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    [–] [Post Game Thread] YOUR Golden State Warriors (3-1) defeat the Los Angeles Clippers (1-3) 113-105. jer99 3 points ago in warriors

    Totally agree with you on the ‘16 finals. Curry fouling out game 6 was disgusting meanwhile they allowed Lebron and Kyrie to drive every possession and collect easy fouls. Didn’t help either Bogut when down the game Dray was suspended. There are those moments that the refs let one team play with a particular tenacity and physicality while the other team is called for every ticky tack contact. I admit any fan including myself has bias towards their team and there’s a lot of blind hatred towards the warriors where other fans of other teams will just say 5 all stars, don’t want to hear it. Bottom line what I’m trying to say is physicality, rhythm, flow, finesse are all a part of the game and other team fans turn a blind eye to the impact of those traits of the game when it comes to the refs and how they control the game.

    [–] [Post Game Thread] YOUR Golden State Warriors (3-1) defeat the Los Angeles Clippers (1-3) 113-105. jer99 2 points ago in warriors

    Yeah I take it for what it’s worth. Without a doubt there are almost always shady backroom deals going on but yeah I’m entertained no matter what. I wish some times the refs wouldn’t allow such harsh contact on Steph and just let him be FMVP for an entire playoff run. They are depriving the fans an all-time, if not the greatest, shooter ever in his prime and feel jipped by not being able to see his full potential.

    [–] [Post Game Thread] YOUR Golden State Warriors (3-1) defeat the Los Angeles Clippers (1-3) 113-105. jer99 16 points ago in warriors

    Nike vs Under Armor. Always follow the money. The league and Nike can’t have the biggest scorer not wearing the same brand as the other biggest shoe contract players in the past with Lebron and Jordan. I admit this is a conspiracy theory but money and greed definitely has an agenda and to turn a blind eye to it and not even question the thought would be nieve.

    [–] Draymond Green lost 23 pounds in 6 weeks before the playoffs. jer99 4 points ago in warriors

    Probably beer. And slacking more on the diet cause him being a new dad and eating home cooking.

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread | April 18, 2019 jer99 5 points ago in warriors

    Jazz and Gobert have been hot garbage.

    [–] From a Mavs fan (Curry/Warriors bandwagoner) jer99 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in warriors

    Yeah he's in his head too much. He'd have some clarity if he just honestly said what he was gonna do next rather than letting it rack his brain.

    [–] From a Mavs fan (Curry/Warriors bandwagoner) jer99 8 points ago in warriors

    /r/NBA is just a bunch of nephews aching for their own team to be relevant again.

    [–] [Draymond’s Mom] GSW-y’all need to be punched in the throat! I need to two-piece y’all for real for real! Had me miss my dang on bed talk for that GIVE AWAY! -#tickedallthewayoff jer99 23 points ago in warriors

    Alchemy talked to this specific point in his pre video of game 1. He said we would lose if Kerr kept his Quinn cook experiment going too long in the playoffs. You saw in game one when they burned us and made a run and you saw it again tonight.

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread | April 15, 2019 jer99 9 points ago in warriors

    Happy for Luke getting out of the Lakers situation and onto another up and coming team in the Kings. They’re going to make the playoffs next year.

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread | April 14, 2019 jer99 6 points ago in warriors

    Yeah the comments what Kerr said about the Clippers making the best trade all year are true. 2 techs in game one is a bad trade for KD. He’s gotta keep his cool because him getting 2 techs is a huge win for Beverly. Like I thought maybe next game they’ll switch Beverly onto Curry but I think they will actually keep him on KD to bait for techs. Undoubtedly, the warriors will defeat the Clippers but if Beverly leaves KD with 2-5 techs is a win for him. We will most likely face Hou next and you know it’s gonna be a heated grind match where techs could come into play.

    [–] Boogie Cousins first playoff game jer99 7 points ago in warriors

    Oh good to know. I’ll just call him Cousins now