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    [–] Joe Harris wins the 3 point contest with a score of 26 in the final round jessezoidenberg 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 hours ago) in nba

    wasnt harris a 7-1 favorite? shout out to everyone who made money tonight

    [–] Joel Embiid has changed his nickname from "The Process" to "Hulu Has Live Sports": jessezoidenberg 3 points ago in nba

    honestly i cant wrap my mind around this. basketball is usually very expensive to see in person and the experience is rivaled by only hockey in its closeness to the action. gas and parking is a no brainer, to say nothing of public transportation.

    [–] We feel you Ashley jessezoidenberg 2 points ago in funny

    wouldnt that be teri ma chuci? teri ma kasi sounds like how is your mom doing, which in fairness could be weird too

    [–] Frank is literally on this subreddit... jessezoidenberg 24 points ago in nba

    i wanted to believe it was frank ntilikina lmao

    [–] From Pre-k to Prom jessezoidenberg 1 points ago in pics

    lmao this kid is hilarious, you can eat shit