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    [–] What was the craziest thing a teacher did when you were in school? jendestiny114 1 points ago in AskReddit

    My eighth grade algebra teacher was....eccentric. He had his own waxed chest hair that he kept on a string tied to his ceiling. If you answered a homework problem wrong, you had to dance to his personal Gene Simmons CD in front of the class, for the whole song. He kept bones in his closet that were real, and he wouldn’t say where they were from. He would frequently come to class wearing a fake wizard beard for no reason,

    A lot of teachers side eyed him but he was the talk of the town for all of us kids

    [–] How did Chuck sell Blair for his hotel? jendestiny114 22 points ago in GossipGirl

    If I remember correctly, jack had told both chuck and Blair that if Blair slept with him, he would give the empire back. But Blair did not know that chuck knew, and chuck didn’t want to stop her because he knew that she would do it without him having to ask/being able to remain oblivious,

    Essentially, Blair made a plan with jack to sleep with him for the hotel and not telling chuck. But chuck knew the whole time. But honestly I could be explaining this wrong :/

    [–] My store is an "other Starbucks" when it comes to standards and it's real frustrating. jendestiny114 1 points ago in starbucks

    THISSSS. I’ll admit, I sometime slack too and i understand. But the other day i went to a different store and ordered a venti passion tea lemonade with classic instead of LCS. I said “oh can i please have full pumps and not cbs pumps? And the barista looked super confused and said “oh yeah we always do full pumps of sweetener!” And they literally had a full pump on their LCS. I was shocked.

    [–] Tipping Question/Help jendestiny114 8 points ago in starbucks

    Drive through mobile orders are the norm! Don’t worry abt it. Also, I mean most people prefer cash but it really doesn’t matter! Tipping at all is awesome.

    [–] You would think this wouldn’t be a problem after all this time and yet here we are jendestiny114 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in starbucks

    You seriously think it’s more logical for me to keep asking when people can just understand to say the size first??

    [–] Tips on closing drive thru!! jendestiny114 6 points ago in starbucks

    Lol I forgot not everyone uses the same terminology. Princess is the pre closer who mainly comes in for the purpose of doing closing tasks like bathrooms, floors, etc. because they’re like Cinderella.

    At least 3/4 stores I’ve worked at have used this so i honestly thought a majority of people knew it! Lol

    [–] You would think this wouldn’t be a problem after all this time and yet here we are jendestiny114 9 points ago in starbucks

    “Hi there! How are you?” “I’m great! Thanks for asking. What can I get for you?” “Thanks, I’ll have a Iced venti Vanilla latte, with 3 pumps vanilla and 3 pumps of hazelnut. Also I would like no whip, and light ice. Thank you!”

    Wow. That was hard.

    [–] Question about availability! jendestiny114 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in starbucks

    This was under the availability section, and it said that you would fill out a paper that asked your preferred availability. I’ve worked at other jobs in the past and they also stand by the “availability is a preference not a right”. Most places observe it cause they obviously don’t want people to quit but idk

    Also, you can be available on Tuesday’s, but only be able/want to work 12:30-9, or 5-10. The forms are separate but necessary to “narrow down” what hours you’re actually available for if that makes sense.

    [–] Question about availability! jendestiny114 1 points ago in starbucks

    Hi! Actually, per the handbook, (US) There is no assurance or guarantee that an hourly partner will receive his or her preferred hours or shifts, the same schedule each week, a minimum or maximum number of hours, or that a request for a schedule change will be approved. Hope this helps!

    [–] On today's episode of "Things that are not an Iced Doppio" jendestiny114 1 points ago in starbucks

    Typically I pull shots over ice in cup, add a bit more ice then top off the shots and ice with milk. But everyone is different

    [–] Shift supervisor question, convince me to be one jendestiny114 2 points ago in starbucks

    To be honest, it depends how much time you’re working. I like it because I get priority hours and I also make close to $16 an hour which in the area I live in right now is pretty good.

    It’s not that bad, if you’re someone who is level headed and can easily control a situation then it’s fine. I personally like being able to flex between positions and also have some alone time when I breakdown tills and stuff. But yeah, when shit happens they go to you and when people call out it sucks but it depends on how much more you’re making and what you’re working. Like if you’re making $11-$12 an hour and then you get make close to $15-$16 I think it’s worth it. But it depends on area obviously.

    [–] question about earrings and the dress code jendestiny114 4 points ago in starbucks

    I literally didn’t even know this was a thing and I’ve worked for the company for a year and a half lmaooo. I have a lobe, cartilage and rook on one ear and an industrial and lobe on the other. Also a nose piercing. No one has ever said anything for anything.

    [–] post-closing drive thru stories jendestiny114 8 points ago in starbucks

    Literally tonight.

    Some woman came through the drive through and my barista Rosa was on the window cleaning. We had closed 4 minutes prior. My barista motioned through the window that we closed. The woman argued with her outside the closed window and said “excuse me?!! What time?!” And she said 8:30. The woman drove off so fast.

