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    [–] Crying Every Day jesuz 3 points ago in Braincels

    Sorry to hear that.

    [–] If you're ugly, women actually want you to die. Here's why. jesuz 24 points ago in Braincels

    Sounds more like the fact that someone they rejected as 'beneath' them ended up with someone at their level may have threatened their self image.

    [–] Long Article about the 'alt left' includes a section on Cum Town (excerpted in the comments) jesuz 10 points ago in Cumtown

    The Chapo Trap House podcast has a strong connection to a far more offensive and concerning podcast, titled Cum Town. The hosts of each podcast have frequently interacted with each other on social media and apparently know each other in real life, with Nick Mullens known to be a long time friend of both Felix Biederman and Amber A’Lee Frost; Biederman has recommended Cum Town podcast as recently as episode 198 of Chapo Trap House in April 2018, and Amber A’Lee Frost has offered an in-depth defense of their comedy. Although Chapo Trap House is well known for the large amount of revenue it is able to generate on Pateron, Cum Town also manages to gather about a quarter of this with “Cum Town gross[ing] close to $250,000 annually.”

    While Cum Town is in fact less political, they do frequently mention the DSA. For a closer examination of the connections of Cum Town related figures, the article “What happened? I: Virgil Texas” covers much ground, including Mullen’s connection with the infamous hacker Weev. Weev’s real name is Andrew Auernheimer, and he is a deeply racist figure who has lived in Beirut Lebanon and stated many strange conspiracy theories regarding the Syrian conflict (his girlfriend was apparently a “Syrian Alawite and a tattoo artist” in 2014). Weev was previously defended by Glenn Greenwald during legal trouble in the US (a country which both have since fled).

    [–] remember when hobby lobby funded ISIS jesuz 5 points ago in ChapoTrapHouse

    But it was the black market so...other killers.