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    [–] Odin Armored Belt jfay-07 1 points ago in Leathercraft

    Can you use it for weightlifting?

    [–] Creams for everyone! jfay-07 -7 points ago in Sneakers

    Fuck you Kanye first and foremost.

    [–] Lena Waite at the Met Gala jfay-07 25 points ago in blackladies

    That cape is tight.

    [–] White privilege explained jfay-07 2 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    No matter where you are in the world, the lighter you are the better you get treated. Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe. It's not actually majority privelege in this matter. There is majority privelege but that is less related to this conversation.

    [–] Migos - Wocket In My Pocket jfay-07 51 points ago in hiphopheads

    This is really fucking good. I want a whole album.

    [–] Dreads still frowned upon in the workplace/professional world? jfay-07 2 points ago in BlackHair

    It's not an issue for applying to college. You already have the internship and they're not going to fire you because of your hair. But if you applied to a white stuffy law firm (or any place like that) then it probably would be an issue, but do you want to be at a place that devalues you because of your ethnicity?

    [–] Prom King and Queen 🙌 jfay-07 61 points ago in wholesomebpt

    I think so too, but technically the fight wasn't over...

    [–] To My Black Brothers And Sisters: I’m Black And Jewish. Farrakhan Is Bad For Us All. [x/r/judaism] jfay-07 3 points ago in blackladies

    Ahh. I did not write this article. I just copied the title as the post's title. I thought you were saying that you have written about the history of NOI but I see you were saying that the writer should have done a little more research.