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    [–] Car runs red light jhinz03 1 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    Didn't bother looking too deep into the comments, but didn't see this where I did. The cop that got hit is likely at fault here. In many states, if not most, the lights and sirens do NOT give the emergency vehicle the right of way, unless it was reasonable for the other car to have seen the EV and safely stopped. It's hard to tell from the video where the other car was, but the cop didn't even turn on his lights until he was halfway into the intersection, so there's at least a good argument that it wasn't reasonable for the other car to safely yield.

    [–] Drinking and Driving jhinz03 2 points ago in Ask_Lawyers

    Well, by drinking in front of the cop before he can administer the test, you're attempting to destroy or conceal evidence of prior intoxication by fouling the breathalyzer.

    [–] Drinking and Driving jhinz03 2 points ago in Ask_Lawyers

    I would think there is a possible spoliation issue here too, or at least an argument for it.

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex jhinz03 593 points ago in legaladvice

    This is r/legaladvice. The answer doesn't have to be factually correct, just what people want to hear.

    Source: am lawyer. constantly downvoted for giving unpopular but legally correct advice.

    [–] Patent law with just a chemistry BS? jhinz03 2 points ago in Ask_Lawyers

    Had a friend in law school that ended up doing patent law in Minneapolis with a BS in physics. From what I understand, he's beating Cravath scale. YMMV.

    [–] When I ( f 4"11was brutally assaulted by an Ex marine (M 6"3) a bunch of his police buddies showed up AT the HOSPITAL to coerse me not to press charges. jhinz03 11 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in TwoXChromosomes

    Call a lawyer. Any advice you receive here or in r/legaladvice that does not begin AND end with "Call a lawyer" is wrong and should be ignored. Now go call a lawyer.

    Edit: Source: am lawyer. Probably not licensed in your state and definitely not your lawyer. This is not legal advice blah blah blah.

    [–] Best steak in South Florida jhinz03 1 points ago in SouthFlorida

    Trulucks never disappoints. Nusr-et was the hot spot in Brickell for a couple months until everyone realized it's mediocre at best and obscenely overpriced.

    [–] Why I left Nikon for Sony - Goodbye gang... it's been fun! jhinz03 7 points ago in Nikon

    I've filled a 64GB card on my Z 6 with a single battery and plenty of power to spare. You're entire battery and lens arguments can be boiled down to "I've never used this camera, but its clearly inferior." I've used some of my F mount lenses on my Z 6 and haven't noticed any change in performance. There are minor differences on paper, but real-world performance is the same.

    You have a valid point on lens availability and innovations, possibly on memory as well (I've never experienced a card failure since I started shooting digital around 2005, but I know it can happen).

    As far as the anti-competitive argument, Sony Camera is largely unique to that in tech as a whole. Do you only use open-source software elsewhere? I'd guess not. Most company's try to keep their work in house.

    [–] Its been 6 months, How are people feeling about the Z6/Z7? jhinz03 2 points ago in Nikon

    I got my Z 6 on release day and I haven't found anything to complain about yet. Snapbridge sucks lukewarm donkey balls, but no one is really surprised with that. A wired remote is $26 at BH and worth watching the app disappear from my phone.

    [–] A joke i heard just now jhinz03 5 points ago in darkjokes

    You stabbed him 37 times in the chest!

    [–] MY FUCKING RESTAURANT jhinz03 24 points ago in JustLearnedTheFWord

    Fine, I'll start my own restaurant, with blackjack and hookers!

    [–] MacBook Pro randomly goes to black. jhinz03 0 points ago in applehelp

    Does it ever go back, or is what they say indeed true?

    [–] MacBook Pro randomly goes to black. jhinz03 0 points ago in applehelp

    Does it ever go back, or is what they say indeed true?

    [–] Miami Beach. Friday Night. 10PM. jhinz03 1 points ago in Miami

    You got some excellent camera skills op.


    But thanks lol. This was more of setting up the camera and letting it do its thing, along with many other images that just didn't work out. The old rule of thumb was that it was a good day shooting if you got one usable image from a roll of 36 exposure film. I'm thrilled if I get one good image out of that many digital shots.

    [–] Miami Beach. Friday Night, 10PM. Z 6, 24-70 @ 70mm, f/11, 83s, ISO 100. jhinz03 1 points ago in Nikon

    According to the MTF charts, the corner sharpness on this lens appears to peak at f/5.6. I haven't cared enough to run test shots with it though. I find myself usually either wide open, where the lens is still pretty great, or stopped way down. There is no in between with me lol.

    [–] Miami Beach. Friday Night. 10PM. jhinz03 2 points ago in Miami

    The video is pretty great. If you really do a lot of video, grab an Atomos and get access to the 10-bit N-log.

    [–] Miami Beach. Friday Night. 10PM. jhinz03 2 points ago in Miami

    I'm not sure I'd replace a 750 just yet, since I doubt there'd be any noticeable change in IQ, unless you're just looking to downsize. The camera is a dream to use and I'm really impressed by the Z 24-70 f/4 lens.

    [–] Miami Beach. Friday Night. 10PM. jhinz03 1 points ago in Miami

    It was a Gobe 3-stop Neutral Density. It's basically just a really dark, but color neutral filter on the front of the lens that cuts the amount of light coming in. It allows you to increase the exposure time to capture motion, hence the traffic light blur. Without the filter, the shutter would've been too fast and would've just stopped the cars.

    [–] Miami Beach. Friday Night. 10PM. jhinz03 4 points ago in Miami

    This was from the next to last floor of the Best Buy parking garage on Alton Road.