under your belt and move out first.