    2 minutes later I get a call, decide to answer (we had a lot of call outs lately) and it was this woman who proceeded to say “excuse me but this rude girl in the drive through refused to open the window and serve me” And i said “m’am, did you just come through?” “Yes” “okay I saw you, and we closed at 8:30. You came at 8:34. I’m sorry but we cannot serve you” “WOW OKAY THEN. NEVER COMING BACK”

    lol ok bye

    [–] Tips on closing drive thru!! jendestiny114 3 points ago in starbucks

    So typically a closing shift for us looks like this: We have 1 shift, 2 closing baristas, and a princess from 5-9. So you should have a mid shift there (if they’re staffed) and you’ll be coming in at the same time as another barista (our labor is structured that way). You should do the mid day pull at 12-12:30 when you come in while you have the other shift coverage on the floor. After the pull you can typically check in, usually run a lunch for someone on the floor. After this, our closing shifts take their lunches at their 2 hour mark because they have a barista that comes in at the same time. So the shift takes their lunch, then sends the barista at 2.5 hour mark. (We structure it this way so we can get lunches out of the way, but every store is different).

    For us, we have 4 in house tills and 2 DT tills. Usually there’s 2 in house tills already balanced and dropped by the time you come in. At this time we typically balance and drop 1 in house till and 1 drive thru till. (This should leave you with 2 tills)

    By then, usually the mid is leaving so after that it’s just customers, restocking, giving a couple 10s if you need to, etc. we also do our CBS at this time. I’ll shut down 1 bar (we have 3) and have that pilled and cleaned etc

    then your princess should come in between 4-5 and I have them do bathrooms, lobby, dishes, fridges etc.. at this time I typically do the count.

    By then it should be like 7ish and you can run last 10s, have someone do the back floors and generally pull any unnecessary dishes. Make sure caramels, whips and crafts are done. You can have someone do the bar floors around 7:30 -8 (we close at 8:30) and condense milks and restock the fridges. After everything is stocked we will do the milk count. Then usually it’s 8:15-20 and we will drop the in house till and have the baristas ring in drive if someone comes in. We have 1 barista do dishes and 1 clean up the in house and drive area.

    Then we drop the last till at close, go over any details, and that’s it! I hope this works somewhat, every store is different so I’m sorry if things go differently.

    [–] You have to try this. Trust me. jendestiny114 5 points ago in EDAnonymous

    Hi! Starbucks barista here and we still have sugar free mocha! Just ask :) also have sugar free cinnamon dolce!

    [–] AITA for wanting my daughter’s boyfriend/soon-to-be fiance to know her dark secret before marriage? jendestiny114 2 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Honestly, YTA. and this particular situation resonates strongly with me. Being in a similar situation, I have “felt” the things she has and been in very similar circumstances. In a relationship, just because she may not feel the emotion “love” doesn’t mean she does exhibit an attachment or comfort by him. If he has dated her for this long and he believes she loves him, then there’s absolutely no reason to tell him. She obviously isn’t going to “fall in love with anyone else” and her feelings nor intent are not malicious. If they’re happy, let them be happy. The way you’re describing your daughter and her issues plus this situation makes it sound like she’s never going to be able to find a partner, if the relationship isn’t up to your standards. How will the next guy differ from this if it isn’t the guys fault?

    [–] I’m getting an abortion in a week and want to know what to expect jendestiny114 2 points ago in askwomenadvice

    Don’t have any advice but please know that your decision is incredibly supported and we are here for you!❤️

    [–] New Dog Mom! jendestiny114 1 points ago in rescuedogs

    First off, never pressure this dog or force him to be pet. If you are letting strangers pet him when he is visibly uncomfortable, you need to stop. Force therapy is extremely detrimental to dog, and can cause them to snap. Same thing with his resource guarding. By attempting to push him after giving warning signs, you are causing him to stress and want to guard.

    That being said, start by walking him and not allowing people to come up to him. Just let him walk in peace, and learn that he can trust you in an unfamiliar environment. After you feel like he’s more visibly comfortable (I.e. taking the lead on walks, smelling new areas) then allow people to approach but have them do two things: 1. When then approach, it is important that they do not reach for him or stick their hand in his face. Have them squat down to his level and avoid eye contact so that he feels comfortable approaching them, not the other way around. 2. Give them a treat to give him! Just hand them a treat and say “hi can you please give this to him! He’s working on trusting new people!” He get a reward and exposure.

    As for resource guarding, you need to remove all the things he guards the most and give him supervised time. You also need to do what’s called a trade off. So if he has a toy, throw a treat in the opposite direction and take the toy. If he has a bone, vice versa. In the mean time, you can always reward him for you getting closer in smaller increments. So if you’re on one end of the couch and he’s on the other with a bone or high value, then scoot closer every few inches and give treats along the way (only if he accepting, not growling or anything). You can also give him a safe space to chew, so if you have a crate for him you can train him to only be allowed to chew in his crate.

    Dogs deserve a certain amount of respect, especially rescue dogs and dogs that are scared of everything. Everything is a process.

    [–] Just your local gay grocer jendestiny114 1 points ago in dykesgonemild

    Just heavily stalked your’re so cute!

    [–] What's something you can't unsee once someone points it out? jendestiny114 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Can confirm. Was an extra multiple times for a pretty big tv show and they wanted us to stand around “dancing super excitedly! But very quiet. No shoes or feet tapping extra loud, arms in the air”.

    [–] How much did you like playing a second time? jendestiny114 1 points ago in reddeadredemption

    I have tried online!! I liked it a lot, but I’m a new “gamer girl” so I wasn’t that good at it :/